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Made a Cossack inspired dude






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I really like the super saturated but deep/dark colors on 'Saira'; the stickers and patterns are also very smartly applied. 'Zoéline' is quite nifty too, with a really sharp high renaissance flare, but if you'll indulge one little personal observation, the rest of the design is so well accentuated with subtle but effective detail work that the skirt stands out as a little bland against it: I feel like even the slightest little further embellishing detail (like just a trace of additional gold threading such as you use elsewhere in the attire), would be just the detail to make her pop even more. The existing red accents are really nice, by the way, and the sash and bow is a clever little way to approach a custom belt.
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Really clever thinking / polished look on that helmet/turban/cowl combo there: genuinely feels like an in-game asset. :thumbsup: