Siegfried okizeme study (a hymn for 4A+B, aB, 66A+B, SSH AA)


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Siegfried okizeme study (a hymn for 4A+B, aB, 66A+B, SSH AA)

Test conditions: against grounded Sophitia

Although the fundamentals of Siegfried hasn’t change a lot since the last installation, the ground game has faced quite a transformation. At least on theory, we got much better tools to tear grounded and rolling opponents apart. First, I didn’t expect too much but spamming 3B or SRSH mix-up. But after some digging, I found very interesting options for okizeme which will change Sieg’s ground game.

The 3B ground hit, which grants you measly 25-30 damage, will kill your momentum, unless you go for risky SRSH mix-up. However, you have plenty of disgusting options to keep your sleeping opponent on their toes. 4A+B, which was formerly pure crap, has now awesome ground stun properties, which will guarantee you SSH AA for whooping 55 damage. It suffers from short range, but after a 3B~SCH KK, you are granted a guaranteed attempt. Once, you have conditioned foes to stand immediately, you can mix throws and lows in.

If they try to roll, your 4A+B will catch them to your right. But to land a sure hit, a is a great tool. It catches all side rollers, is fast and SBH K follow-up (40 damage in total) will keep them thinking. In ranges, where 4A+B is insufficient, 66A+B can come handy. It guarantees 42 damage but is not safe nor fail-proof against side rollers. In addition, all the aforementioned moves are fast (you don’t have to bet on slow-ass 44B anymore). If you are afraid they will neutral block, 1B~SBH K is a solid option to murder both standing and sleeping foes for atleast 45 damage. Moreover, I find myself occasionally pulling 4B+K~to SSH AA just alter my routines and mix-ups. If the first hit connects, the whole string is guaranteed against grounded opponents, and rolling won’t save them from this vicious horizontal.

On downside, the options are more or less unsafe. However, according to my math, the risk-reward ratio is in our favor. And none of the moves are “panic button” -like moves, which you can pull mindlessly in any situation. Just buffering aB or 66A+B is a challenging task sometimes (at least for old geezers, like me). One may argue for some single moves such as 66B, SRSH A+B, 2A+B, SBH A+B. They might be devastating in damage-wise, but they are well telegraphed and not too safe either.

As frame data is not available, the won’t be able to determine ground hit data. The data need to be validated in against other characters, as well. However, I strongly believe that Siegfried has now somewhat solid okizeme, which we should be glad of! Please let me know, what you are thinking about this (I might have missed something a big time)

Bread and butter


    • 27 damage and ground stun
    • guarantees SSH AA for 55 damage in total
    • On a close site hit, the third hit of 4A+B will hit, causing (sometimes not) a ground stun and guaranteeing SSH AA
    • Catch rollers to your right
    • Short range
    • 236B punishable, but not launchable
    • 4A+B~SSH K will interrupt many punishers, possibly even 236B


    • 40 damage in total
    • On a regular hit, the follow-up is guaranteed and cannot be blocked, unless they tech to your right
    • When hit with a tip, the follow-up will miss
    • Catch rollers to your left and right
    • Buffering may be challenging
    • aB is somewhat safe as SBH K interrupts many punishers
    • SBH K is not 236B safe, but does not get launched


    • 42 damage in total
    • On a regular hit, the second hit is guaranteed and cannot be blocked, unless they are facing head up and teching to your left
    • Even a shallow hit with a tip seems to guarantee the follow-up
    • Cannot hit rolling side opponents
    • Buffering may be challenging
    • 236B punishable


    • 39 damage
    • On a hit, the second A seems to be always guaranteed
    • Catch rollers to your left and right
    • If opponent decide to stay on ground SSH [A]~SRSH A+B will hit the sleepers for 51
    • 236 punishable


    • 30 damage
    • SBH K guaranteed after ground hit for 45 damage
    • Cannot hit rolling side opponents
    • Against sleepers, go for SBH A+B for heavy damage

Use occasionally:


    • 18 damage
    • Catch rollers to left and right
    • 1[K]~B can be used for further pressure. It is not guaranteed, but will hit their block unless they tech left, right or back


    • 12 damage
    • Catch rollers to left and right
    • Gives plenty of advantage, although having less damage than 1K
    • Leaves you in FC


    • 48 dmg
    • Catch rollers to your left and right (they will take hefty 58 damage for that)
    • Decent range, especially after a shallow aB ground hit


    • 40 damage
    • Rather limited range (if you 4B+K~SSH A+B right next to grounded opponent, you should connect)


    • 20 dmg
    • Catch rollers to your left


    • 38 dmg
    • Catch rollers to your right


    • 42 or 60 damage
    • Cannot hit rolling side opponents


    • 25-30 damage depending on distance
    • The hit will push them far beyond the range of SCH B
    • 8B+K and SRSH mix-up seems to be uninterruptable
    • Catch rollers to your left


    • First slam hit for 32 damage
    • The second B of 44BB can be guarded normally, but will cost them guard break. Teching in any direction will be caught for another 31 damage
    • SBH K can be guarded normally or teched to your right. In other cases, it will hit for 21 damage
    • Can be avoided by side rolling
    • Start-up of the move is rather slow and visible – use for guaranteed armor break

Just don’t consider at all

    • 16 damage
    • The follow-up A will be blocked, if they guard or tech to any direction
    • Catch rollers to your left and right


    • 26 damage
    • The second B can be easily blocked or teched
    • Catch rollers to your left


    • 34 damage
    • First hit seems to lock opponent down, guarantee the rest of the stomp
    • Short range, buffering may be challenging

Sadly, 22K, SBH A, SRSH K doesn’t ground hit

Flapjack doesn’t cause any damage or catch rollers. The pick-up doesn’t seem to guarantee anything. Didn’t bother to look into this too much
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Great primer @sdnkorento .What we should do however is see which tools work best in particular knockdown situations and combo situations. That may be even more prudent.