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Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by Thane, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. OneManjiArmy

    OneManjiArmy [07] Duelist

    Simply put, Soul Calibur needs more "flash" to keep the viewers short attention span running. Thats how a game gets hype.

    Like Drake mentioned, more "over the top" moves, fleshed out character history that I would actually care about (I care for yoshi though) etc etc.

    And by "flash", I dont mean more women with seriously impractical spagetti-strap type clothing. (even though SC5 wasn't that bad at all!)
  2. Seditious

    Seditious [10] Knight

    My number one concern with the next installment is that the game MUST be allowed to be finished by the developers. SCV didn't touch SCIV's sales, and I strongly believe that the fact that the game was never finished has a lot to do with that.

    A word of caution to those who desire a "faster" pace like in SC II: online play is a huge component of modern games, and a big increase in game speed will make fighting with reactions VERY difficult when playing online under anything but fully optimal connections.

    "Flashier" may be worth more than "faster" for a new installment in the series.
  3. Fahros

    Fahros [10] Knight

    My thoughts exactly.

    They need a Fahros character in VI.
  4. Mr.MeatHook

    Mr.MeatHook [12] Conqueror

    Please, "Mr. Meathook" Will be a fan favourite for sure.
  5. Party Wolf
    • Administrator

    Party Wolf Administrator

    why was there doubt that there would be a SC6?
  6. Seditious

    Seditious [10] Knight

    Because there almost wasn't an SC5, until the community begged for it with petitions. Even then, Namco pulled the funding before the game was completely finished.

    If the direct download sales show good numbers throughout the rest of this year, Namco would be stupid NOT to make another game. Here's to hoping... *clink*
  7. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    You really think that the petitions had anything to do with SC5's existance? Really? The game was already in development and under way when all that came about. It was merley a PR stunt to get hype for the game going. Had nothing to do with actually making it happen.
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  8. Seditious

    Seditious [10] Knight

    Actually, I did. It's interesting that you mention that, though. Maybe Namco is more clever than I thought?
  9. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    Indeed they are. I believe more than what people give them credit for.

    Its all about business and money. How do you generate that? HYPE!! Throw out a petition, drop leaked hints on websites, get people talking. Get people going on it. There all kinds of ways of doing that and they are getting more creative with advertising media as the days go by.
  10. Goose

    Goose [10] Knight

    speaking of hype it would be AMAZING if Project Soul dropped a tease at E3.
    no actual gameplay or anything just the Project Soul logo and something gimmicky like "does your soul still burn?", then call a Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 release.
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  11. PNC_Supremacy

    PNC_Supremacy [08] Mercenary

    All I really want is more fighting styles and an even better CAS mode.
  12. TerminatorCortez

    TerminatorCortez [10] Knight

    Not to break the mood or anything but Its really unlikely that they reveal anything about soul calibur 6 at E3. They might show that Army of Darkness but I have a feeling that its likely going to be a soul calibur legends style game.
  13. Thane

    Thane [09] Warrior

    I'm not expecting anything at E3 honestly. But in the next year or two I wouldn't be surprised if we all had a new SC game to play.
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  14. Fendante

    Fendante [10] Knight

    I apologize for making this late reply. Shhh!!!! Please tell me this is sarcasm lol.

    @WuHT: I would never have dreamed of you dropping the f bomb...jk XD. I appreciate your preventing the thin thread of hope for Raph from breaking.

    As for SC6, all I really want is a more holistic and developed storyline. There were too many holes and gaps in SCV. The graphics and stages are certainly stunning and I love them. Maybe PS could make a medium damage game (in between SCV and SCIV damage levels) and give Raph a better movelist duh.
  15. Frayhua

    Frayhua [11] Champion

    The damage scaling is fine, but certain characters need reasonable buffs & reasonable nerfs. I absolutely agree that Raph needs serious adjustments. I want large list to be back, but don't fill it half through with garbage moves. Simplfying a move list fine in terms of getting rid of useless moves or make worthless moves useful, but I don't condone really good moves being taken away for no reason just to dumb down the gameplay.
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  16. ShenChan

    ShenChan [10] Knight

    I wish they invited me to balance SC6 if it's going happen.
  17. ParaB

    ParaB [08] Mercenary

    It was pretty obvious that, with the map layout and all, SC5's story wasn't supposed to be just some linear experience. I would really love to for the SC6 to have a another shot at this, and this time be able to fully realize their ambition.
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  18. Habast

    Habast [12] Conqueror

    I love Tales of Souls in SC3. I'd love to see a more refined version of this in SC6.

    Also, god-tier Raph. Justice.
  19. AVNjonnitti

    AVNjonnitti Hot Dog

    nerf 6A+B and rising B+K in sc6 so IRM can't win anymore
  20. Wait, he wins?

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