Random Post Thread

I miss gaming. Ever since I started prioritizing in making ends meet, for financial independence,
I simply don't have the luxury to enjoy gaming as much as I used to. I don't know how most people
manage, but in my case, I could barely establish any balance. I guess, different lifestyles and different
situations. Some folks are more well off than others. I happen to fall into the one, where I have to
work twice as hard to keep my head above the waters. Life may seem unfair, but I've always been
a fighter at heart. I guess that is why I enjoy SoulCalibur so much. I'm no pro. Far from it. XD
Just a casual gamer, who enjoys everything about the series. When I pick up a character to main,
it's like learning something about yourself, in gameplay and fighting style. There's a main,
for everyone, and that's just one of many aspects I enjoy about this series. ^^