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Hello, here is my collection of CaS characters and costumes from SCV.

We start off with my main roster, The Animal Kingdom.

It started off me using the Horse and Deer heads to make 2 rival-like characters and things just got out of hand. Now I have 19 characters with the same Animal-Gladiator theme to them. Some of these characters i've put much more effort into and others I need to look at and revise heavily, so any suggestions and criticisms would be greatly appreciated, especially for the ones that need revising. Also they all have very bland names as just the animal they are with -Man afterwards. This started off as a sort of placeholder but i've had these names for so long I just keep them as is. Still debating whether or not to give them more unique names as of yet.

I'll put 3 *'s next to my favourites and 1 next to the ones I need to go over again. So without further ado...

Horse-Man ***

Style Siegfried - The first character to the Kingdom, a Ryu of sorts...

Deer-Man ***

Style Nightmare - The friend/rival of Horse-Man, the Ken.

Deer-Man 2P ***

Another costume for the Deer. I prefer this one.

Rhino-Man ***

Style Astaroth - Wasn't a fan of this one but after revising him he's become one of my favourites.
Original uploaded version

Lizard-Man **

Style Patroklos - Revised him somewhat and changed his style from Aeon to Patroklos. Still WIP but I like the base outline of him now whereas previously I wasn't a fan. Any advice on how to improve this character i'd especially appreciate.
Original uploaded version

Wolf-Man ***

Style Siegfried - One of the favourites, sort of an anti-hero archetype.

Goat-Man ***

Style Misturugi - I find it a bit of a shame I never play Mitsu because I love the Goat but never use him. Also, like with Wolf-Man I like using movable props as makeshift armour as most of the shoulders and whatnot can be oddly placed and like they're floating when you don't cover them in other armour that compliments it well.

Dragon-Man **

Style Cervantes - This revised version is still very much WIP, but I prefer this outline and general idea over the previous Aeon version. Any suggestions and idea's for this one are especially greatly appreciated.
Original uploaded version

Bug-Man **

Style Viola - First one to go away from the Gladiator theme of the others, but still one I fairly like. Only problem is I don't play Viola and have always thought the Bug prefix was a bit too generic.

Tiger-Man ***

Style Devil Jin - Another favourite, first one to use nothing but his bare fists, and demon laser eyes that we know all Tigers have...

Griffin-Man **

Style Alpha Patroklos - I like this one, he's a sort of "Honorable Mentor" archetype but his hip cape clips horribly with his pants. It's the only thing that's keeping him at 2 stars.

Bull-Man **

Style Astaroth - I used to consider this one the definitive Astaroth character as Rhino-Man was rather lackluster. I originally called him Minotaur-Man because I completely forgot what a Minotaur was...
Original uploaded version

Snake-Man **

Style Ivy - Was hesitant with this one at first since this Medusa headgear wasn't a full face cover, but I like to think I made it work. He has Algol's hair so when his armour breaks it looks like he's going into a second form or something.

Cat-Man *

Style Voldo - This one has an odd history. He was Viola until a few weeks ago because I wanted to make the movesets more diverse across the characters, also the paws... I only put on the kittymeow suit recently and have mixed feelings on it. I know the specialist props are just tacked on, this was more me messing around to see if I could do anything with them.

Fox-Man ***

Style Raphael - The first female to join the Kingdom, although still called Fox-Man because the Man suffix has always just meant human rather than a gendered term. She has a backstory and previous characters before being an Animal-Man.
Original uploaded version

Turtle-Man ***

Style Aeon - The only Aeon in which I want him to stay in this moveset, also the first character who's main identifying prop wasn't a head/face item, but the shell on his back. In this angle you can actually see 3 shells rotated into one big one. It looks odd in the screenshot but ingame it looks much better than just one for some reason, so i've kept it like that.

Panda-Man ***

Style Maxi - I like this one, although I don't play much Maxi I make an exception to pick this guy every now and then.

Panther-Man **

Style Natsu - Never play Natsu, so this one goes unplayed most of the time. Acts as a rival and friend to Panda.

