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Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
So EVO was this last weekend and had some Maxi repping fa sho.

Maxi had some tough competition right off the bat. But I was happy to see such great playstyles. All of you play very different and are easily distinguished between yall.

So is Maxi still tourney viable? What changes can we make? Whos stickin with maxi whos not?

I wanna hear from all the people that actually went to EVO, your experiences there and what you think about the chuck swinger.


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I think maxi is still very good, but it might be tough to win something like EVO all by himself. He's got a few bad match-ups against some very strong and popular characters. That being said, I don't think he has any unwinnable matchups, so you always have a chance.
Still, my experience has me considering picking up a secondary to help me in certain matchups.

I definitely learned a few things this weekend by watching and playing with oosaka. That guy is really solid.


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It was a hard battle. My first match was streamed if anyone saw it. They mixed up my name with the other person. Seriously, Maxi-mum is a Maxi player Aris. Dumb ass.......

My second match I screwed up. I was too antsy and aggressive with the 22B GC. Also, Mitsu is a bitch match up. I fucking hate it with a passion. To top it off, both my opponents had significant Maxi practice. Thanks to those NorCal fuckers, I was an easy win.
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I had Nightmare right off the bat for my pools, so you already know it was backstep city.

After that loss, I was fighting my way through losers bracket until I ran into a solid Voldo player.

Because I had little experience with the matchup, my loss was inevitable.

I still do think Maxi can compete in tournaments, but a few of his harder matchups will make it difficult to win (Fuck Backstep). We'll just have to work harder!


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Agreed, I still think maxi is tournament worthy.
The movelist options for safe and irritable pokes are very limited, but still tournament worthy.
It just down to matchup experience.

I observed that the japs are really aggressive in this tournament. A lot of risk takers, they rush in... i mean rush in a lot.
We just need a lot of anti character strats, really detailed.


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Definitely learnt from my mistakes... being salty for losing to Crna Luka was so hard that I lost to random Sieg... which I should have won if I didn't go on auto mode.... But yea I learnt a lot from fellow Maxi players m(_ _)m


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I had high hopes for KrazyieCD, he has always been the Maxi player I respect the most. Unfortunately I did´nt see the excellent play he usually has at this tournament, I guess he froze or something_unique ;)


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I had high hopes for KrazyieCD, he has always been the Maxi player I respect the most. Unfortunately I did´nt see the excellent play he usually has at this tournament, I guess he froze or something_unique ;)

Give Something-Unique credit, he played very well. Whiff punishing was on point, his movement was excellent, and he basically just outplayed me. I still have yet to learn how to move around like the really good players. Xeph is another example of a player who just moves a lot better than me. After that tournament match against SU and a bunch of casuals with Xeph I'm convinced that a turtling Pyhrra straight up owns Maxi much like Mitsu. Don't let the 'backdash nerf' talk fool you, backdash is still beastly in this game and IMO it's what the game is all about. I like to be aggressive and run in but since I don't step correctly I end up running into a lot of shit, unlike previous games where I could move forward and block with a lot more success.

Oh well, Maxi is still fun but I find that this entire game is a dumbed down version of the previous SCs where now every character has some go to spammable move plus a couple other good ones and the best backdashing characters with the best spammable moves are the best in here. Maxi has a great spam tool in 6A+B but that can only go so far. Then you got characters like Viola who have a hit confirmable BE that leads to over half life or RO from far. Or backdash master Nightmare, where backdash into 3B becomes the godliest shit ever. Or Pyhrra who can just run in and do the double uppercut slash (don't even know the notation) and from there mixup into evasive move, backstep, or whatever because the frames are so good on block. That kind of play just gets boring after a while but that's what this game has become IMO.


Chikara Sashimi
The Pyrrha match is annoying. Only way it works for me is to space her like mad in anticipation of her tools and get her to whiff and punish from there.

To compound matters, wake up 236B totally messes with Maxi's oki. Can't pressure her well with 44B etc.