SCVI Ivy Edits


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So I've decided to repurpose an old "Poison Ivy" cosplay I had originally made for one of my custom characters, Morgan Powys, and give it to Ivy herself. I usually stick with Morgan when I want to use Ivy's style, but I'm happy with how this looks on her and may add this to my play mix:

It was a bit tricky to use make-up and stickers in the right way to give Ivy green skin… because I'm just crazy enough to do that version of Poison Ivy.

At some point I need to take a screenshot from behind showing off the flowers in her hair… but I took these really early in the morning and right now I need some sleep…

Updated my screenshots, though it may take time for 8wayrun's cache to catch up.

The aforementioned flowers… more-or-less; I don't usually like it when I catch a character mid-blink, but I think having her eyes closed works well for this one.
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not a fan of Seraph sets and Wretch sets? but if i give Ivy a Arcane sets then it will conflict with other items


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This is my 2P for Ivy. I really wanted to use the Arcane armor on her since it just seems like something she would wear, lol. Also going with the pirate thing since her dad is a pirate and all.