SCVI Zasalamel Edits


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Sands of Time Zasalamel


Notes: Zasalamel doesn't have a lot to reference being that his outfits have been pretty consistent throughout, with VI combining both his preferences. I ended up searching for images of Babylonian sorcerors and Killer Instinct's Kan-Ra came up. Seeing him reminded me of the lower half of the Truth-Seeker Robes which helped add some oomph to my alternate. The Savannah Wrap to me looked perfectly suiting for Zasalamel and I knew that I wanted his alt to feature it even before I resorted to Google. I originally had him wear the turban, but I really liked his bald head and his head was already covered in his primary design. Green was the last step, both to match an untouchable design on his Savannah Wrap and also as a call-back to his debut.


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Damn! that's one i want to use it for my SCV's Zasalamel CaS!

ok the truth is it's hard to make his current (default) costume in SCV because of his shoulder pads, they look very huge than White Knight Shoulder Pads!