Tiamat's Ongoing SCIV Nightmare Guide

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[11] Champion
Old SC3 NM Guide:

Notation and Terms:
FC= from crouch state
WR/WS= While Rising or While Standing. They mean the same thing.
GB= GuardBreak
JF= Just Frame
NC= Natural Combo
NCC= Natural Combo on Counterhit
RO=Ring Out
NH= Normal Hit (rarely used)
CH= CounterHit
NTC= Night Terror Charge
GS= Grim Stride, a crouch dash, 236
NSS= Night Side Stance, B+K
Step G= Cancel Sidestep with Guard
Backstep G= Cancel Backstep with Guard
"Body attack"= this means the attack does not use the weapon, which is useful against many auto-GIs

Nightmare Gameplay Guide:

A) Interrupts

Standing Interrupts:
1K, 66K/66K6, 6K, 3K, 4KK, 11K, 9K

FC Interrupts:
FC K, 66K/66K6, 6K, WS K, WS

throw, agA, 66A, 88AB, 3AA, WS AA

"Body attack":

11K, WS K, WS , 66K, 4KK

Highs and Lows:
1K, 6K, GS A

B) Mixups

Close Range Mixup:
1K, throw, 11K, 3B

Mid Range Mixup:
1K, 11K, 3B

Far Range Mixup:
11B, 6B:B, 33B/33B6

FC Mixup:
FC K, throw, FC throw, WS K, WS

Post-GI Mixup:
A+K, bA6, 66B

C) Whiff Punish

Distance Whiff Punish:

Sidestep Whiff Punish:
3B/3, 33B/33B6

Step 2G Whiff Punish:

FC Whiff Punish:
WS , FC 3B

D) Frametraps

On hit:
11K, WS K, 9K

On CH:
1K/FC K, 66K6

On Block:
1[A]/1[A]6, a:G:A, a:G+A, 2B+K

a) SC Block Traps:
3, 66B, NSS bA

b) NSS Block Traps:
[A], NSS [A]

E) Okizeme/Wakeup
1K, 11B, 3B, 1[A], GS B

Attack Use Detail:


K: i14, advantage on normal hit
6K: i14, fast high interrupt. disadvantage on normal hit, knockdown on CH
agA: shortcut with aG+A, +0 on block, small advantage on block further out. 66B+K now a viable option to beat 2As after it is blocked. step, B+K, backstep G, and many other moves are good after this is blocked. This may be nightmare's best move.
6A: only use is if in crouch state and cannot do agA, or need counterhit RO to opposite side that agA RO on. otherwise never use this, agA is faster, way better on block, better on hit, it is just all around better
66A: use this move at far range. Enemy can step right to dodge if close, but at mid/far range 66A tracks both sides. 66A is a good wall combo starter from far range. It also has very quick recovery on guard
bA/bA6: This is a retreating attack for good damage, and also a good move after GI. It is unsafe on guard and has no sidestep tracking.


3K: fastest mid, safe on block, +0 frames on hit and CH
4KK: this is not hit confirmable, so it is risky if opponent knows to duck second hit after blocking first hit. if they are hit by first hit they must block second hit. use when you are very sure the opponent will attack at a bad time
66K/66K6: i16, fastest hitting TC attack. 66K is negative frames on normal hit. 66K6 normal hit frametrap to GS A or GS KK. GS A should beat most 2As after normal hit 66K6. CH 66K is +2, CH 66K6 is frametrap for GS B. 33K/33K6 does 2 extra damage, but the TC is very slightly later (which is bad)
WS K: great move, i15, about -5 on block, hit is +4 or more frames
11K: has TC but not as fast as 66K, tracks your left side a bit, about -5 on block, knockdown on CH. good safe mid
33B/33B6: ranged whiff punisher, tracks Nightmare's right side at mid/far range
3B/3[B|: 3B hit can mixup 1A tech trap with 44B. 3 does more guaranteed damage than 3B. no launch on far hit
6B:B - use at the range where 3B will far hit. at that range it will be pretty safe on guard and do way more damage than 3B tip hit.
66B: quick recovery on block, good pushback, good soul gauge damage, high damage on hit
2A+B: this is nightmare's best combo ender, giving him a soul charge for great okizeme mixups
2B+K: slow guard break with extremely short range. advantage on guard and puts nightmare and the opponent in crouch state. notable for pressure near walls and ring edges
GS B/GS B6/GS : Good after knockdowns. Mix up GS B6 and GS


1K: i15, -4 normal hit, +2 on CH, -14 on guard. 1K and WS K are good frametraps on CH, only loses to fast AA or amy 6BB. CH 1K > WS will trade with fast 2A. this is one of Nightmare's best moves because it is fast and puts him in crouch state for good mixup on CH
11B: great range, tracks nightmare's right side, negative on normal hit, knockdown on CH.
1A: use as a whiff punisher near walls to get wallcombos, or just whenever you think you can hit it really
1[A]: great after knockdown, 1aK to hit jump and GI

NTC Upgrades:

CH effect:

GB effect:

other effects:
If you continue to hold A+B after the counterattack is triggered by a weak attack the counterattack will come out after a delay. During this delay you are 100% invulnerable.

