SCVI Siegfried Edits


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Share your self-made outfits for Siegfried here!
For edits of the base character only. Thank you :)
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Young Siegfried (Soul Blade/Edge)


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Lol everybody love variations of SC3 2p, it's my alt too

Was a great theme for Sieg

SC3 may have been so so as game but got some great designs... more than one char got it's best design there


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Yeah, I think the hair not colouring properly in creation is a glitch.
Speaking of which, can you post the formula for your sieg sc3 2p?

I cannot for the life of me work out how you got the colours right, through stickering and patterns I cant seem to replicate it


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Penitent Siegfried


Notes: Nope, not doing another SCIII 2P, but I can take inspiration from it. Again as with Nightmare, I wanted to incorporate his former green and used the yellow to compliment it. Even though he's got chainmail on, I still felt he needed some simpler, leather armor. There's no doubt a man with many out for his blood can't afford anything too fancy. He even has a hood for good measure. And yeah, there's short hair beneath. Went light since my Kingsbane equivalent to his fighting style also has a similar look to this.