Soulcalibur IV At Devastation 2011

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Devastation is now live with Day 3 finals action from the event which is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The finals for Soulcalibur IV are now over with lolo your Devastation 2011 champion.

Check after the break for a rundown of the top 8 finalists, matches and aftermath.

Top 8 Finalists​

NoFaceKill3r (Ivy)​
Omega (Zasalamel)​

lolo (Yoshimitsu)​
KrayzieCD (Xianghua, Maxi, Mitsurugi)​

LostProvidence (Setsuka)​
VINTS (aka MoneyMuffins) (Sophitia)​

RTD (The Apprentice, Ivy, Xianghua)​
NDK (Kilik, Voldo)​

Top 3 Results
1st Place: Lolo
2nd Place: NoFaceKill3r
3rd Place: RTD


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Don't forget to hop into chat once the SC4 action begins. Also, who are you looking forward to seeing or rooting for at this tournament? I'm looking to see how Omega does. This will be the first tournament that I've seen him play in since EVO 2009.
lolo is probably the strongest player going into this event. I hope he makes it into the finals because his Yoshimitsu is amazing to watch.
Wtf is going on with the MK Pools? Who ever is running it is changing the rules on the spot.

I know Calibur will be run better. Cant wait :).
Fuck, how did I miss the Mileena cosplayer?

Just to clarify, Noel Brown running MK pools is a joke. But the rules for the pools should not be different. But at the end of the day, the top players are still going to win. Plus the entry into these tournaments is free, so I can't complain too much about what happens in a free tournament.
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