Damage increases:
66B: 36>38
3B: close hit 26>30, far hit 16>22
NSS bA: 32>36, JF hit 42>46
NSS A+B: 26>28
6B:B: 41>45
4[K]B:B: 60>64

Non-GB dmg increases:
WS B and 4K initial hit 16>20
66A: 34 > 38
GS A: 16>18
GS B: 30>34
44BB: first hit dmg 30>34, total 60>64

NTC conditions:

you keep the charge
+ after opponent is hit
+ after opponent blocks your attack
+ after GIing opponent

you will lose NTC if the following occurs:
- you get GIed
- you get hit
- you block an attack
- your throw is broken
- time runs out

NTC GB block frames:
3B and NSS A+B are +0 on block
66B is +4
NSS bA is +5 or 6
3 frametrap to NSS A+B, only fast high moves can beat it. fast highs will lose to NSS bA and NSS [A]
6B:B and 4[K]B:B frames are negative frames on guard


a[B ] > NSS K (side hit/near wall or ring edge/character specific)
NSS [A] (far hit) > NSS b:A
A2AA (the 2AA part)

3A2A6 > GS KK

Normal Hit Combos:
1A6 > GS KK
1aK > GS KK (must hit jumping opponent)
33B > 2A+B (not too far)
33B > 236KK (RO combo)
33B > 66B (far distance combo + tech trap, some characters can left tech to evade)
33B6 > GS B
33B6 > BT B+K (best damage, delay the BT B+K slightly for better damage)
33B6 > GS A+B (far hit only)
3B > 1A6 > (if tech catch, use GS KK here)
3 > NSS bA/NSS b:A
3 > GS KK (can also do this from 3B also but some characters can escape with right tech even if 2P Nightmare)
FC B+G > BT 2K
FC B+G > BT 2B (combo + tech trap all direction vs Amy only)
66B > 33B6 > GS KK (time GS KK right as they are hitting the floor, 78 dmg)
4A > 2A+B (not too far)
running K (low slide kick) > 1K
4A+B > BT B+K (only on far range hit)
2[K] > 2A+B (fails during wall combo if they tech right)
2[K] > GS KK (character dependant or need 2P NM)

CH Combos:
WS [B| > NSS A+B > 2A+B
WS [B| > NSS A+B > GS KK (RO/wall)
WS [B| > NSS A+B > 1[A] (they must block or be hit by the 1[A], so you can mixup)
CH GS A > 4KK > 33B6 (not too far away)
CH NSS K > 33B/3B (1P Nightmare)
CH NSS K > 2A+B (2P Nightmare only)
GS B6 > GS B6

normal or CH combos:
WS [B| > GS KK
WS [B| > NSS A+B

NTC combos:
NH WS [B ] > NSS A+B > 2A+B/66B/etc

Trade hit combos:
WS B > 2A+B/66B
GS A > 33B
3B > 44B
33B > 44B

Wall Combos (w=wallsplat):
- B+G (w) > 2A+B (92 dmg)
- FC B+G (w) > G > 4KK > 44B (67 dmg)
- FC B+G (w) > G (turn around) > 4KK (wall) > 4KK (wall) > 2A+B (73 dmg)
- FC B+G (w) > A+G/B+G for back grab, don't grab immediately or will miss (89 dmg)
- 1A6 GS KK (w) 44B[B| (character specific, 95 dmg)
- NSS [A] > NSS b:A (w) > 44B (104 dmg, 92 if no JF)
- CH 66K6 (w) > GS [B ] > NSS bA (w) > 2A+B
- 66B+K (wall) > WS [B ] > NSS A+B > 2A+B (88)
- 66B > 33B6 > GS KK (wall) > 2A+B (depending on distance from wall options change greatly)
- CH/NTC WS [B| > NSS A+B > GS KK (w) > 4KK (w) > iWR K (70 dmg throw setup)
- CH/NTC WS [B| > NSS A+B > GS KK (w) > 4KK (w) > 3B (launch) > 2A+B (77 dmg)
- CH/NTC WS [B| > NSS A+B > GS KK (w) > 4KK (w) > 3A2A6 > GS KK (w) (83)
- CH NTC A > 4KK (w) > iWS B NSS A+B GS KK (w) (70 dmg) > 4KK/1K (throw setup)/2[K]/1[A]

wall combos can change a lot based on the angle from the wall and how they air control, these are just ones I consider pretty stable

