To All 8wayrun that are intrested in Modding


[08] Mercenary
Hello guys

Me and Dee4doa are working on a sc2 modding project
dee maked some intresting stages like european stages and some others
and i maked paris stage too we have 2-3 day we started this project we wana make somthing very intresting
so we were wondering if some ppl are intrested in joining the project
it could be fun ^^

if you are intrested please post a topic
have a nice day ^^.
Me and Crazypsymon have benn working hard on this project, we decided to call it "Soul Calibur Shadow's Dawn" Anyone is welcome to take part ^^

We have decided to make our own stages from scrach and even make our own OST with magix music maker to give Soul Calibur players a different vibe to the game :) My stages also include water and light animation :o

Thanks to Mariokart64n for making the Kasumi model for me, I have included kasumi in our mod:

So far I have made these stages:

Sacred Grounds

Paris Chateau


I even made my own track for London with musix here it is:
Well I'm a 3D modeller and I would be interested in making 3D stages with 3D props for Soul Calibur, but unfortunately I've got my hands tied with an important project. So I'll think about it.
That seems nice, can we see some in-game footage of those stages. Like can we see at least two characters interacting with those stages?
I have found an easier and alternative way of making characters here is what I have made so far:


Lara Croft:(Not Complete)

I have asked Crazypsymon to test them for me soon to see if they're ok :)
Ever since the release of SC2, (and more importantly, the innovative edit software allotted to SC3) I have often dreamed of "modding" Soul Calibur 2.

Programming wise, I'm rather useless, but I can offer my graphic arts skills in regards to designing concept art for this project.
So by far is there anyone in the team that does programming and scripting for levels? Will there be any level interactivity?
Me and Dean we are doing some stuff we are trying to learn some new ones too and sometimes a pro dude mkn64n is helping us.