Pyrrha Video Thread


[08] Mercenary
Impressive display there as usual. I love playing Pyrrha as well. She is the only character I really have any fun with. Proud member of the Alexandrian army for 15 years.


[09] Warrior
Fish for 44B
Don't random CE
Don't 236A,A BE, better off saving that meter for GI or opponent grounded 66B BE
Don't drop air combos
Vary your attack patterns more
Practice Just Guards

Not trying to sound overly critical, but since you asked...


Perfect Purple Pyrrha
Whats up Ramon Nation. More stuff from a weekly know the drill


[09] Warrior
@1:40 Pyrrha unscathed after being hit by a CE.
That's happened to me, too. I was playing Aeon and just like you in the middle of an attack when he used his CE.
I lit on fire, my attack stopped, but I didn't appear to get hurt. Very strange.

At any rate, I used to think I was pretty good with Sophitia, but I'm not really sure I get Pyrrha.


[08] Mercenary

Not my best fighting, but since my xbox's wireless adaptor seems to be failing this is the most recent I have. This was a day or two after finding this site so I haven't learned much at this point. I'd like to say I'm a better player after reading these forums the past few days but I know only practice will do. Still, advice and comments are welcome. Reading through this thread, I know not to spam or whiff the more punishable moves, I just need to get out of that habit.


[09] Warrior
Omega Pyrrha can also aGI Viola's 44B BE with guaranteed follow-up such as DNS B, CE.


King of Hundred Swords
Although it strikes me, that after so much viola domination people still record vids of "how do you beat 44A goddamnit", I will go through the basics of basics of basics for Viola for you in case somebody doesnt know this by some miraclous turn of events.

Usually occurs: SET A+G throw.
You can ukemi this KD. Ukemi back to evade traps, or ukemi forward to interrupt pressure: if she uses 6B+K you will be basically at neutral frames after teching forward, thus 236B will interrupt 6B+K,6B for example.
Safe on block. Launcher punishable on JG. Sidestep right and punish.

Usually occurs: any juggle involving AAB motion (returns orb in hand)
you cannot ukemi this KD. Roll backward to counter immediate 6B+K setups.
Punishable on block.

JG 2nd hit on reaction to BE flash. Anything is free.
Set 44A is launcher punishable if Viola loves to hitdetect.
If Viola delays BE on this move even a little - left sidestep into any punisher is free.
If Viola chose not to follow SET 44A with anything, you still get a free mixup at ~+10 if you atack instantly after sidestepping. (left step throws are good for Pyrrha)

6B+K traps:

aGI is free (58). Once Pyrrha did the 6B+K,6B motion aGI is guaranteed. she cannot prevent it.
On block 3B cannot be stepped or aGI'ed. You can GI or JG 3B. Or block and 236B punish.
On hit 3B is free. It seems hard to hitdeteck this, thus, it is likely that Viola is very likely to 3B regardless of hit or block.
You can step between 6B and ORB hit but its useless.

on block CE will interrupt throw and 3B attempts.
You can step 3B after blocking this string.
You cannot aGI ORB hit here due to FC state. You will have to use regular GI instead
If you JG ORB hit AA will beat 3B and trade with throw.
on hit you can step or aGI 3B and BB atacks.

6B+K, 66AA
On closer ranges you cannot step 6B+K orb, if you try 66A will hit you.
Duck and punish after first block. You have less time to duck than usual though. Keep in mind Viola is BT so 236B wont connect.

SET AAB CE setup:
CE will interrupt.
backdash, block first CE hit, walk back normally.