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SC 2p


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Nice. I tried something similar (her SC2 2P), but I had to take some liberties due to limitations in terms of pieces and hairstyle.



It seems like Tira's boots really helped in your case, I'll be sure to test them out when I eventually get the season pass. I'd be curious to see your take on it.


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At first I wanted to try that SCII 2p as it's my favorite costume of hers, but gave up after trying to find pieces that would fit
I tried using the leather coat too, but the looks of it bothered me, the epaulettes floating above it frustrated me to no end, and the Tira boots kinda clip through the coat because they are quite bulky at the top + the feathers
There is also no hairstyle that matches

Your rendition of that outfit is pretty good considering all those limitation, props for not giving up. I'll see if I can come up with anything sometime tomorrow.


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Okay, I gave it a go. I have to give credit to you as I would have never thought to use this legwear if I hadn't seen your take on it


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Paracelsus Ivy


Notes: Any resemblance to Bayonetta is unintentional. I'm seeing plenty of her early 2Ps on this board recreated, so I figured why not combine the masculine clothing with the latter games' elegant attire. Seeing plenty of users use the Allegiance Moon Mask as a hair decoration also inspired me to create the fascinator combined with the flower. Most importantly, I found a use for the Fetching Leotard in that the Rocaille Suit and Flight Necktie do well in concealing it. Add some patterns to make it pop and I combined her best alternates being those of I and III. Truly she looks domineering in these clothes.
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How did you do the SCIII 1P? I can't figure out a way to shade her abdomen in the way that you did, along with the extra fabric on the right arm and upper chest.
Stomach-shading is done via a sticker and the additional fabric is Taki's clothing.


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I really love all your edits here! She looks great. I really love that blue/gold alternate colorscheme you made for her main outfit. :) Your "Queen of the Damned" version is really lovely, I love the colors! Beautiful work.