FC B+G > W > 4KK x 2 > 2[K] guaranteed, if they press G you reset (test vs cass)
NTC/CH WS [B| > NSS A+B > GS KK > W > 2[K] guaranteed and if they press G you reset (test vs cass). this also applies to any starters into this because the GS KK after NSS A+B is a reset of sorts. CH 11K, CH 66K6 are good starters

GS B6 GS KK > 2[K] is guaranteed unless you hit them from too close to the wall or from an odd angle, in which case they can side roll the stomp

raw, non guaranteed GS KK pickup > 2[K] setup is strong

Tech Traps:
guaranteed+all means they cannot block it and will suffer a ground hit, but if they tech in any way, they will be launched

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tech traps and Combos are often better if performed with 2P nightmare. When selecting which player side you are when entering Versus mode, regardless of controller port you are using, try to grab the spot on the right which is the 2P spot. If you do this your tech traps and combos will be more consistent. For example if 2P NM performs CH NSS K > 2A+B against 1P NM, 1P NM will not be able to escape. However if 1P NM hits 2P NM with this, 2P NM will be able to escape.

CH NSS K > 2A+B and
2[K] > GS KK are always combos on NM if performed with 2P. if 1P Nightmare does these "combos" they can be escaped with side ukemi/tech

Thanks to GREVEN for the information below, keep in mind he has tested this with 1P NM, so some things that he says don't work WILL work if you are 2P NM

3B :
chars who need delay on 1A, other are guaranteed with no delay
Amy, Cervantes, Hilde, Maxi, Misturugi, Nightmare, Setsuka, Siegfried, Talim

CH 3B:
chars who can roll 1A(delayed) to the left, other are guaranteed
Algol, Amy, Cassandra, Seung-Mina, Sophitia, Xiang, YunSung

Step left 3B :
chars who eat 66B in tech trap
Astaroth, Cervantes, Hilde, Kilik, Maxi, Misturugi, Rock, Setsuka, Talim, Voldo, Yoshimitsu
chars who eat 1A delayed:
Algol, Nightmare, Siegfried, Tira, Zassalamel
chars who eat a mixup between 1A(left) and delayed version(right), 66B can be used insted but techable:
Amy, Cassandra, Yvy, Raphael, Seung, Sophitia, Taki, Xing, Yunsung
chars who eat the mixup but with the other tech:

Step right 3B :
chars who can roll left the 1A (u can catch them with iWS A, every other are trapped by 1A)
Cassandra, mitsu, seung, Sophitia, Xiang, yunsung

3B (front, no tech) :
chars who eat 4A+B (but can stand and JI)
Nightmare, Rock, Zassa
chars who get trapped if launched with the tip of 3B
astaroth, kilik

if they do not tech after 3B, 44BB is unblockable

chars who get trapped by 66B
Cervanted, lizz, mitsu, night, rock, sieg, talim, voldo, yoshi
chars who get trapped by 66B delayed
asta, hilde, maxi, setsu
remaining chars who get trapped by GS B
algol, amy, taki
remaining chars who get trapped by GS B delayed
Raphael, setsu
remaining chars who get trapped by 1A delayed
cassandra, kilik, seung, sophitia, xiang, yunsung, zassa
remaining chars who cant get trapped (use 2A+B or what u want)
Yvy, tira

33B :
chars who get trapped by 66B
Asta, cervantes, hilde, lizzard, maxi, mitsu, night, rock, setsu, sieg, talim, voldo, yoshi, zassa
remaining chars who get trapped by GS B
Algol, amy, kilik, raph, taki, tira, yunsung
remaining chars who get trapped by 1A delayed
cassandra, ivy, seung, sophi, xiang

2A+B :
chars who evade 3B by rolling right
hilde, seung

FC A+G :
chars who get trapped by 33B, others can tech right
algol, asta, kilik, seung, taki, yunsung, zas
ivy can tech either side, or back tech to evade v_v

CH GS A > 4KK :
chars who can tech right to evade 33B (unless close)
cervy, hilde, maxi, mitsu, night, setsu, sieg, voldo, yoshi

CH NSS K > iFC grab
tech trap vs all characters

2[K] :
chars who can tech 2A+B and GS KK with right tech
asta, cervy, hilde, lizz, night, rock, setsu, sieg, talim, voldo, yoshi
GS B will trap right tech vs some of those characters

Other Traps:
running K (low slide kick) > 2[K]. if they press G they get hit, they must sideroll on ground to evade (thanks to LAU for this trap)

