Random Post Thread


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Is it really necessary, no matter how religious you may be, to post "quotes" that serve to directly attack others for their (or lack thereof) differences in beliefs? The quote regarding atheism by Albert Einstein that was posted was kinda unnecessary, and kinda ironic as well due to the word of the use "fanatical."


[11] Champion
You must be new here so I'll make an exception in this case as I've never felt responding to each other directly is conducive to the RANDOM post thread... To be perfectly honest with you I was actually searching for a quote apparently from Issac Newton, however I could not find an image I liked for that one and all the images in that post are from the google image search for that quote.

The quote was 'Study nature halfheartedly and you may not believe in GOD; But Study deeply, and you must Believe' but the main results were relating to a Bible verse which relates to that sentiment, Psalm 19:1.

As for the Einstein quote I was drawn to the ending, 'music of the spheres' and I thought it was an interesting turn of phrase, but of course one should bear in mind that this is the internet and anyone can say anyone said anything and pretty much get away with it for the most part and unless I'm directly looking up a particular quote I'm not going to look into it or maybe I want people to notice themselves...

I also take umbrage with the idea that you want to try and tell me what my intentions were, I wasn't attacking anyone, if I were attacking you, you'd know about it. Everyone is indeed free to believe or not believe whatever they want...
Again it's the random post thread and posting random things which can be interpreted in any number of random ways although technically I do not believe in the random, so one could consider all this a test... Science if you will. I just post and see what happens.

Consider, however, that if ones position is so weak one cannot handle any kind of opposition to it, one may want to reconsider that position.