SCVI Raphael Edits


Fearless Eyes
Vamp lord Raph 2P I made the other night


[14] Master
Disgraced Raphael


Notes: Since his vampirism/malfestation is gone, I wanted to capture his malfestation. Since his main apperance's glasses are possibly an addition to make up for his preference for masks in his alts, they sadly had to go. Thought of giving him a Thief Mask, but there'd be two characters of the same name wearing that thing. The coat may evoke the more vampiric outfits he had from 3-5, but still being exiled from nobility, I had to make the coat look like it's been through hell. I just wish there was a Raccoon Tail or something so he could get that awesome goatee he had in II. Wanted to make him look disheveled, so I gave him Kilik's hair. Also since I'd like to try to avoid using the same item if it's one of the main features and my take on Voldo wears the Strategist Bodysuit as well, I covered up the metal part with a rose. Gift from Amy perhaps?