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    Yeah... I see that now >>
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    Soul Yôma kanryou!

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    ok so um if this is already mentioned in some way please excuse me. This is theoretical...

    So i was looking at the character bios for SCV on facebook and i noticed that nightmare ingratiated himself to Rudolf II.

    definition of Ingratiate - to establish oneself in the favor or good graces of others, especially by deliberate effort.

    I then looked up the word in the thesaurus - "Captivated" and "attract" are related to it.

    so rudolf and nightmare have a partnership/relation in some way.

    I also researched rudolf II, and found out that he is involved with occult, astrology, and alchemy.
    • now if you noticed in the colloseum stage there is alot of people with black hoods which could mean those people are of the occult/alchemist
    • Even more important is that rudolf had spent his entire life looking for the "Philosopher's Stone." if you watch "full metal alchemist' then you should know what the philosopher's stone is already. If you dont its basically a magic stone that is the "elixer of life." Im sure you know the answer/connection to this but Soul Calibur/ Soul edge is the philospher's stone in rudolf's view (theory)
    • This could explain the mutliple golems (astaroths) created by the philosopher's stone. Even more evidence is that rudolf was apparantly the ruler in many legends of the golem of prague.
    I also noticed that rudolf's mistakes led directly to the 3o years war (1618 - 1648). If you noticed in um the castle/base- like stage there is multiple soldiers and golems trying to break through its gates. This could relate to the war but idk if it the actual 30 years war with a supernatural twist.

    here are the links (used wikipedia):

    Rudolf II,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    Philospher's stone's_Stone

    Golems (in Rudolf section in the occult sciences sub section)

    Thirty years war'_War


    Coat of arms that has 2 ravens (? maybe tira's watchers if the theory is true)
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    Wait... Astaroth may be the Golem of Prague?

    A new Astaroth. Let's say he meets Judah Löw(the mythological creator of the golem), and ends up converted and a protector of the jewish people against the antisemitic Rudolf II.

    Holy ****.
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    o.O I need to start paying attention in history class.
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    ^^ I like. Gives a reason for multiple Astaroth beyond "cannon fodder" and a "good" guy that is interesting in their good guy stats.
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    I thought his name was Judah Löew? Though my mythology knowledge is quite poor, especially western mythology... =/
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    Hey that looks familiar
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    and so if we do not have a good idea on the plot of this game by now that flag alone just helped show it.

    also I just had a theory. How are Astaroth's being created? The original Astaroth was created from Rock somehow...could this new cult/order be using Rock as a means of creating all these Astaroths? I think this might be plausible because at the very least it would give Bangoo (if he appears) a reason to be in the game...looking for his adoptive father who has been kidnapped and is being used to create a bunch of Astaroth. just a quick little theory on Bangoo's motivations (if he appears...if not well ignore this then).

    a conflicting theory of mine though believes that the Astaroth are actually being used (or at least the main one) to protect against the expanse of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II. Could this Astaroth potentially be a good guy this time around.

    also the whole issue with Cervantes now being free of the SE curse might mean we get to see Ivy's father for the first time and an Evil Ivy...who is working with Rudolph the II as his alchemist.

    lot of potentially interesting connections with the characters and just the story in's hoping it is good...looking forward to seeing the vids within the next few weeks about story mode.
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    Actually Patroklos is saying "The malfested will not hold back" as in "you have to try hard if you want to defeat malfested, Pyrrha". Though I was sure Patroklos would be the SC wielder since the beginning, I'm surprised they showed it so soon.

    Another interesting thing to point out. From the SC story screenshots at Famitsu, you see that Tira's the one who gives Pyrrha's weapons (Sophitia's sword and shield).
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    i took a screenshot of the blurred text from the japanese project soul page. i think that both pages say the same but i'll post both for the sake of completeness. does anybody have the photoshop skills to de-blur the text? it should be a gaussian blur and i'm not sure if it's possible to un-do that at all.
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    I dont think its possible right now. There's talk of a de-blurring plugin for Photoshop somewhere, but its pretty early stages of development.
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    Forgot it
    Very interesting, V is looking to have an even deeper story then III... hopefully it's done well.
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    i found this. now if anybody has a more recent version of Photoshop..
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    Well Project Soul is pulling out all the stops for this one.

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