SCV - Rock? TT

Dakota Racine

[09] Warrior
I mean hes in his 40's in Soul Calibur 4.. In his 60's in Soul Calibur 5. I dont see this very likely but hopefully he got frozen in some sort of ice thingy like the mammoth thingies did.. Yeah know :)


[12] Conqueror
I hope that happens cause then I will hear you scream, WHY?!?!?!?!? and I will be laughing like a tickled rapist thinking of the thought of killing you and then trading you over to babalook and he will rape you in his basement. Happy raping! : )

Dakota Racine

[09] Warrior
If it happenes ill be taking the next flight too Japan and raping Daichi, ;)

Happy raping is right! ><;


[10] Knight
Rock would be too old in Soul Calibur V, i think 59.
Bangoo needs to step in the stage of history already. Despite being mentioned NUMEROUS times in the Soul Calibur storyline, he STILL hasn't been counted as an offical character. *face palm*
I was happy when Amy entered, now it's Bangoo's turn.~