Just Frames:
NSS b:A (fastest input) - Significantly increases damage
a:G:A (fastest input) aka iagA - Difficult, fastest input JF, about +2 on guard. This may be buffered from blockstun or hitstun with a:G+A (in this case it will be i15). Damage higher and knockdown different than normal agA, can wallsplat from juggles unlike normal agA
a:G+A (slowest input) - Slower than iagA (duh) but is a minimum of +7 on block, otherwise same properties as iagA
6B:B - (press right when 6B hits/is blocked).
4[K]B:B - (press right when the B hits/is blocked)

Post-GI Mixup:
A+K (unblockable, strong knockdown)
bA6 (unblockable, higher damage than A+K and can RO)
66B (punishes re-GI)

a (near wall, unblockable)
66B+K (near wall, punishes re-GI)

GS A normal hit: throw will always result in right side throw for 65 damage. pretend it's a command grab XD. they cannot BT 2A you out of this if you are quick. for duckers use 3B/3. 3B will trade with fast BT 2As, giving you free 44BB in this situation.
WS K hit: you are +4 so 1K will trade with amy 6B. 4KK will beat fast 2A. 66K will beat all attacks
9K normal hit: +5 or more frames, if far hit or hits croucher is even more advantage
agA +0: step, 1K, B+K, bA are also good options. 236A will TC/GI many moves, and also will CH backstep and step if they do not guard.
66K6/33K6: on normal hit, GS KK trade with Taki's A. GS A also beat even maxi 2A after normal hit. if they try to step or backstep GS A will counterhit (they cannot even step or backstep G). on counterhit GS is absolute frametrap
1[A] blocked: see okizeme section
NTC 3B/3 blocked: see okizeme section

A+G > iFC grab: catch both side roll for mixup. GS B blockable if they sideroll left and block. otherwise do 1[A] stuff. creativity is good here
2A+B > iFC grab: catch both side roll
FC A+G: 33B tech trap character specific. mixup with 1[A] and sometimes 11B.
FC B+G: BT 2K guaranteed, but you can turn around and do 66B and they cannot escape having to block it. maybe mixup with a dash grab will work sometimes, or 11B
A+K: techable knockdown. they are forced to block GS B and 66B. they will be stuck in 1[A]'s range though so i would normally suggest you go for that
1aK (hits standing opponent): untechable knockdown
GS KK: untechable knockdown, not strong
9B: forward dash or GS and try to mixup
CH 11K: very strong knockdown
right side throw: GS B they cannot block if they roll. do this and 1[A] and you should be fine

About 1[A]:
This is probably Nightmare's best okizeme move. 1[A]6 on block is frametrap to GS B that can only be beaten by fast high moves, which will lose to other moves you can do. This allows you to do 1[A] > throw if in range, or 1[A]6 into WS B/throw mixup.

1aK is to stop enemy from using GI and/or jump attacks to beat 1[A]. do not forget 1aK (hits jumper) GS KK is a combo. Observe how fast the opponent reacts to the 1[A] and jumps, and match that with how early you release the 1aK.
If enemy is close enough and have time, they may try to hit you out of 1[A] with 2A or a similar move. to beat this, release the 1A early, or use other moves like 3B or GS B

About NTC 3B/3:
Usually this will be blocked after 2A+B ends a combo. The basic mixup is to do either
3 > NSS A+B or
3B > throw (use 1K instead of throw if it will kill the opponent)

Opponent cannot tell easily (if at all) which version of 3B you did, which allows you to mixup. Only very fast high moves can beat NSS A+B, but they lose to NSS [A] and NSS bA.

If the opponent likes to GI the NSS A+B, use 3 > GS > WS to punish for big damage. If they did not GI but continued blocking, can use WS and throw as a mixup after 3 > GS.

1.03 Patch Downgrades:
no more flapjack head pickup to unduckable throws
4A > iFC grab > dash back grab (this is quite difficult imo) 101 dmg
BT 2K > iFC A+G > 6(dash) A+G (back throw)
Running K low slide kick > iFC grab must be blocked or will be free back grab. if they try to block the FC grab, 2[K] cannot be evaded. iFC grab to backthrow/2[K] is literally a 50/50 mixup here

Update Log:

- Added 4A > iFC grab combo
- Added OKIZEME section

- Added "Nightmare Gameplan Guide"
- changed "Notable Attacks" to "Attack Descriptions"
- 6B:B and 66A added to "Attack Descriptions"
- small updates to "Just Frames" section

- changed some matchup placements
- frametrap/mixup section under construction
- added patch victims, under construction

- major edit of tech trap section
- wall traps added
- added 3[B| GS KK to combo section
- fixed link to SC3 guide

1/6/08 and 1/8/08
- various, somewhat major edits (yes I am too lazy to note them all down)

