I'll make you submit!
You can also accomplish this by doing CH 6A ~ 214B+K. You can get this without CH but generally speaking the CH secures the grab (214B+K) for you.


[13] Hero
On the :A: vs :A::6: issue:

You can do the Just Frame version :A:::6:. (Just Frame means precise timing)
It is fast like the normal :A: (impact in 10 frames), gives damage like normal :A::6: and gives a different knockdown.

How to do :A:::6::
Push :A:, then push :6: (6) at the moment the :A: hits the opponent, so rather late.
When only :A: comes out you pushed :6: too late, when normal :A::6: comes out you pushed :6: too early.
When you get something that looks like a mix of :A: and :A::6: and Taki flashes white you got it!

It's hard to do consistently for me even after long practice, so i just do :A:::6:+:A: or :A:::6:+:B:, that way even if the Just Frame doesn't come out i still get :A::A: or :A::B: into PO and so on.

:A:::6: starts High so it beats anti Mid autoGIs like Sophie's :A:+:B:
:A:::6: is the best fast High punisher in the game, impacts in 10 frames, does more than 30 damage.
(Sophie's Mid punisher :2::3::6:::B: impacts in 13 frames for the same damage)
:A:::6: also allows you to get 45+ damage and good RO out of :2::2::B::
:2::2::B:, :A:::6:, WR :B:.

It has some drawbacks though:
Worse horizontal tracking than normal :A:.
The Mid part of :A:::6: comes out 1 or 2 frames later than normal (totally Mid) :A::6:.
Hard to do consistently.
Unsafe like normal :A::6:.


[09] Warrior
For A:6, when you start pushing the A button and when you see the sillhoutte of blade starting coming out of her back (out of her sword sheath), immediately push forward. You have to finish pushing foward right before the A swing ends. What's gonna happen is Taki starts swinging A motion but suddenly makes a small step to flash the A6 attack. Start practicing by observing the A swing motion. I find this easier to learn this way.