Starting SoulCalibur with Yoshimitsu


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I've recently brought SoulCalibur 5 for Xbox. I find the game very enjoyable, and played some offline games, and some of the campaign. Yoshimitsu caught my attention, with his samurai look and katanas. I also found him fun to play as and he has an interesting personality. I decided to play a few online games. I won some and loss a lot. Every game it seemed that I could not focus enough to do combos, because I was to busying with the opponent slashing my face, and saw myself just spamming random buttons.

Can anyone help me with some tips playing with this character online, and any suggestions to combos?

Thanks, Adam


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Thanks for the links, some of the stuff is very useful.

I am currently on the path to creating some of my own combos.


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If you have X-box live, I could provide some help since I have a good understanding of Yoshi. However, I suggest learning the game language. It's very mandatory to know it just to make it easier for us to help you. If you click here, this vid will show you the basics.

Before you can run, you must walk. Before you walk, you must crawl. In other words, learn the basics before getting into the advanced stuff. Yoshimitsu is a manjitou ninja(despite the samurai get-up) versed in the art of Manji Ninjitsu.

Dost thou wish to challenge thyself to learn the art? If so, relinquish thine XBL gamertag.