OrangeHighlands vs the 3 inch brigade


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There once was a girl named OrangeHighlands. She was a young feisty girl, who possessed a lot of ambition. But unlike many young girls who dream big. She decided to sleep her way to the top, quite literally. Her first job ever was at the Dove Ranch. The Dove Ranch was a brothel where she worked as a legal prostitute. It was only her first week when she encountered 3 strange individuals.

The door bell rang like any other day. The hostess greeted the client then uses the loudspeaker to announce the line up. During this, OrangeHighlands was on her computer desperately seeking attention like she always does. She hears the announcement and gets out of her room. One by one, each girl in lingerie walks out and forms a line in front of the client. From the line up, OrangeHighlands takes a look at the man. He is a rather large Asian man with a weird smug look on his face. He projects an aura of a Berserker with the power of a Saiyan warrior. He clearly looks like the type of man to wear heavy armor. The hostess whispers in the mighty warriors ear. He then points at OrangeHighlands and responds "Her n.n".

OrangeHighlands gently grabs his hand and leads him towards her room. On the way the berserker replies with, "Uh, you aren't a slut are you n.n?". She simply smiles and directs him to her room. She leads him to the bed and begins to discuss prices. Out of nowhere, the man tells her that he can't desire to fuck anyone who isn't the perfect woman. She reaches down and grabs his package, only to find out it is only 3 inches. He then realizes she wants to fuck him.

The warrior yells, "YOU AREN'T THE PERFECT WOMAN n.n". With simple and calm logic, OrangeHighland asks. "But then why are you in a brothel?" The berseker seems to struggle with what a brothel is. He is literally so stupid that he mistook a brothel for a place where he could go play boardgames with people. She calmly tries to explain to him what a brothel is but he still doesn't get it. Nothing she can do, will convince the berserker that a brothel isn't a place where you play boardgames. At one point the berserker starts saying phrases like, "Checkmated n.n" and "I'm winning n.n". Orange Highlands not sure how any of this is relevant. This conversation last for 2 hours until she calls security.

Two large men wearing all black walk in to the room. They explain to the berserker that they need to escort him out of the premise. But the berserker refuses and asks them to play boardgames with him. They start physically struggling against the large man and pull at their tasers. The berserker starts spazzing on the floor. While his limp body is being dragged out of her room, he responds with one last word. He says in a completely smug voice, "Checkmated n.n".
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