Soulcalibur VI Character Traits Thread


[04] Fighter
I think that it should be noted in Maxi's case, not only does Pure Soul Loop give him a damage boost, it also changes the properties of some of his moves. For example after a Pure Soul Loop the initial hit of his critical edge becomes a break attack.


Fu-ma's Shadow
Updated list.
  1. 2B - Can utilize projectiles, combo opponents in the air, and has a special evade mechanic that can quickly move her to an advantageous position. She also utilizes multiple weapon types.
  2. Astaroth - Increased throw-range and access to super-armor during his Soul Charge, reducing damage taken for the period. He is one of the two characters that can escape back throws.
  3. Azwel - Summons weapons into existence and has three ranges to choose from (long, mid, close), his Reversal Edge options do not end in the usual outcomes, and he has a unique Soul Charge and second Critical Edge.
  4. Cervantes - TBA
  5. Geralt - Can utilize five signs (Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, and Axii) at the expense of meter, and can freely use all of them during Soul Charge. Also has a unique evasive maneuver.
  6. Grøh - Has access to two different fighting styles drawing from his double saber: wielding it as one large blade or dual-wielding two smaller blades. The latter is accessed using his Innocent Draw stance. During his Soul Charge, he can teleport.
  7. Ivy - Regains her Serpent's Embrace stance, and gains a new long-range command throw. Summon Suffering is now an unblockable command throw.
  8. Kilik - Accesses his possessed state when in Soul Charge, which rapidly depletes his health but greatly increases his damage, gives him devastating new moves, and a new Critical Edge that can be used with no meter costs.
  9. Maxi - Can switch into a different stance with an additional input after attacks or stop briefly to enter a ''Pure Soul Loop'' stance, which increases his damage.
  10. Mitsurugi - Regains his Relic stance, and some of his strings end in Reversal Edge parries.
  11. Nightmare - Regains his Night Behind Stance, and many of his moves will cause him to enter Terror Charge, allowing him access to one Soul Charge-exclusive move.
  12. Raphael - Can feint his Reversal Edge, and many of his recoil moves have Guard Impact properties.
  13. Seong Mi-na - Her attacks have increased damage at tip range.
  14. Siegfried - Has a special state called Dark Legacy, being reached either by a Guard Impact move, or when he's under low health, which grant him additional options such as new Lethal Hit combos, and grant him access to Nightmare's Soul Wave.
  15. Sophitia - Her signature punishers now lead to new Lethal Hit juggles upon counterhit. Soul Charge extends many of her strings.
  16. Taki - Her Mekki-Maru causes chip damage at all times, and she gains a new projectile.
  17. Talim - Has a new Air Rage stance that involves using wind as a weapon, and Critical Edge will restore some of her health.
  18. Tira - Has two different playing styles depending on whether she's in her Jolly or Gloomy states. Upon switching states multiple times, she will enter a 'burning' Gloomy state that allows her to access Soul Charge-exclusive moves until she switches back to ''Jolly''.
  19. Voldo - Has two different Critical Edges depending on which direction he's facing his opponent. He's the only character who can engage in Reversal Edge backturned. Upon activating Soul Charge while facing forward, he will turn to face backwards and vice versa. He is one of the two characters that can escape back throws.
  20. Xianghua - Has a notable new stance that crouches under high as well as specific mid attacks, in addition to her unique system of feints, counter-stances, and evasive maneuvers.
  21. Yoshimitsu - Can absorb his enemies "soul" to increase his own meter gauge using his Soul Steal mechanic, which he then can spend on unique moves using his Soul Burn mechanic, similar to the Brave Edges of Soulcalibur V.
  22. Zasalamel - Can cast and stack up to three levels of curse on his opponent, which he can then spend on an ability to temporarily freeze time. The time freeze duration is proportional to the level of curse stacked.
Anything else to add? Most notably, does anyone know what Cervantes' trait is?