SCVI Tier Lists (for both tournament and casual gameplay)


[09] Warrior

You may or may not know me from the NorCal SC community as the Mitsurugi player. I am also a tier list connoisseur. After a few changes to the system and the characters, we have arrived at this version of a game we all know and love (despise).

Here are two charts -- one for tournaments and one for deathmatches.

Please enjoy.




[04] Fighter
As a non-competitive player, what's the distinction between 'has faults' and 'well rounded' and whatever it is, why doesn't this translate to higher/lower tier movement?

Thanks for the tier list!


[08] Mercenary
More tournament savvy people will be able to correct me, but I'll give a try at explaining:

Has Faults: How easily the character's core kit can be shut down or predicted (ex: always sidestep in a specific direction, back step, crouch, spam quick attacks)
Well rounded: How easily the character can adapt to any situations and still apply pressure/combos without being completely shutdown.

Tiers: Combination of Mix-ups, range , damage done (raw and/or combos) and safety ( FrameData + Moves re-positioning ). set a score for all of those attributes, add them all and divide by the number of available characters and this would be the "average"

The difference between the two charts would be where some moves are "core kit" or not while online versus offline due to the lag modifier, plus added the tournament player mentality/knowledge.