- wallcombo section update

- just frame section updated

- NTC replaces SC and is added to "Notation and Terms" section


[11] Champion
Character Matchup Guide


GI fast bubbles back at him. small sidestep into attacks is also good
GS A: press A right before you will make contact with bubbles
A+B: right before being hit by bubbles
GS A+B: nice cause you move forward

33B trade with bubbles will allow you free 44B. this is your main move to intentionally trade
88B good for this as well because he can't really punish it, but less reward. you can go around his cloud completely with 8 delay 8B to extend the step on the move
11B for mixup and to deal with his backstep
3B is safest poke vs 4[A+B] but will be weak tip hit
B+K > A/B mixup from far is pretty safe from slow bubbles

- step left to dodge his BB and normal throws. his 66A+G track both sides and hurts so break A most of the time. 2A+K will catch other side but try to step left then low block if you see it.
- after blocking his 2A+K, to punish use 1G to parry the bubble.
- 1G seems to have the best hitbox and window for doing this, because it is pretty consistent regardless of the range it is blocked at, or if he does charge bubble or not. 6G is worst


Walk around step G and backstep Ging a lot to space her and go for mid/throw mixups. stay outside 2B+K range whenever possible

- step right avoids 6BB/66A+B. step G from step right to block 33B
- 1A hits you, time your GI for when she'd be able to 6BB/BB or WR B her for doing anything else (LAU's idea)

amy will spam bullshit at disadvantage like 6BB and B+K. step right to beat both, B+K K doesn't retrack. STEP RIGHT AT ADVANTAGE
setups will include common moves such as BB (least neg on block of these), 33B, 66A+B, WR B, 3A

CH 1K > TC moves to beat 6BB

SC 3 (blocked) > NSS [A] will beat her 6BB

1[A]6 > GS B will trade with 6BB depending on distance. If this happens you can do a slightly delayed BT B+K for a situational combo. otherwise can GS A to smack her for even thinking about doing 66B (will just straight up CH not even a GI). to beat 6BB from 1[A] you may try 11K


his AAB is negative on hit, and punishable on block by WS B
his 3B after being blocked he will usually go into the air, take advantage of his vulnerability

beware B grab RO

Apprentice has a natural handicap in this match because you literally has to be running into you to throw you if you are guarding. As long as you have some idea what he's doing and use smart blocking, this should be a pretty easy matchup.


many of his moves like 6K and 66K have TC frames, and he can punish 33B extremely easily on block with 66K. I think this will still be a tough matchup. luckily now you can step his 6K and 66K easily, so don't let those go unpunished on whiff

his A+B is his main long range tracking mid move. if blocked far out you'll be pushed away. if you block it closer up you can get a free 11K or A+K. if he hits you with it too close and doesn't knock you down you can get free moves 66K speed or faster as well

backdash G gets you out of grab range from a blocked WS K

1KA=WS [B| guaranteed, if he does A followup you hit him on CH


Cass anti step attacks:
I’ve split her main anti step moves into categories. Here’s how you deal with them.

AA, 2A, throw:
Step G is safe from AA and 2A if you are neutral (agA on close block). If you are negative she will hit you. However, once she starts doing this, use backstep G, or preferably B+K into whiff punish to get out of range and punish her attempt with these short step killers.
3AK, 236AB, 66A:
After your 11K is blocked, step left G will dodge 3AK, while blocking 236AB, and dodging 66A. if you block these attacks, 3AK is -17 on block about, 236AB gives WS B on block, and 66A is safe but heavy negative frames.
4AB, 1A:
These attacks are so slow that even if she is at great advantage she cannot hit your step G with them, provided you react to the 1A. 4AB second hit can be GIed or stepped on block, depending on distance you maybe can interrupt.

Do not forget you can step G and put in throw break while doing it. Also do not forget step 2G. When in doubt, block and throwbreak. If you step one of her moves make sure you punish her for it with 3B/33B/WS B!!!

Block punishes:
236B: A+K
236: -16, use agA if you can, or throw mixup
1A: WS
1K: WS
2K: WS K

Anti Cass oki:
Do not get hit by dumb tech traps into crouch grab. She can do one after her B command grab if she does a kick first.
Also, siderolling on the ground will make a ton of her moves miss. Learn which side to sideroll in order to dodge 4BB:A and you will be fine (I forget the side, find out yourself)

Poke game and Mixup moves of note (possible step G setups on block noted with *) – 1K, throws, agA*, WS K*, WS B (sparingly), 11K*, 33B/3B (sparingly), 66A*

Okizeme moves of note – 1[A]/1aK, GS , 11B, 66B

GS note:
If you hold 4 after this is blocked, many of her attacks miss. Use this option first, and if she starts to use long range moves to hit you, start doing GS B6 GS A.

good for nightmare is that SC3 A+B is gone so you dont' have to worry about that. now for SC4

