Soulcalibur Players Map


[12] Conqueror

So, here's the idea. Post your city, state/province/county, and country in the thread or in a PM to me if you don't want to clutter things up, and I'll tag your location on the map in the url above. You can also include your contact at other places like SRK or dustloop or even reddit. I'll try to post this around in as many communities as possible. This way over time, you can visually see the entire community in your area.

I thought it would make more sense to post this in the match making forum, but it didn't make sense to only post it in only one sub region or every sub region, so I'll just leave this here, and let mods figure that one out.

Edit: I was going to personally post a link to this thread in all of the regional threads, because I know some players only watch those, but then I realized how many regions there are. Can you guys do me a favor and post this in your respective regions?