Welcome to the first and potentially last (i dunno we'll see how this goes) 8wayrun hunger games. The rules are simple, 2 of 8wayruns greatest memes are gathered from each of the 12 districts. These 24 memes compete in the RNG based Hunger games simulator, in which only one meme can survive. This thread will updated every day with results from the simulator. So be sure to check in every day to see if your favorite player made the cut. Updates will begin tomorrow, so without Further ado let's list off our contestants.

In District 1 we have Team "Only Marginal Matters" it Consists of Legendary 8wayrun Hero Marginal. Known for his mastery of dry humor, sarcasm and nunchaku. He is said to have lived for 4000 years. Also in District 1 we have DEX who is known for ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... really only Marginal matters.

In district 2 we have team "Memefried", comprised of Whiffried and Weenorz. Throughout the last 5 years there have been a lot of memes to sprout out from Siegfried's whiffing, be it from pantocrator, jimbo or even heaton. These memes have joined forces and combined to create a truly formidable being known as "Whiffried". Weenorz, the other member of the team, is known for being the community punching bag, also he's a weenie.

In district 3 we have team "Carry me, Steven." This team has the members Party Wolf and Steven A. Party Wolf is another 8wayrun warrior thats strong, smart and adaptable. I also happen to like Party Wolf a lot so I made his team mate Steven A because you know Steven A is gonna kick ass. Steven A is like Donte, Shadow the hedgehog, and Not Important rolled into one. The master of edge.

In district 4 we have team "Titansquad420swag." Two fierce warriors from the legendary group, Titansquad420swag join forces to create a powerful group that will nearly ensure their district's victory. Jimbo, the deadly jew wizard and Fenris Zero, also known as "Kabuto the Python".

In district 5, there's a team comprised of people that did nothing significant enough to warrant being in the games but Im putting them in anyways. Fucko because I like him, and withvees because he begged me to. This is why we call them Team "I did nothing significant to get in this game".... they're probably gonna lose.

Team "Fuck you Fahros" is the team for district 6. IRM and FahrosTTT have settled their pity youtube drama to create this fantastic team. Their power is truly uh something, I didnt really pay attention to their beef tbh.

District 7 is said to the very place that birthed Comprising their team, Known as "" we have Jaxel, the wise sage said to have created the site, and Idlemind its destroyer... of the casual and sc2 forums. Idle also unbanned DEX scoring this team extra meme points.

In District 8 we have team "CUCKED" comprised of Alex J and MONEYMUFFINS.

In district 9 we have team 'Legendary Hero" consisting of, you guessed it, two legendary heros that have fought the avrious trolls on 8wayrun for years. GreatOne and Partisan. May all trolls that dare gaze upon their godly presence be smited with thunder and fury.

In district 10 we have team "Winner of EVO" comprised of Damn_i_suck and Signia. Now some may say that they didn't win EVO, and that what Im saying is just a meme. To those people, I tell them to stop lying.

In district 11 we have team "Old and Insane" consisting of Enkindu and Oofmatic. These two players have been around SC for years and as such are some of the finest aged SC players. Unfortunately with age comes senility and boy do these two got it.

In dsitrict 12 we have team "Frame editor" consisting of Slade and Xyerith. Slade, is well renowned for his skills in editing the wiki and silly fetishes, and Xyerith just uh kinda got in here. I messed up on one of the team members and just added who i could, Ooops.
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Who gun Win? If your answer isn't Marginal or Steven you're betting wrong
Day 1 begins and most of you spend it running away from the cornucopia because you're all cowards.


While IRM, Damn_i_suck, Fahros and Fucko all decide to drink the punch and just fucking end it.


Enk here with no chill decides to turn on his team mate immediately.


Only for him to be killed anyways.


The day ends with Whiffried killing Fenris



Thus concludes Day 1 of the 8wayrun hunger games, I'm dissapointed in all of you.
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I am still disappointed in my teammate. At least he killed Fenris. He deserved it
I am still disappointed in my teammate. At least he killed Fenris. He deserved it
Well, Youre about to be way more dissapointed

how the fuck does someone die of dysentery on day 2?

Speaking of dissapointment

You couldn't even end the one fight you'll ever win right, like a true weenie.

Partisan busy showing people why's he's admin and they're not

DEX being so berzerker, he dies before he can even get into a fight

Lastly, and epic fight between two formidable forces takes place on the second day. The earth itself screams in sheer terror as two warriors level mountains and create deep valleys. There can however be only one victor.

And thus based Marginal has proven himself to be the strongest warrior in all of 8wayrun, but alas he spares Steven A's life to ask for a rematch on the final day. Which warrior will truly reign supreme?

And thus concludes day 2.

Absolutely no one of value was lost.