After his 1K hits you will be forced into crouch and he will have frame advantage. However, B+K will evade his 6K, WS K, and FC K in this situation and you can whiff punish.
His WS A will hit you out of B+K, however, that move is punishable on guard with A+K.

his 2A+B is a new move that forces a crouch on block, tracks, and gives a combo on CH. you cannot punish this on guard. his A+B TCs and tracks as well but is not safe on guard. be sure to break the stun A+B causes. his A+B is a free hit vs NSS transitions till i figure something out -_- also punishes NM 33B lawl

main block punishes
normal GDR=agA or a[B| NSS K combo (preferable)
A+B=a:G+A (difficult)

if lazy you can do a quick throw, and if he did iGDR it's a back grab, for normal GDR you get a throw mixup he can't duck if you are quick

step left to dodge 1K and 2A+B

her 1KK is low, mid, punish on block with 3K or a:G+A
block a lot, hilde has the best combos in the game basically, and if you get hit by a charge move you'll eat a huge combo and likely get RO

her only scary looking low to me is 2A+B...

his 1[K] goes to crawl now. annoying. WS B punishes 1K and flapjack punishes 1[K]. NM 1K punishes both but is obviously lame punisher.

1AK should be blocked on reaction 100% of the time and punished with 33B or 3B.

if you block a crawl A, do 1K guarnateed if in range. crawl has a mid auto GI to keep in mind.

do not low block against crawl if back is to edge or risk RO by mids. his lows cannot RO. the low, mid move crawl A+K B is safe from you on block. -_- stupid it's his only move that leaves crawl once he's in it

omg 2kB. what to do? first off if you block it you can get a free 33B or 3B. however, being forced to guess whether to block high or low is what you want to avoid. B+K dodges his 2K well even at close range. backstep and bA will not. sidestep to the right will work, sometimes sidestep left will work as well. if he whiffs it because of B+K or sidestepping it, be sure to launch him for it hard

block punishes:
66BB=FC 3B, 6B:B (better from range)
RLC B=aga/6K/K
RLC A= crouch under 2nd hit (first hit is special mid)

Nightmare mirror
now that 3K is slower by a whooping 2 frames, you can't use it to beat GS stuff.

33K will usually beat GS stuff after guard, sometimes will get GIed. other than predicting GS A and duck and punish you don't have options for better damage. A+B works against GS A and GS KK after blocking 33B6 or 66K6.

however, you could just keep blocking high to punish the GS move they will probably use. GS A can be punished by agA, duck and punish GS KK second hit with WS [B|, and GS B you'll have to guess what he does if you want to punish. blah

33K6 is also your best bet vs NSS K traps, though he can GS A to auto GI you.

NSS K, NSS bA (jf included), or NSS A+B= a:G+A
1A6= WS K, WS [B| may result in your death. beware that the partway charged one is safer on guard. flapjack attempt guaranteed if he GS though
3B=6K, though using flapjack is uninterruptible regardless so you can mixup

other anti-stance:
WS [B| on block nightmare cannot guaranteed punish but he will have initiative. your GS A will beat his NSS K (TCed), NSS A+B (GIed), and GS A (you CH him). NSS A and NSS B also will be CH by your GS A. to beat GS A he must do nss bA or empty GS. Empty GS and nss b:A lose to 33K6 and 11K. 33K6/11K only lose to his GS A. This is circular if you haven't noticed. Empty GS and GS A can both be beaten with fast mid or lows like 1K/3K but not recommended much because NSS K can beat them. also note that WS [B| 4 and WS [B| G will not prevent him from being hit by GS A or 11K. may make 33K6 miss at some distances

step right is preferable because you dodge 33B and 11B, same goes for after blocked GS transitions like NSS [A]

when in doubt? block.


Punish 3[B| on guard with 6K, 1K, or a:G+A (if you are super pro). However, on far block you will get trades against his knee with 6K, and a:G+A will be GIable if he goes to B+K. even on close block your 6K will trade with his A which SUCKS. 1K is the no fail punish option

Sieg WS [B| on block you can beat knee with sidestep, B+K, bA (harder/less consistent), or A+B. step right(yup right not left) G will be able to block the A move

same goes for a+k[A]/22k[A], however...

