Strongest Character Lore-wise Tier List.


[14] Master
Quick list off my head.

Night Terror
Edge Master (Not sure about this one tbh)
Nightmare (Inferno)
Siegfried (Calibur)

The rest I'll need to think on when I have time but I'd imagine Sophitia, Taki and Kilik will be pretty high with silly people like Astaroth and Aeon at the bottom.


[12] Conqueror
" Alchemist of the ages", "Miraculous psychic", " World's greatest assassin", "Invincible duelist" I think we all know who stands at the top Kappa :sc5dam1:


[09] Warrior
I think I'd put SCIV Nightmare lower on the list. Sure, he's just a few shards away from becoming complete, but he'd die from being unable to withstand his immense power if he got any stronger. In fact, it was only a matter of time before he'd die if he didn't go into the Astral Chaos (I think)

But even in the Astral Chaos, he still couldn't unlock his full potential. This would imply that Inferno himself is fairly weak.

Still, Night Terror and Algol are definitely high up

  • Algol's body is built by the Astral Chaos (They apparently retconned his body being built up by Soul Edge and Soul Calibur's unleashed energy. HOWEVER, it's safe to assume he rebuilt his body with the unleashed powers to get out of the Astral Chaos, which he never did canonically in SCIV. However, that power was limited, and if he ran out of power, he'd get sucked back into the Astral Chaos where he could freely do whatever he wants to.)

    In fact, Algol is so powerful that he can manipulate the Astral Chaos to create life and entire worlds.
  • Night Terror is an oddball, since he was originally Nightmare fused with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. However, now he is supposedly a seperate entity from Inferno.

    HOWEVER, keep in mind that Inferno exists in the Astral Chaos. As a result, Night Terror could exist while being linked to Inferno.)

    Right, so what we know is even Algol is afraid of going up against him. That's how powerful he is.

    So I'd make the list kind of like this:
  • Night Terror
  • Algol
  • SCIV Siegfried/Alpha Patroklos (Presumably on the same level)
  • SCIV Nightmare.
  • SCI Xianghua (Took down Siegfried, but with the help of Kilik.)
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