SCVI Sophitia Edits


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Patroklos 2p cosplay
Damn....that Patroklos alt is siiick. The turquoise/blue/gold combination is very rare, but you pulled it off spectacularly here. Bright and bold pattern usage too. I also see that your creations are scattered across many threads. It'd be easier to review your work if you created your own thread. Keep up the good work!


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Quick Sophitia color edit I threw together. Similarly to Norik, added earrings and necklace for flair

And here's my Sophitia 2P I put up in my own thread. I relied heavily on Cassandra and Rothion for stylistic and symbolic references here.


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Yikes, that's a lot!! And here i was worried as to how can someone edit that bit of armor under her SCIII 1P. Turns out that a simple sticker can do just the thing, no ExEq or complicate patterns. Simplicity.👌

Very faithful recreations and close to the original ones :)


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Sophitia's Soul Blade 3P is what i'm talk about. Good job, Alexandra!

her Soul Blade 2P= Azola!!! :D

i'm going to watch this thread!


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Sophitia Justice.jpg

Because Groh is just time-travelling edgy Patroklos amirite
Sophitia Mario.jpg
Why is Sophie dressed as Mario? Because Mario's the fundamentals character in Smash as Sophie is to SC. Might lose the shell shield since I can't pin it to the actual shield.

EDIT: Decided to take Spellcraft's advice below and just pattern the shield. Also changed the cap brim from a shell to this frilly maid headband thing.
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