Trying to Warn You: A Comprehensive Ezio Guide


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Trying To Warn You
An Ezio Guide

1.0 - Introduction
2 .0- Basic Punish Tools
.....2.1 - Standing
.....2.2 - Crouching
.....2.3 - Choosing the Best Punish
.....2.4 - Notes on Punishment
3.0 - Move Analysis
4.0 - Your Yomi and the Situations You Can Face
Ezio is a sexy character who likes pasta and is afraid of no one and don't need no one to do his thang. Anyway, Ezio is a diverse, easy to pick up character who like Mitsurugi, has answers in almost every situation and tools to suit many play styles. Ezio is also widely known for being a counter hit fishing character due to the great rewards Ezio gets when he makes a good read and gets a counter hit. Ezio is an owner to one of the best step killers in the game and boasts excellent meter use with his strong. block punishes. Throws are another that suits Ezio very well due to his above average throw reach and the fact he shares a special trait with Patroklos concerning throws. That is when he whiffs a throw his recovery is marginally faster than the rest of the cast. When played correctly he is extremely safe and capitalizes hard on blocks and whiffs.

On the flip side his ring out game is abysmal and suffers from whiffing issues on things like BB(BE), 22/88AA and 66BB. Ezio's tech traps leave much to be desired as well, but that is not the kind of character he is. He knows when to strike.

impact frame - move (damage; notes)

i12: AA (24)
i13: CE (90, 105 on clean hit) 2A (12) K (14)
i15: 6B (28, 35 on clean hit) 6B(BE) (Damage is typically 70 but all three strikes have a chance of clean hit.) 2B(18)
i16: BB (32) BB(BE) (68) 1BBB (24)
i17: 3B (20 or 32 with 2K followup)
i20: 66BB(52) 66BB(BE) (75)
i21: Your trusty crossbow (30, 37 on clean hit)
i23: 1K (20 alone)
i25: A+B (36 alone)
i12 = FC 2A (12)
i14 = FC 2B (18)
i15/16 = WR K (16) It is i15 at close range but i16 at anything beyond close.
i18 = WR BB (48)
Range is always is an issue with any character and Ezio is no exception. Your integral punishes consist of 6B, 66BB, CE, and AA. Ezio is not a combo based character so you need to take as much damage as you can get when its time to punish. You need meter to rack up the high damage but a 6B(BE) punish will make your enemies think twice before throwing out unsafe moves. If your only available punishes are weak single hits then you need to take in account what would be the best move to establish a frame advantage and perhaps continue your offense from there. 2A and WR K give a substantial frame advantage while WR K does have some pushback limiting your options. WR K is stronger though. You have to think quick and know when you can maximize damage for your punishes. For example. Mitsurugi's 1A is -16 and leaves him at standing. Logic would dictate that you are have an i16 punisher (WR K) so lets use that! Well look here, 6B is i15 and can supply a lot more damage in any situation. Be smart here, know your spacing and know the state of your opponent.

There are many moves only AA can punish but the second hit of AA loves to whiff, there will be many scenarios where only A can satisfy for a punish, also on -13 moves you should really stick to 2A for the tiny extra damage and the significant frame advantage compared to just A (+8 compared to +2)

Also, if you find a move in the wiki that has -12 on block and I did not list it, it is most likely because Ezio can't punish it regardless of what the frames are due to things like pushback.

3.0 - Move Analysis
High/High, 24 damage, i12, -6 on block, +6 on hit, NC
This is a standard AA that gets the job done, but loves to whiff if you hit the first A at tip range. As a result it is very necessary that you learn the range of this attack so you do not whiff and lose all hope.

6AB *
High/High, 28 damage, i17, -4 on block, -13 on JG, +2 on hit, +4 on CH, NC, tech crouch on frames 6-12
What makes this an excellent poke is that there are brief tech crouch frames that can avoid a possible AA from your opponent. Better yet it is a step catcher at close range and links for 52 damage on CH. This in of itself plays mind games with the opponent that are anticipating the third strike so you can sneak another poke in there. You can also fake them out even more by restarting the string right after, but this is unneeded theory fluff. On the other hand, it can be ducked or tech crouched. This is a tool that makes Ezio a threat in poking against. It is a delayable string and can be easily hit confirmed into the third hit on CH. The string is also very safe even on just guard which plays into Ezio's safety factor. This is a string you should not forget about.