Chicken-Man **

Style Xiba - This was a massive stretch in terms of finding a decent Chicken-esque look. The latest addition to the crew and another female, also with previous CaS and a backstory separate to the Kingdom (Vivienne).
Original uploaded version

Basket-Case **

Style Zwei - This one isn't an Animal, but the main antagonist of them. I previously tried making a "Peacock-Man" using the same headgear as Chicken-Man, he turned out awful. So awful that someone I used to play with would coin him as the outcast of the group. So when I made the Chicken, instead of deleting Peacock-Man, I used his horrible design as his incentive and drive to be the main villain; who's primary goal is the kill the Animals who turned their back on him. I arranged those two demon face stickers on his Basket so they're always looking at the camera in battle.

So that was my collection. Thanks for looking through the whole post if you did. Any comments are appreciated, especially advice and criticisms as I want to improve these characters as much as possible, especially the ones that are lacking. If you have any similar themed characters i'd love to see those too.
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Welcome to 8WR, Tomogachi! I'm the moderator for the CaS forum, so feel free to ask me any questions.

These are actually really well-crafted characters. The fur-and-fang approach to CaS isn't terribly complicated, but you execute it with a grungy, over-the-top flair. You use a lot of crazy, bulky equipment, but you blend it all together with plain, earthy colors, so it ends up looking great for the most part. You also make effective use of the special equipment (SpecEq, which you referred to as "movable props.") Here's some observations:

Deer Man: best of the group. Cool asymmetrical build with the gladiator arm and the waist-cape thing. It's also clever how you extended the gladiator arm with the turtle shell and centurion plume into a glove. For a natural look, it's always a good idea to build on what you already have.

Panther Man: simple, but effective. I'm not sure what you used for the arm tattoo, but it's pretty nifty. Nice job carrying the panther pattern throughout the design.

Minotaur: Nice use of that max-size patch sticker for the texture. I like the whole chain motif too. This one's a bit top heavy though, so I'd swap out the shoulder guards and remove those extra horns. That, or you can try bulking out the bottom half with some heftier waste. You can even exchange the hooves for some large boots or whatever. Look to Theseus's mythology for inspiration.

Chicken Man: this creation has the most personality and the most potential of your creations. The massive headdress combined with the bulky top and billowing skirt makes for quite a dramatic silhouette. Great asymmetry too. I would apply some bump-mapped textures and blend it all in with some darker colors. You could up the level of detail on the skirt by placing some fancy stickers, maxing out the size, darkening them, and blending them into your skirt. The rose SpecEq isn't really contributing to the design. Instead, you could also use up two of your SpecEq slots and place a pair of horns of each foot to emulate bird talons. Use the third SpecEq to increase the asymmetry with random feathers or whatnot. Try pushing it towards a Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Miyazaki aesthetic to get the most mileage from the design.

Basket Case: unique. You should try to turn this into a Yoshimitsu alt. Push for more Asian elements. Throw on some random feathers of strength, and you'll be set.

You have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of SCV CaS. I would definitely check out this thread for some of the trickier stuff that you'll see on the forums.

There's also an ongoing contest thread somewhere here. Just go to the last page for the most recent activity.

I generally focus on generic animu girls, so I wouldn't have much to contribute here. However, I believe there was a thread specifically for animal heads somewhere in the forum, but I'm sure you can find it yourself. Anyways, best of luck!


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Thanks for the welcome and the advice! I'm glad to be here.

Bull-Man definitely needs a revamp, not as bad as some of the others but i'll take the advice into account.

Chicken-Man to me is still sort of in beta, I put the rose there to cover up the blue gem in the armour. Now that I think about it I could probably use a sticker to cover it.

Basket-Case having Zwei's style is mainly for his backstory. He uses the wolf as his slave so it's meant to make him out as a sadistic villain. I'd like to use the SpecEq for more detail but the fact that his flag floats really bothered me so I'm using two rods to make it hold to his back.

Deer-Mans definitely my favourite, that's why I gave him a second costume.

Many thanks for your time and the constructive criticism.


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Fox Man and Snake Man could instead be Foxy and Serpentine/Serpentina. Even the men could have much more meaningful names. Griffin man and Panda man could be Griffinor and Pandor instead. When you say stuff like Tiger Man, it doesn't do your CAS justice as it feels like they're just "there". Some won't recognize them as what they ought to be.

