SCV Character Sidestep Guide


[14] Master
It’s worth noting that the directions are relative to your character (as opposed to the character you’re fighting), i.e. left is clockwise and right is counterclockwise. All movement in SC is relative to the other character so it’s plausible one might interpret it the wrong way.

Other than that, this looks pretty good to me. For Algol specifically I made a table ages ago (viewable here — see column H) that shows on a move-by-move basis which side each move is weak to, if any. Stepping to your right is generally a good policy against him as 66B, 66A+B, 3B, and 623B are weak to his left, but be wary of BB and 44B — they’re strong in that direction. It might be wiser to go the other direction against an Algol who favors those moves more.