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Discussion in 'Tira' started by Arirmind, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Arirmind

    Arirmind [01] Neophyte

    Hi new player here and i`m thinking about picking and mastering Tira.

    I tried to look for it but i couldnt find an overall strategy guide how to play Tira. What are key moves to control space or advance or how to punish after block etc. These things of course varie a lot depending who you are play against but there should be some basic Tira mind sets that you need to relie on every match up.. right?

    I`m a total noob right now so dont expect that i know anything. Sometimes it feels that it is hard to close the distance against greater range characters and when i do come near many moves feel too slow compared to theirs. Gloomy mode feels so much stronger than jolly and i currently try to switch to that asap.

    As you can see from above text i know nothing. Please push me to right direction and right mind set i should have when i play Tira.

    I have played only couple hours soul calibur so i guess it`s natural to feel totally lost. I have some beat em up experience from Tekken and Street Fighter. On those games i prefferred range characters like Dhalzim and Alica but Tira is too cute to pass on this game :3

    Lastly i`d like to confirm that Tira is fine character to pick and she can be played competitively?
  2. justalex

    justalex [02] Apprentice

    I'll start at your last question. It's too early to tell. I find her pretty meter dependent, but once you get some meter she's pretty scary due to unpredictability. Personally, I think she's competitive in a vacuum, but I could see players screwing up stance stuff late in a tournement. 8 hours into a day, I could see missing a stance change animation and just flat losing a match because of it. I know I do, but I'm a bad litmus as I suck.

    As for playstyle, I play Tira towards rushdown with some limited footsie ability. 1A is a pretty good way to punish stepping opponents as it has a wide arc and you can dodge some attacks with it. 2A and 2K are pretty fast low pokes. Jolly stance isn't terrible, it just doesn't have quite the same damage output as Gloomy. I find Jolly a little better for poking and I think the highest damage reliable combo comes out of Jolly stance, though don't quote me on that.

    Here's some bread and butter stuff to get you along. 22A stuns exactly long enough to land a CE before your opponent can get out of the stun. Most of my testing has found that Tira's CE suffers pretty bad from damage decay, so 1 hit into CE leads to good damage and always swaps from Jolly to Gloomy, though not vice versa. Fair warning, because Tira isn't random enough, sometimes people will fall out of the CE, even if the animation starts. I don't think anyone's found the reason for sure, but it's suspected that initial hit angle is the culprit.
    The easiest big damage combo you can do is GS 3B, 66K. It's untechable, does solid damage, doesn't do self damage, and has no risk of stance change. Pretty much every good combo Tira has does self damage and has stance change risk so you'll want to get comfortable with both Jolly and Gloomy and accept that sometimes you'll lose track of your life and kill yourself.

    The safest ways I've found for stance changes are 236K BE (it travels a long way and you get stance change on block), JS 66B, 66B BE (this is where you get some power combos), and JS CE.
  3. JetSetDizzy

    JetSetDizzy [11] Champion

    I'm pretty sure the reason for CE dropping out is just being too far away. It happens to me A LOT because I try to get it off of max range 22A.
  4. Arirmind

    Arirmind [01] Neophyte

    "JS 66B, 66B BE" means Jolly Stance, forward forward vertical attack, forward forward vertical attack, BE = ???

    I tried to look for "E" or "BE" from basic notations but couldnt find :(
  5. Zeik56

    Zeik56 [02] Apprentice

    BE = Brave Edge
    CE = Critical Edge
  6. justalex

    justalex [02] Apprentice

    Forgot, if you're total noobie, the button notation looks like this
    7 8 9
    4 5 6
    1 2 3

    assuming an arcade stick..

    check out the notations guide on the tactics page. It'll give you everything that you could possibly need for notations
  7. BOYSTYLE_sk8ter

    BOYSTYLE_sk8ter [08] Mercenary

    here some of her good moves:

    launcher: GS JS 66B
    GS JS 3B
    GS 4B:B:B
    GS 2A+B

    JS 236k BE that move cover a decent distant and it hit low, moreover, it change her to GS

    JS GS 3K it evade low and it safe on block

    JS 66AA it her only good range move while in JS, although it extremely not safe on block so make sure to mix it up

    GS 3AA BE it fast and it do massive damage at close range, the BE version don't make her lose life, but the standard version does

    GS 44A is also a very good move, it beat almost every B attacks, but it cost u some life

    GS 66K, it kinda safe and on counter it, it do a lot of damage!

    GS 2A+B it launch on counter hit and good to use when u want to get close

    most people will disagree with me, but I think the B+K move is also worth mentioning
  8. R_Flagg

    R_Flagg [01] Neophyte

    Great thread. I wanted to pick Tira as my second main after Viola but after trying her out in training and quick match I still had no idea how to properly use her.

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