If Fox man is Raph style, why? Is it the grace and elegance? Shouldn't Natsu's style apply to her since Foxes are sneaky and vicious like ninjas?

Snake Man looks like a guy in a thong wearing creepy stuff. Although changing him to a female would be ideal. The Ivy style goes hand in hand with medusa snake theme. Snake seduces, then strikes. Nonetheless, a guy can pull it off too. It's just it'd be a metrosexual weirdo who could make me think of creepy Vega(claw guy of Street Fighter) which I'm totally not into, but it's your decision.

Never forget to stereotype and cookie cut sometimes. Pandan(yes I just renamed your animal dude) could have some Chinese fighter influence. It's got the nunchucks, you just gotta study Chinese fighters like Yun, Yang, Law, Jann Lee, Bruce Lee, etc for inspiration and then create with it.

More or less, you have a good foundation to utilize Street Fighter as your base. The problem is you can get tunnel vision(show favoritism) on some CAS(common mistake even by me) that we fail to research on others on what they're supposed to be.

All in all, you got promise. Keep on sharing.
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Pretty interesting stuff indeed Tgachi
If you are looking for inspiration, some other stuff we did around those, please have a look at an old thread of mine with a very similar pitch...
Let me know if you think anything useful for your CAS art :
Man, looking through this thread, a lot of great ideas and concepts there. Sea Dog, Olcadan, Kalamaaris and the Dinosaur ones especially.

Are the "[animal]-Man" names placeholders?
To quote what I said in the OP, "This started off as a sort of placeholder but i've had these names for so long I just keep them as is. Still debating whether or not to give them more unique names as of yet."


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Man, looking through this thread, a lot of great ideas and concepts there. Sea Dog, Olcadan, Kalamaaris and the Dinosaur ones especially.

To quote what I said in the OP, "This started off as a sort of placeholder but i've had these names for so long I just keep them as is. Still debating whether or not to give them more unique names as of yet."
Whoops. Sorry I missed that.


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Hey everyone, thought i'd post some more stuff. Mainly my 3P's and a few original characters that aren't the Animals. Some of these creations do rely on DLC a bit much but I haven't the heart to delete them and try and replace the slots with other characters. I've also updated the OP to reflect the changes i've made to some of the Animals, the original version are still available to see below the updated images.

Original Characters include...

Iwanako **

Style Leixa - Iwanako is the elder sister of Fox-Man, who before joining the kingdom was known as Chitanda. She's a little over a year older than Chitanda and the two have been separated for 3 years when Chitanda set her sights to join the kingdom. After running into each other again Iwanako wishes to stay with Chitanda and help her and the Kingdom with their escapades. She feels slightly uncomfortable and inadequate when she discovers just how independent and capable Chitanda has become, but over time she realises she cannot be the big sister that she once was, and they carry on their adventures as equals.

Valerie Yves **

Style Dampierre - Valerie is an alluring dancer and high energy lady seen at the Grand Festival of Guandi Temple in Luoyang. Those that recognise her all remember her fondly enough that many passionately greet her wherever she happens to be. Despite her bubbly and alluring demeanor, no one actually knows what it is she does, or why she is in Luoyang in the first place. Things quickly go awry however although it is unknown exactly why, and before everyones eyes she has two daggers donned on her forearms, where did they even come from anyway? She prepares for battle with her challenger who seems to know at least part of the mysterious womans past, still staying as jolly and playful as ever; as if she knows she will not be defeated, or she simply doesn't care.

Vivienne ***

Style still Dampierre - When spotted in the Free Imperial City, following the events of Luoyang, it quickly becomes obvious that this woman is not as she seems. In reality, she is an extraordinarily intelligent yet eccentric con artist, often using her arousing allure, fast talking intellect or simple monetary/political power to manipulate others into doing her bidding. Her true name is not known by anyone, it is unknown whether or not she even has a true name at all, or if she is aware of it. She tends to stick with names which contain the 'V' letter in them however, although it is unknown why this is. Her only weakness is her insatiable greed for anything that isn't tied down, including money, power, and blades, lots of blades. The few that are aware of her existence beyond her initial facade have noted that her greed will eventually be her undoing.

