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Joe Park (Jamrock) to Moonbase 1! LOL (My man) You tried it! The animated movie for MORTAL KOMBAT (Private Screening) will Premiere on Halloween at the MAJESTIC MOVIE THEATRE which hwang24 owns.


- Thank you thenewperson for teaching me Apat. It was really appreciated. -- So... is THIS THE "PERSON" WHO TOLD ME THAT THE FINN AND JAKE show is a BAD show for KIDS, HOMEY... PAT'NA?!
Oh wow, I typed that much. I usually flake out in these kinds of things. Ah well, no problem.

And I'm definitely not whoever that idiot is, AT is G O O D.


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Looks like this thread has died a tragic death but I'm going to go ahead and post regardless lol. Anyhow, I'm new to the game and looking to meet some chill people that wouldn't mind helping me out with the learning curve. I've played previous entries at a casual level but I'm looking to level up my game this time around. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

PSN: Saboteur-6


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Welcome Saboteur-6.

I highly, highly recommend getting into the 8WayRun discord and searching for the links to character specific servers from there. Each character has one primary server that acts as that character's hub for discussion and learning new stuff. That's probably the best place to find like-minded players and "get good". The forums are still a great resource, but you'll generally find that people are more responsive on discord.


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Anyone can teach me how to be a really mad Tira on PS4? I'm not bad i think, but need more and learn how to do combos and control opponent :D PSN ID Alessa_Vice


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I'm ready to teach if anyone wants to learn, I'm on PC and can give info on:
Basic Gameplay
General Strategy
Player Psychology
Can teach 100% > Hoahmaru | Cassandra | Zasalamel | Voldo | Nightmare
Can teach 50% > Siegfried | Amy | 2B | Mitsurugi | Maxi
Will work with someone on any other character they want to learn that I've not listed.
Message me on here via PM, we can talk or set up a schedule if you feel committed.
I'll reply when I can and I'm usually online 5-8pm weekdays.
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