Rock's 214AAA Just Frame..


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The only person I've seen pull this off is BentLeeT. I've tried many of times and spent atleast an hour in training but I just can't get it.

Can someone help me out? I tried fastest imput, going full half circle.. Shoryuken motion. Nothing works. I'm desperate over here!


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It's 214A:A:A and you press each A a bit after the previous strike hits. You getz da two JF flashes and GB sparkles if you did it right as you know.


Yay my first post as Rock co-Mod.

The way I learned it was by visual cue at first.
214A, as the first A impacts A, then a VERY slight pause then A again.
So the timing is essentially 214A.:A.:A.
Listen to the timing of the button taps if you play on stick 214A...impact (tap) slight pause(tap)

That's what helped me. Hope it helps you!



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I say its better to do it by rythym then sight.

It feels kinda like the timing of doing 214A (214) A (214) A

So the pause in between is as if you input another quarter circle.

I do this better online for some reason because I guess I know the timing. When I try to do it visually offline on impact if have a DRASTICALLY LESS SUCCES RATE.

conclusion - Learn the Timing, not the impact. close your eyes and do it.


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I agree with both Gemini Knight and DINO's approach to this move...
Learning the timing is a big deal, I get this thing every time offline, but I just recently master it's timing online...
Gemini said the second A, first JF, (which is the most important in my opinion) can be done after he says the word perish, which is true for offline... But online (depending on your connection, which is why memorizing the timing is important) the first JF of the move is done when or after he says "r" in the word perish... Online the GB should be done after or when he finishes the word... Offline you need to memorize the timing for the GB... This move is +8 on grd... I'm sure you know Rock's options afterward... If the JF connects, 1A is a tech trap...


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I notice that Rock's JF's are not true JF's believe it or not.

The timing on 214A:A::A: (the last A) varies depending on when the first JF A was pressed. His window on the first A is larger than normal.

The same rule applies to 63214B+G JF. The window in regards to letting go of B+G and getting the JF is ridiculously huge.


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You don't even need to hold B+G for his command throw. As long as you hold and release B, you can let go of G at any time.


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hmm not understanding why it's relevant whether the jfs are 'true' or not... :/ u get a white flash and u get your frame it however works best for u lol...or are u just nitpicking? :p


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So I was trying stuff out with this move... Rock's supposed to get a good amount of frame advantage from the GB, but what do you get after it. Like frame traps and stuff?


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Hi Zeroeffect. :3 (And I might as well say hi to everyone else since I wasn't here for like a million years x3....)

We'd be forcing our opponents into defending against a mix up. Opponents could get mids, regular/crouch grabs, slow-mo-low (2A+K) or quick moves that can interrupt attacks.

P.S. Correct me if I'm wrong or missing something :).


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Sorry. The only time I use this move is against Setsuka as you can get a free crouch throw. Doing the JFs on block pushes them really far out, which doesn't give you much mix-up power.