Recreation challenge

Which on?

  • Black Lagoon

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Final Fantasy

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Claymore

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Soul Calibur

    Votes: 12 44.4%

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Very nice bushindu, but i seem to have a problem with all those photos, when i click on them, i get some kind of film like scrollbar at the bottom and it takes ages to load pics and loads all the other ones as well, really not comfortable for the viewer...why not use shack and post forum links...
Hey, how odd it normally shows them in the thread. Ill try get them uploaded to a pic host.


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I've decided to post this early.

The next Creation challenge, is Halloween, Hallowmas whatever you wish to call it based.
Really show off any ghoulish talent you have the participants will be judged on the 31st.
No nudity please.


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Here's my submission:

Black Sabbath, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 'Stands' are more organic robots, so he shouldn't be too explicit. I can take him out if you want, though.

For those that don't know, Black Sabbath is a being of darkness that can move freely in shadows. While in the shadows, he is nigh unstoppable. However, he is very weak to sunlight.

He attacks those who go against his master's orders. He does this with a long, jagged arrow hidden in his mouth. He viciously grabs his victims, and stabs them in the face (which often looks like a grotesque embrace).

Although normally fatal, his arrow contains the ability to bestow great powers onto those he stabs, should they survive. This is why he is known for his saying "there are two paths before you, which do choose?"

That's very basically it, anyways.
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Hey guys, I am going to create a Halloween thread, so other members have somewhere to contribute halloween creations aswell. :)


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Great idea for a holiday thread.
Are there going to be any more challenges for other re-creations?
I really enjoyed seeing the challenges so far.


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You guys did awesome with the Lucy creations!
I didn't know special equipment would work so well for that amount of hair.

Want to start voting a day from now?
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