High/High/Mid, 52 damage on CH, i17, -16 on block, -25 on JG, knockdown on hit, tech crouch on frames 6-12, breaks in 8.
The third hit carries a lot of risk when used outside of counter hit situations. It is very punishable, easily stepped and easily just guarded. However, if you have been conditioning your opponent that you only use 6AB as a poke, doing the third hit has a chance of catching them off guard for the knockdown. There is one other situational utility of the move however. Due to the fact the string is delayable, if you get a CH 6ABB but delay the third hit you will not score the combo and will get blocked. However, if their guard is about to break then it can be advisable to delay the string on counter hit so they are forced to block it and have their guard broken.

Mid, 16 damage, i24, -2 on block, -11 on JG, +6 on hit and counter hit.
This move has URYA tier frames and is an excellent move to throw out to gauge responses or to do something like a 2A or CE right after on block when engaged in poke wars. This move is also a close range step catcher that will very rarely be avoided. It also supplies as a tech trap after a 66B. This is just overall a great move that should be used as a poke and to abuse frames. The only flaw with this move is its speed. If the opponent knows you are going to do it or loves pressing buttons then you can can get interrupted easily.

Special Low, 12 damage, i13/i12, -6 on block, -11 on JG, +8 on hit and counter hit.
As said before, this becomes your best choice for meterless punishing in many scenarios given the reach and considerable frame advantage. This 2A is outstandingly average. It kills step at close range is has all the utility a 2A would normally have. FC A on the other hand is marginally worse.

Low, 18 damage on normal hit, 36 on counter hit, i32, -16 on block, -22 on JG, knockdown on normal and counter hit, tech crouch on frames 27-32.
This move is ass. If this move wasn't slow AND unsafe then it would have some utility but alas it is not a move you should be using often, if at all. It can catch people off guard if it is a move you very rarely use and can catch step if the opponent is not paying attention, but other than that, leave this move at home.
Followups (On Normal Hit)
-> 2K (30 damage)
-> B Tech Trap (All sides) (35 damage)

High, 20 damage, i21, -10 on block, -22 on JG, -2 on normal hit and counter hit.
Judging on the data alone this move looks pretty bad but in reality it is a very effective step catcher. 4A has excellent reach and is a very good tool in the mid range. The key is to be able to counter hit confirm the move however because 4A alone isn't great given you're even at disadvantage on hit. Another point of reference is that there is a substantial pushback on block and the fear of the follow up which can allow a repositioning of sorts. The window to hit confirm so is very large and easy to learn to know when to continue the string...which segues into

High, High, 50 damage, i21, -30 on block, -44 on JG, knockdown on normal hit and counter hit, breaks in 9
You should be extremely conservative with the second hit on normal hit given the atrocious frames and ramifications if you get this blocked or even worse, parried via ducking, step, or JG. So as a result, this should only really be used for the counter hit confirm.

Mid, 14 damage, i21, -12 on block, -19 on JG, +5 on normal hit, +15 on counter hit.
This is Ezio's longest reaching move from crouch and a competent counter hit fisher. This move also bears a strong resemblance to 66A which can deter the fact that this attack is AA punishable by a large part of the cast. On normal hit it has some uses as a frame trap but the damage is poor given the frames and speed. It excels when you nail the counter hit as you can follow up with any move that is i15 or faster. iWR A is also a very effective step killer. This move should always be on your list of possible actions to take in a post 2K situation.
Followups (On Counter Hit)
-> 6B (44 damage)
-> 6B BE (76 damage)
-> CE (101 damage)

High, 20/22/24 damage, i26, -6 on block, -13 on JG, +9 on normal and counter hit.
Standard jump A but it is worth noting that you still have offensive options after being blocked given the fact it is only -6, but it hits high so it is useless against jumping 2As and 2Ks. An interesting poke.

