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Would you guys consider her wake up 236B highly unsafe? It works at times, but I get mad punished when side stepped.
Yes it's stupid. Just be smart about it.

If they're getting stabbed by you instead of blowing you up for pushing buttons they don't have you in a strong wake up situation. If they're baiting your 236B, and you get punished for it, you're doing it way too much. If they are afraid when you're waking up you have something special, just don't blow it by doing something unsafe.


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what are the best combos to use after a guard impact? I'd like some other options outside of NS/DNS B4.

DNS B:4 is her strongest meterless natural source of damages, moreover, you can instantly buffer it or to delay with the 236236...motions.

If you aim for more damages, I'd recommend you to do mix-up with 4B CE or 4[A]A DNS:B/CE or 4[A]A 6BB CE (the latter is character dependant), provided that your opponent will attempt GI as well.


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Tips on how I should deal with Maxi?

From HolyCarp :

With Maxi, it's worth familiarising yourself with how to deal with all his basic strings (e.g. you can JG RO KK but still react to him doing RO KA) just so you don't ever get gimmicked out. I also found a nice punish the other day:
If he uses LO BK, TC the second hit with NS A. It will catch him at the angle where NS A combos into DNS B:4 for 95 meterless damage! :D

If he lands his right side grab, TECH BACKWARDS then duck. The grab usually combos and tech traps into BL K BE, but Omega's tiny hitbox can escape it.

And a more general rule: step to your right. Otherwise you'll end up eating a lot of 6A+B, amongst other stuff like 66B+K. And watch out for WR B+K, of course. It sometimes tracks and it's safe on block, so I'd suggest interrupting when you expect it, or just backing off then whiff punishing with DNS B.


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what about vs mitsu? that 4B, even if I read it once or twice, any time I misread and eat 2 of that shit and I am pretty screwed already. I usually don't have this problem when I use longer range characters that allow me to catch his backward motion in 4B.


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Delay your attacks.

Can't catch the backward motion? Then catch the forward motion... If he he goes for 4B, he'll dive straight into your delayed attack. If you're unlucky, the attacks will trade, but at least that stops him from running his oki game. And if he does something like 22B, thanks to the delay you'll still be aligned with him after his sidestep and your poke should interrupt him. When you have the lifelead, you can move about in advantage and bait out a whiff for a free DNS B. If you see a 4B, sidestep until it whiffs, then punish. Yes, you need to apply pressure, but don't feel like you have to mash buttons 100% of the time when you have advantage.

If he starts reading your delayed attacks and proceeds to mash, Omega has great tools on CH like 6K and 2B.

Obviously, if you want to catch 4B, use any long range tool like 66B, 66A (with a forward dash), DNS B. Another great poke for this MU is 6BB - 4B evades the first hit, but he gets interrupted by the second. The second hit has a +13 stun on CH, so if you see a 4B get ready to combo into CE.

Edit: AA and BB work too.

General stuff:
-He has a poor TC game. He has to actively throw out TCs like 66B+K or manually duck rather than TC stuff by accident, so don't be afraid to use highs and throws.
-He has no i12 punisher, so 66A and WR B+K are great.
-Don't spam DNS B too much, you'll only train him to 6b8 them (assuming they actually understand frames).
-His step killers are generally either high or slow. However, he does have 3A and 2K at close range :/
-DNS goes under A LOT of Mitsu's pokes, especially his horizontals. If you want to play high risk/reward, you could try stepping when you expect a vertical and DNS'ing when you expect a step killer. Don't go full YOLO though.
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I've decided to main this character. Are there any notable players I should check out on YouTube to get a better idea on how to play her?

Edit: Just discovered Partisan's match videos.
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I saw that some pyrrha players setting up back facing ass bump tech traps after a knockdown. can pomega do anything similar like that?


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I don't even remember how regular pyrrha set up her ass bump tech trap... so pomega could do something like that? is it worth it though?


I don't even remember how regular pyrrha set up her ass bump tech trap... so pomega could do something like that? is it worth it though?

As far as I can tell, no. Only on Astaroth and Nightmare does it catch all directions. I also tested on Pyrrha, Patroklos and Aeon and on all three it only caught left. So you just end up wasting confirmed combos and good wake up for something that will likely not hit. 4B ~ 9G ~ B+K as a tech trap at most only gives 2 more dmg than 4B ~ DNS B (61 vs 59) and is a worse tech trap than delayed 22_88B+K, which can combo with DNS B at the right angle and gets all directions.

It's useful for switching sides (say if your back is to a ring/wall edge you can use that to reverse things) but then you'd have to hit the opponent on the ground and not as a tech trap to do that right (camera angles + it not being a great tech trap may just put you back to wall/ring edge again).

It looks cool though.


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You shouldn't be able to tech out of 4B > 9G > BT B+K. Unless you're talking about delaying the BT B+K? In which case, don't. Though the combo itself is worth doing if you're willing to sacrifice a little damage for better oki. It's not a bad idea if you're trying to break their guard, for example.


So @xXPyrrusXx was asking about when (D)NS A combos into DNS B. I'll just list all the situations I know in which the combo connects:
  • DNS A interrupt on Nightmare's NSS A
  • DNS A interrupt on Mitsu's 236A
  • NS A interrupt on Maxi's LO BK (use NS A to TC his 'going somewhere?' kick)
  • JG 3rd hit of Pyrrha's CE and punish with DNS A
  • JG 2nd hit of Pat's 236AB and punish with DNS A (this one is very unreliable in my experience)
If anyone knows of any others, let me know. It could be worth making a separate thread for this if more practical ones are discovered, assuming anyone still follows this SA.

I dug out a couple of videos of the combo connecting too:

Another thing worth considering is that many of these situations in which DNS A combos into DNS B are the same situations in which 4B > CE doesn't connect; e.g. if you JG the 3rd hit of Pyrrha's CE and punish with 4B, you can't get the full CE combo (though the sexiest punish would be to JG the 2nd hit, step the 3rd and punish with 4[A]).


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There's no combo discussion thread so I may as well just post this here. 9A, 3K is a combo as long as 9A doesn't hit at max range. 2K will work too and has longer range, I think, but only connects if they tech for some reason.
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