SCVI Tier Lists (for both tournament and casual gameplay)


[09] Warrior

You may or may not know me from the NorCal SC community as the Mitsurugi player. I am also a tier list connoisseur. After a few changes to the system and the characters, we have arrived at this version of a game we all know and love (despise).

Here are two charts -- one for tournaments and one for deathmatches.

Please enjoy.




[04] Fighter
As a non-competitive player, what's the distinction between 'has faults' and 'well rounded' and whatever it is, why doesn't this translate to higher/lower tier movement?

Thanks for the tier list!


[08] Mercenary
More tournament savvy people will be able to correct me, but I'll give a try at explaining:

Has Faults: How easily the character's core kit can be shut down or predicted (ex: always sidestep in a specific direction, back step, crouch, spam quick attacks)
Well rounded: How easily the character can adapt to any situations and still apply pressure/combos without being completely shutdown.

Tiers: Combination of Mix-ups, range , damage done (raw and/or combos) and safety ( FrameData + Moves re-positioning ). set a score for all of those attributes, add them all and divide by the number of available characters and this would be the "average"

The difference between the two charts would be where some moves are "core kit" or not while online versus offline due to the lag modifier, plus added the tournament player mentality/knowledge.


[10] Knight
This game has good balance overall as it stands right now.

Top Tier: Xianghua, Azwel, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Mina

High Tier: Zasalamel, Siegfried, Mitsurugi, Kilik, Geralt, Astaroth, Maxi, Nightmare, Voldo

Mid: Cervantes, 2B, Talim, Taki, Raphael, Tira

Lower Mid: Groh, Amy

Low Tier: Sophitia


[10] Knight
IMHO, 1.50 Tier list since patch came today.

Top Tier: Azwel, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Cassandra, Mina, Zasalamel, Xianghua

High Tier: Geralt, Mitsurugi, Siegfried, Voldo, Kilik, Nightmare, Maxi, Astaroth

Mid Tier: Talim, Cervantes, 2B, Raphael, Taki, Tira, Groh

Lower Mid: Amy

Low Tier: Sophitia


[10] Knight
In what world is sophitia low tier
Sophitia being Low doesn't mean she isn't competitive.

This isn't her best version. Her mixup game is predictable since 1K is her only usable Low for mixes and it doesn't knockdown outside of fully charged or CH. Her SC game is nothing to write about either and AS isn't as good as before and WR A+B is missing and is a big miss for her, (Crumples on NH)

She still has decent pokes overall and damage but Sophitia's approach is very predictable and she really is missing some things to pull her over in Top and High Tier conversation.


[12] Conqueror
Her guard pressure is ridiculous. Her soul charge pressure even more now with the new latest additon of a non steppable 4A+B on top of the other stuff.
Most moves she has to use are safe on block half of them also safe on RE. She has ridiculous wall damage and whiffpunishment with TAS B. Her oki is amazing as well. So id definitely say she is in a great spot right now. Well and on top of that she is one of the most basic characters so difficulty aside from getting quick tas and just frames isnt really that high either.


[10] Knight
She has decent damage but again, most of it is whiff/on block punishment and on high level, peeps won't be throwing wild unsafe stuff.

She does have decent oki but not at the level of Astaroth, Mitsurugi, Cassandra or Nightmare.

She is indeed easy to use but ease of use never factors into tier talks.

And her Soul Charge game isn't at the level of Azwel, Nightmare, Zasalamel, Groh, Yoshimitsu or Mitsurugi.

If she had a better AS framewise, SC3 WS A+B properties or if 1K knocked down on NH regardless of range, then she would be a contender for High/Top.

Crash X

[14] Master
Sophie is actually quite safe on many of her tools. Even with she has a move that isn’t really safe she has another safe one in her kit to compensate for it. The only ones that are unsafe are the moves you shouldn’t even throw out on raw (except 236B when dealing with moves -14 and over).

Crash X

[14] Master
It’s arguably hard to say who is considering this is the most balanced roster we’ve seen in a Soul Calibur game to date. But it seems like most generally put Cervy, Groh, and Kilik near the three lowest spots. Bottom five feels somewhat of a stretch imo.


[12] Conqueror
Cerv in theory would be mid tier. But he is completely bugged and occasionally fucks you over for no reason thats why he is lowtier.