22kA string you can duck second hit on block and get WS B or FC 3B whiff punish.

his [A] on block, 9K or throw him should deal with most of his options


88B/22B on guard nothing guaranteed that works against both but 66K, bA, and NSS are good bets. 66K beats all his moves but he can step it in both stances, irritating

his 66KA can be punished with 66K6 on guard whether he does second hit or not

step left avoids his 3A AND his SRSH mixup, sweep included. keep this in mind!

step left after blocked 22/88 and also after blocked 4B+K [A] low. if you block 4B+K A do 9K to beat the second low if he did it, or any SRSH moves

if he's doing WS AA mixups just keep blocking and throwbreak. it's not worth getting CH. if feeling elite block low after first hit and if he didn't followup, do a fast WS move. you cannot jump after blocking first hit like in SC3

GI second hit of SCH A


This info is all from a post LAU made on CF.


pretty much all her two/three hit strings can be GIed on the second hit...

including 1A:A (block first GI second)

here's some punish against setsuka's... (personally if it's a choice of doing either A+K or 33B do... A+K less damage but 10x more reliable and easier)

1AA - A+K, 33B or 3
1A:A - 33B or 3 because A+K is out of range

agB - 33B or A+K
aB - 6K (well i just saw frame data supposedly 6A works as well... hm..)

1B (she messes up the JF) : 6A

FC 3B (she messes up the JF) : A+K

FC 3a:B - 33B / A+K

2A+B: this move is mad annoying.. unless it's blocked DEEP NM can punish WS otherwise it's just like FC K

??A+K, B?? (jumping move to mid) - I swear i was punishing it with WS (force crouch) but according to frame data it's -3? huh? i guess i can double check maybe everytime i use WS they were moving? doesn't make too much sense.

B+K -> 6K

other stuff...

1A6 (max range) GS A - will get beaten up by setuska's umbrella (3a:B) HOWEVER....

3A (blocked/whiff) 2A6 (max range) GS A - will JI umbrella

2K MAX range can not be punished by umbrella... so bait the umbrella to come out to A+K punish her.

also remember to GI the second hit of nearly everything she does except for AA, BB, 66BA (i think that's it)


Ah, everyone's favorite matchup from SC3!

3B can be punished by her 236B but 3[B| NSS bA evades and punishes it.

WS [B| on block do NSS bA to beat 236B, and clash with 236AA. if she does 236AA and clashes with NSS bA, after the clash you have time to low block the second hit and punish her. legitamate way to take advantage of the clash system here. sadly you can't block second hit of cass 236AB like this, so in that case clash system bad. =[

don't throw out 33Bs unless it's gonna hit, cause she will own you for it. don't do much stuff into GS period

after blocking 4B your WS K will trade with her 2A, as will your FC K. both trades are better for you, especially WS K.

her 22B is advantage on block even uncharged, so don't attack


- be able to block her 1A by reflex, and take a mixup on block since it's safe but you are in crouch
- all her lows are neg even on CH except 44B/11B, 44B does more dmg but only in jolly. safe on block and + on hit, hits the ground wtf

2AB (can A+K after this) NCC JL: punish on block with A+K
her 88K low (22K will not perform this move) is a low sweep that fails to knockdown if too far away: WS B or FC 3B
JL 6AB: second hit looks like 11B but it's WS K punishable. otherwise same
1K (can A+K): WS K is guaranteed if really close, otherwise she's safe. her 2K, 1A, and 11A are safe. wow.

her A+K stuff doesn't GI kicks so WS B and WS K are fine

44AA or 44AB (JL) are high, mid. 44A2A goes low knockdown, punishable on block by 33B lol. so bad on block

her A+K auto GIs A and B moves so use kicks

break B, as her B grab hurts more and gives her okizeme. only break A if she's spamming it, or if you are in danger of the frontal/side RO it has.

other punish:
66AA: mid mid NC, free A+K


his 66A TCs but is high, and punishable by 3K or faster on guard
his 1K2K is low, low and punisable by WS B on guard
his 236KK is mid, high, so you can duck second hit and backthrow him as he lands

if you block his 3, step RIGHT to avoid his prep A. this is not the usual way to step but it's the way to step for nightmare in this instance.
after blocked 4 can step either way to avoid prep A

difficult matchup on ver 1.02, but not on ver 1.03 (current)

Most of your high moves miss him. Except 6K, so don't hesitate to use it, especially since yoda is pretty slow. =]

All throws and attack throws of any kind will fail. no flapjack, A+K, FC 3B attack throw, etc, it all fails. Your launchers also don't launch as high. Because of this, you're gonna have to use some dumbed down combos.

other stuff that whiffs:
CH 4KK second hit whiffs
second hit of 6B:B whiffs

Combos to use:
33B > 1A
33B6 > GS B
3B > 1A
3[B| > NSS bA (this is harder than it normally would be but works)
66B > agA
WS [B| > NSS A+B
CH WS [B| > NSS A+B > 1A

anything involving otg GS KK will fail, second hit will miss

At the most basic level, your gameplan is to abuse mid attacks that will be hard for him to dodge. beware of his B+K parry though, as it can parry mids, so mix in some lows as well. Yoda is vulnerable to CF because his soul gauge is only 2/3 normal durability.

