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I play against Viola more often than other characters. As Wandrian mentioned, I also get that feeling that she can do as she pleases without fear of taking too much damage, because most of her moves are pretty safe, at least against Tira. What's worse, you CAN'T give her too much of an opening, because she easily can (and definitely will) take half a bar, and then some, with a meter bar.

It's not a good matchup for Tira imo, but I did find out some things that work, and managed to take some victories against her.

First off, is range. Viola's heavy damaging stuff (at least the combos used against me) always begin up close. So with a guy like Nightmare, you can get in, step back, Viola wiggles her hands in the air, and you whack her in the face. Tira does not have a lot of ranged stuff. But I can poke relatively safe with 6B. Not abusable though, it mostly works to interrupt her pace. JS 66B and GS 66K feel a bit slow for me, I can't use them consistently. 66AA works wonders, as it goes under quite a bit of Viola's attacks. Even some of those pesky balls that she calls from afar. And at the end of round, I sometimes try 236K BE.

Second is spacing, but that applies to most fights, as you always have to figure which range works better for your character and your opponent's. I always try not to be too close to her. She can whiff often when you get the hang of it, enough to get GS 3B in.

And last but not least, is poking. I'm not the best player around, but when playin against Viola, my Tira doesn't make a pretty fight. If I end up too close to her, I AA and BB her face. Or mix BB and 2K. Or just 2K a lot. JS22_88B works for me too, it interrupts some stuff she throws. I annoy the hell out of her. Even if Viola wins, at least she won't be that happy!





The Cervantes Guide labled these moves as his "top ten". Most Cervantes will likely use them so it's good to know how to counteract them.
Cervy's Top 10 moves:
-- 214B (fastest input)- 17 frame start up, -21 on block. Best block-punish option: 3B combos.
-- aB- 11 frame start up, -18 on block. Best block-punish option: 3B combos.
-- 3B- 19 frames, -13 on block. Best block-punish option: A.A/4K.
-- 1A:B- 17 frame start up, -24 on block. Best block-punish option: 3B combos / JS 66B combos, GS 4B.B.B combos.
-- 4B BE- 21 frame start up, +8 on block. His BT B+K beats any possible counter, guard or impact.
--2A+B- 19 frame start up, -11 on block. No moves fast enough to counter.
--Throws (implied later)- 17 frame start up. Best duck-punish option: WR B.K.
"Cervantes can be played patiently or aggressively, but all strategies should focus around maximizing his major launch damage off of 3B and [214B (fastest input)]. Executed properly, these combos are so damage that opponents will be forced to take great pains not to whiff attacks. Additionally, they will be reticent to duck, allowing for grab and 1A:B abuse."
Be ready to punish 3B and 214B (just) and try to watch out for grabs or 1A:B and punish them accordingly.








Tira vs Astaroth

Astaroth's three main threats: His throws, Range, and Damage

Moreover, Astaroth poses a huge threat when players are facing him via close combat. If players are excessively defensive when being pressured by Astaroth, then his grabs tend to manifest and within seconds it could be over.

Common Astaroth Grab Combos:

Flight Of The Wicked into Apocalypse Cannon
63214B+G > 22bA+B+K

Astaroth's Critical Edge into Apocalypse Cannon

236236A+B+K > 22B

These two grab combos begin with high throws. In order to avoid being subject to one of these when playing Tira (or any other character) , you have two options; crouch or throw break. In this case, it would be better to throw break since Astaroth can catch opponents out with his 2A+G, A+B+K / 2B+G, A+B+K crouching throw combos.

When facing Astaroth throw breaking is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

Common Astaroth Attacks:

From playing numerous Astaroth players, these are the common attacks I have come across

Moves that can be sidestepped
22B (Hades Cannon)
66K , 66K,A+B+K (Apocalypse rush)
9B+K (Flying Axe)
236B+K (Demented Moon)
44B (Canyon Creation)
66K (Bull Rush)
44K(Lower Command Kick)

Updraft Stance, and Spacing

1AA, (Double Discus) , 1AB (Discus Breaker) : Moves such as these require you to be a safe distance from Astaroth. With perfect timing using Updraft ( 8B+K ) followed by Talon Thrust ( B while in Updraft) to intercept, and strike down Astaroth.

You can also use the updraft technique to beat out Astaroth's horizontal attacks, as he is considerably slower than the majority of the cast.

Updraft, Sidestepping, Spacing, Taking advantage of Tira's speed, and Throw breaking are key feats to taking down Astaroth.

Hope I helped :)
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