Queen Valfierno ***

Style still Dampierre - As if out of nowhere, in the shadows an Empire has risen to a power never conceived prior, taking control of the continent of Europe, the middle east, and indeed the majority of Asia as a whole. Valfierno Empire, ruled with an iron fist by the glorious Supreme Leader Queen Valfierno. Those that feared Vivienne's influences had been correct with their paranoia, as her greed has resulted in the death and exploitation of millions. Despite her accomplishments her greed still demanded more, she eventually became exposed to Soul Edge and incorporated it into her work, to further her power to levels unimagined. This exposure to Soul Edge however has taken some toll on her sanity and her closest and trusted underlings fear for her life, she however acts as if there is no issue and continues her efforts. You might be thinking, "Why does she have cat ears?", because she's the Supreme Leader Queen Valfierno she can do whatever she wants, her people see her as a Goddess, she's known to use this power in all manner of eccentric activities.

Red Pyro **

Style Xiba - Simple homage to the TF2 pyro, nothing much to say about this one.

That's it for my Original Characters. They have been many more but i've since deleted them and replaced them with other characters. I'll make a separate post soon showing off my regular character costumes.


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Regular Character 3P costumes
Hey everyone, here are a few custom costumes for the main characters. Some are heavily reliant on DLC which i'm guessing is sort of a cop out when it comes to making characters, but I figure why not show these characters anyway. I'll use the stars (***) this time to show how much unique thought and effort went into the characters instead of relying solely on DLC.

Officer Xiba **

This is Xiba presumably a few months after the events of the SCV story mode. Although still a comic relief at time he's matured somewhat and when the time calls for it he's capable of being serious and determined.

Captain Maxi *

Maxi in Cervantes's outfit to make him more "Piratey".

Incognito Ivy ***

This is Ivy's costume in which she is attempting to conceal her identity. The only thing I want to really change is the striped pattern of the kimono as upon closer inspection it's rather ugly. I've tried using the striped Leopard pattern since this gives the surface a weathered look, something which I like since high saturation and contrast tends to make custom costumes and characters look out of place.

Golden Nightmare *

Simple Nightmare costume which makes him look a bit less like a villain. I relied a lot on Cervantes's armour but also used SpecEq to make Nightmares demonic arm a bit more demonic.

Samurai Siegfried *

Simple Siegfried with Xiba's clothing. I like using this Siegfried in game although when in Chief Hold his Quiver Rope clips through his chest. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a solution that doesn't create worse problems elsewhere.

Hunter Siegfried ***

This was my first time testing layering from It started off as a simple test and after idling messing in creation this Siegfried came sort of outta nowhere. I also attempted a makeshift backpack which isn't perfect but I quite like it.

Villain Siegfried **

As a contrast to Golden Nightmare, this villainous Siegfried is probably my favourite to use. It does use quite a bit of DLC but I think the Helmet Hair, Scarf and Hip Cape compliment each other great and overall he looks awesome in game.


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That villain Siegfried is amazing! I also like your hunter Siegfried (I guess I kinda like Siegfried :P)
Your animal collection I saw earlier but forgot to comment on. That's a pretty cool concept, I enjoyed them thoroughly XD
I feel like your originals could use a little work. Keep tweaking them and focus on bringing out their character and personality ^_^


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That villain Siegfried is amazing! I also like your hunter Siegfried (I guess I kinda like Siegfried :P)
Your animal collection I saw earlier but forgot to comment on. That's a pretty cool concept, I enjoyed them thoroughly XD
I feel like your originals could use a little work. Keep tweaking them and focus on bringing out their character and personality ^_^
Yeah, apart from Vivienne the original characters are mostly an afterthought. I used to have more of them to show off but since deleted them to make way for regular character costumes.


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Not bad, not bad at all and i like your choice of color tones.
The theme on your originals is mostly readable but as Kirax says, lacks punch and originality.
That being said, i think Vivienne is strikingly simple yet beautiful...