Defensively, it shouldn't be too hard to deal with him because he has very few lows and the ones he does have are weak. His 6A+K low knocks down but takes a while to come out and he moves forward low to the ground before doing it so you should be able to see it after a while.

He can do force cancels from his air attacks, which allows him to go into more air attacks. However, there's no mixup from this because while he's in the air the only low he has is a retreating low move that won't hit you unless you're running into him. He does have a mid, low attack with 66AA that comes from the air, but you can punish the second hit with WS [B ] on block, and there's no mixup to the string anyway.

his 2A is best in the game, beats all your NSS K traps!
block 4B then step right. sisters, sets, cerv, sieg, raph, hilde, asta cannot do this so far. maybe nm has S class step. edit: some of hte chars i listed can step this move the other way, because of foot position

if block AA do 3K, if block BB do 4KK (block punish lol)

FC 3A (stopped at any point)=free anything really
3A+K=FC 3B

if he likes to use WS A after blocked RC A, do WS K. this can be GIed though so be careful.

punish LO BK by ducking second hit then WS B the whiff, or if he just does nothing

Step left to dodge 4AA, step right to dodge AA. in both cases should step into low guard to make second hit whiff. Depending on moves they use depends which way to step, but in general I'd say doesn't matter much which side you step.

He's slow and lacks a standard 2A, but he does have a fast FC A so keep that in mind. His 4B is the move you wanna step cause otherwise he'll own your soul gauge with it. Unless in danger of RO break B instead of A most of the time. His B grab does more damage and gives untechable knockdown, and if you don't stand up immediately he can snag you with 4A+B.

his lows are all neutral or disadvantage even on CH (unless knockdown)
4B+K is WS on guard but that's only low you can punish


his 1B low is adv on CH only, WS B punish
1K can go to a low, high, or crane with 1KkG: WS B is guaranteed after 1K2K is blocked. if he does crane or 1KK you can do a delayed WS B to whiff punish, single 1K also eats WS B
A+K (mid low): safe
11A: safe, neg on normal, neutral on CH
11B: knockdown linear low, punish with 6B:B regardless of distance, or WS B if close
CR 2KK: low into high, WS B immediately after first hit is guaranteed either way
CR A+K: WS B guaranteed if close, otherwise do 6A

his A throw and B are both 50 dmg, A is front RO, B is back RO i think

CR auto-evades Bs, but is vulnerable to Ks and As. if an A hits him he will take counterhits, but not Ks.


CR A and CR K on block, your 3K trades with his CR B. do 66K6 to beat everything except B+K, but beware the timing is picky for 66K6
GS A will beat CR A, B, and K from any transition on block. his crane B+K G will go over many retaliations so be careful

block > step > low guard will dodge his crane A even after blocking CR k:G. to beat this he will need to delay his mids

Left or Right footed position

right foot
Darth Vader

left foot
The Apprentice
Angol Fear

source: http://arcade.fightclub.com.pk/forums/showthread.php?t=255514&page=11 post 217. thanks to chang's friend and lau

11K blocked step G info sheet
step right: yoshi (BB, 2A), mitsu (BB, 2A, 2kB, 66BB, 3A in this situation)
step left: sets (BB, 4A), algol (BB)
BB that second hit will track both sides if you step G (but not full step): amy, soph, lizard
step either side: cass

others (not BB type chars)
right: asta, nm, raph (3 prep A), maxi (thanks JB)
left: sieg (3A, SRSH mixup), mina (thanks JB), cervy

Throw break cheat sheet: a list of what button to break to avoid the strongest throws of the characters
break A means enemy character has strong A grabs and vice versa

break A: nm, algol, raph, soph, yoshi
break B: liz, max, sieg, asta, cass, talim

RO throws:
front RO throws: raph B, ivy A, NM FC A, sieg A and FC A
reverse RO throws: apprentice B, vader A, nm B, sieg FC B


[11] Champion
SC3 re-study

mostly notes to self. mostly old stuff just looking at again

4B is +6 on close block. soph 2A (i12) trade with 11K (i18). remember something odd about X and taki's As after it is blocked need to check that
checked. x's A trades with 1K taki's gets beat. x's 2A beats 11K even though it trades with every other i12. so it must be +5 vs X only -_-

1[A] is +11 on close block. 3B crushes i12 FC As

CH 1K (opponent does 2A) WR B trade > 44BB > 33B6 is 107 damage combo
GS A hit > 11K is flawless like in SC4. 33B will trade with X/soph BT 2A
CH 66K RO but not wallsplat
2A hit > step is extremely easy to do.

GS KK oki you can 1[A] (though they can jump it) unless they back tech in which case you can 33B/11B. you can also tap 6 dash after the GS KK and unless they back tech you will be in their face and be able to do whatever. curious and want to compare this to SC4 GS KK...
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