Patch that enables all 3 guest characters in one system rom.


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Hey can I ask you something? What would happen if Link Spawn and Heihachi ever met? Reason I was wondering if anybody know if there is a patch that allows all 3 of them in the PlayStation 2 rom. Well is there?
No, there is no patch that I'm aware of. I'm not certain but I doubt the raw data for the other characters are included in the disc since they are licensed and system specific.
This is a late reply, but I can remember someone trying to get this working on the xbox version of Soul Calibur 2 many years ago. I might be remembering wrong, but I think he got all 3 movesets working in the same game (not sure if he had 2 of the movesets replace characters or not), but he wasn't able to get the models into the same game.
That was me. Back in the day aside from playing the game another hobby of mine was modding it. This was before SC3 came out with character creation, so most of my modding had to do with doing custom skins. I did manage to include all three guest move sets, since the move set coding was almost identical accross all three platforms. The only problem was that Link's bombs and arrows didn't work properly. I was originally planning on releasing my SC2 mod publicly on torrents but that never ended up happening due to my Xbox breaking. It's still in my closet, so maybe one day I'll look into doing something with it. Here are some vids I uploaded back in the day: