The Complete Patroklos Guide Series


Follow the rules!

This series is all of my knowledge as it relates to Patroklos, funneled together in one place. All of my experience and reasoning is now yours.

From basic, general play to matchup-specific situations, it's all here. After reading these manuals, you should be at my level with Patroklos, if not better.

This is a work in progress.
So far, there are two books out, with 4 more on the way to cover the remaining matchups.
Inform me immediately if the links do not work and I will provide mirrors.

You are free to distribute and share these at will.

Patroklos Basic Guide

Patroklos Matchup Pack 1 (Astaroth, Mitsurugi, Natsu, Nightmare, Pyrrha)

Patroklos Matchup Pack 2 (Ezio Auditore, Leixia, Maxi, Patroklos, Xiba)

If you wish to purchase hard, paper-and-binding copies, the series will be available on for purchase.

Volume 1

Volume 1 DVD


The Wanderer
Nice to see something like this here on the site :) . I'm not a Pat player myself but if I ever need to learn I will head this way :)


King of Hundred Swords
you recommend to wiff punish with 236B when its much easier with 3B, since you dont have to 236 motion which will take 2 extra frames anyway probably. It really doesnt make much difference.


[12] Conqueror
Great job! you outdid yourself this time :D I'm a Pat mainer and if I ever go back to SCV I'm sure I'm gonna make good use of this material.