Tool which lets you share Create-A-Souls as PNG images


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First of all, this only applies to people playing the PC version. This tool lets you easily share any CAS you've created as PNG files (the binary CAS data is sneakily hidden at the end of the file, which does mean you should NOT try to edit these PNG files and re-save them as that means the CAS data is lost).

As an example, here's what one of the exported PNG files looks like:

If you save that image, you can use it to import the character into your savegame.

The SC6 modding community is working on a setting up a website dedicated to sharing CAS characters this way.


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Hmm, most intrigueing idea and concept indeed :). Altough I have SC6 on PS4 - which makes this tool kinda useless to me XD - the pure idea and possibility of it making it easier for people to share their CASs and ideas with others sounds brilliant :D. I approve it ;)!