SCV Yoshimitsu CE, BE, and meter Discussion

Discussion in 'Yoshimitsu' started by HajimeOwari, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Supa

    Supa [06] Combatant

    What game is that? You forgot TAS. :)

    What happens when Sanwa releases their silent sticks? What do?! :)

    It's cool you checked. I will forever 4B psychic Pats. :)
  2. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    LOL I listed 3 moves but I use about 7 after those... or just block, but again your putting yourself at risk... You 9G and I a:B+K you into deathcopter tech trap thats half your life just becuase you wanted to be cute ;)

    Save yourself the risk and just block after when he has meter unless hes predictable...

    but wrong place to talk about all this LOL thanks for testing though... There are more moves that set up this CE on block but we will save them for another convo...
  3. Reave

    Reave [13] Hero

    I was just listing ways I have found around it.
  4. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Considering higher level players won't fish for CEs, this "discussion" is pretty much moot.
  5. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Im confused do you mean the whole discussion or just ours, because I wouldnt consider a block trap that could lead to what 100 something damage "moot"
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  6. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    My apologies. Maybe I'm misreading it. My understanding is that you're pre-buffering 236 236 after an opponent blocks a move that leaves you at little disadvantage. Then you hit A+B+K if the opponent does something. Is my understanding wrong or is my explanation correct?

    If it's correct, all it takes is a Yoshi player's twitchy finger and the opponent feinting an attack to draw out at CE. Not trying to sound like a jerk. What I really would like to ask is: is the meter and risk really worth it? Wouldn't landing something guaranteed (i.e. iMCF, CE) be more worth your while?
  7. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Sure but it works almost like a block trap for iMCF except its unsafe but if your a round or two up and have the meter to spare why not? It makes them fear what your going to do next after those moves on block which is what you want since his iMCF set ups are pretty much gone against certain characters... and the range after his old moves on block seems to mess them all up except for 4b...
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  8. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    I understand your interest in swinging for the fences, but I don't feel the risk is worth it. One meter is two GIs. I'd much rather put my stock in GIs and get free hits than hope to hit a CE and be punished if it fails.

    iMCF setups were standard for SCIV, but iMCF in SCV is more about using it defensively or on anticipation. Considering that being aggressive pays in SCV, opponents just practically walk into iMCFs themselves.
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  9. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Cool just saying its a nice trick to add to his bag of tricks... and it always makes them think twice after certain moves on block... Try it once in a while you may be suprised... I rather hit a CE than a GI any day... but I know your the "conservative" yoshi hajime... LOL Im wild with it...

    CE can be used in the middle of opponents strings as well... to interrupt... Im pretty sure it interupts all of Nightmares GS options...
  10. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Interrupting GS options with CE. That's sexy.
  11. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    That's saved me in so many Nighty battles.
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  12. Zayith

    Zayith [01] Neophyte

    66A BE seems to be a solid tech trap (even though it's still risky) from my experience. Only problem is I can't find anything to combo with the crumble stun from 66A BE besides the lolsy 6B BE which at the end I couldn't find anything to combo after that.

    Has anybody ever played around with the combos initiated by 66A BE?
  13. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    If you land a CH 66A BE, then you can get iMCF combos afterwards. No need to burn meter on a 6B BE.
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  14. Zayith

    Zayith [01] Neophyte

    Hit box seems weird to me. Can't seem to do it on the smaller female characters (Lexia, Omega, etc.). Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. But if you say is right, probably is the case.
  15. Rayikin

    Rayikin [09] Warrior

    you can also bA off the CH66A BE it's pretty damn sexy.
  16. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    Oh nice, fancy. Will have to try that. []
  17. JustKill

    JustKill [09] Warrior

    Hajime: yes this is possible; however, i find that it is done differently for certain characters regarding CH 66B BE...

    Zayith: it could be due to a couple things, the main reason being is your timing... and the other reason is what i mentioned to Hajime(he may know this though) but some characters you need to add a small yet fast quick 6 dash input before doing !MCF, although it is very odd and seem very tedious for the amount of time to get it right on whatever character and how it connects on some characters based on size... an example would be on Natsu... Yoshi doesn't require a 6 dash after CH 66B BE, as long as it done as fast as possible, but some other characters(some larger ones and smaller characters) don't or do require a fast 6 dash input before doing !MCF.

    I found the shorter(shortest) dash input the more success i have hitting it, the longer the 6 dash is recovering(if the 6 dash is required) out there it will not hit at all, so it must be done as fast as possible while maintaining your 6 dash in or immediate !MCF directly after hitting CH 66B BE ...basically whatever is required to be done for that certain character...but either way it has to be done as fast as possible, with 6 dash or without...don't worry though, this combo regardless of a 6 dash being required can be done on all characters, just need to hit the lab and see which ones you need the 6 dash or not...if the opponents character has his/her back to a wall and CH 66B BE hits, no dash is ever required.
  18. Zayith

    Zayith [01] Neophyte

    JustKill: I could of sworn I tried that. Regardless, I'll hit the lab and retry this method.
  19. Manjitou

    Manjitou [08] Mercenary

    I don't know if anybody's posted this yet, but you can do a 33B/3B W! then Yoshi's CE and get around 110 DMG :D.
    And Yoshi's 3AB BE can ring out from mid-ring distance from the edge usually when finished with aB+K. I've done it a few times, and personally 6B BE is useless.. You'll get more use from iMCF than that BE (And I haven't really found any uses for 33A BE).
  20. Zayith

    Zayith [01] Neophyte

    I don't know what you're talking about. It's not totally useless. You can use it to look cool.

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