Running Mass


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Tested by issuing forward run command from a CPU controlled character, running face-first into 1p running forward as well in the infinite training stage. Depending on how they move once they run into each other, here are the running mass tiers:

• Astaroth (no surprise here)
• Cervantes
• Nightmare
• Zasalamel
• Voldo
• Groh
• Maxi
• Raphael
• Mitsurugi
• Siegfried
• Kilik
• Azwel / Ivy (This one is strange because the characters take turn gaining ground)
• Yoshi
• Taki
• Sophitia
• Cassandra
• Hilde / Seong Mina (dead even)
• Tira
• Xianghua
• Talim
• Amy (no surprises here)

Has no bearing on in-game sizes nor canonical weights