BB *
Mid, Mid, 16/32 damage, i16, -8/-8 on block, -15 on JG, +2 on normal and counter hit.
Ezio has a very special BB. By itself it is on the sluggish side when it comes to standard BBs, and doesn't really give you much advantage on hit so your opponent can still outattack you in certain situations, and on block your options are very limited and even punishable by Alpha Patroklos (CE). However, its hidden strength comes in the form of BB Brave Edge. BB brave edge is hit confirmed extremely easily boosting your 32 damage to 68 with great oki options. Given the frames BB is still a great poke and necessary for success in the poking game. This move is vital to every Ezio's game.

6B *
High, 28 damage, i15, -2 on block, -15 on JG, +6 on normal hit, knockdown on counter hit.
This right here is your bread and butter block and just guard punisher. 6B is an integral move to include in your game no matter what given its utilities. Given the amazing safety attached to this move it is also an efficient pressure tool along as a quick, damaging poke. When meter is involved with this move then the opponent will truly fear throwing out unsafe moves. 6B also functions as your most reliable close range whiff punisher. Always use this!

Mid, 20 damage on normal hit, 60 on counter hit, i17, -8 on block, -21 on JG, stun on normal hit, knockdown on counter hit.
Your staple counter hit fisher. This is another great attack with many functions. Besides counter hit fishing this supplies a poke, a punishment tool, and a backstep killer at close range. When it comes to block and whiff punishing sometimes range is an issue for Ezio so 6B is not an option in certain scenarios, that's where 3B comes in. 3B has great reach for the close-mid range game and is quicker than 66BB while being fast enough to punish many things, so it is a great close range whiff punisher where 6B cannot make the cut. 3B on normal also gives good oki that should be taken advantage of. However, this move's general usefulness takes a large hit when your opponent has a tendency to just guard during poke wars given the alarming jump in negative frames. So again, this is a good tool to gauge reactions. Another strength is that it forces crouch so it is a quick tool to make an opponent stay put.
Followups (On normal hit)
-> 2K (32)
-> 66BB is a tech trap on all directions but left (73)
-> 66BB(BE) also works but the final hit likes to whiff on certain characters (96)

Mid, 18 damage, i15/i14, -8 on block, -15 on JG, +2 on normal and counter hit
A standard crouching mid poke. It has pretty good reach and gets the job done. However, this 2B is a bit special as it will not hit grounded opponents as it is a stabbing attack, so it is a quick poke that can negate many character's aGIs.

Mid/High/High, 24 damage, i16, -10 on block, -15 on JG, +2 on normal hit, stun on counter hit.
The primary uses of this move are for close range counter hit fishing and combo extensions. The range is pretty small and cannot be used outside of close range for any success. On normal hit it will supply a little bit of damage but there is a considerable pushback when you connect so despite being at +2 you cannot do much to take advantage of it, especially if your opponent decides to do something like AA or BB right after. However, a component that is present in this move is the possibility of fake outs given that it is a quick, 3 hit string. If you know your opponent this tactic can prove useful despite the fact it will always be -10 on block.

Mid, 30 damage on normal hit, 56 damage on counter hit, -18 on block, -26 on JG, +2 on normal hit, knockdown on counter hit, breaks in 8, tech step (Back), tech crouch on frames 26-34.
While not as useful as Mitsurugi's 4B, Ezio's 4B still has uses and is a great answer to close range poke wars and certain stances. At tip range this move is very difficult to punish for a majority of the cast so when spaced well can be an effective tool for counter hit fishing and damaging the guard gauge. However, given the fact that the move spaces so well it is difficult to capitalize well on a normal hit given the fact you are only at +2. You will have to make a hard read if they will move or not, it is usually best just to back off and space some more after a normal hit connecting. It is a smart tool to use when you are harassing them with 2K and they love to do a low poke back. On counter hit, the move leaves you in back turned for a possibility of a mix up and mindgames. Unfortunately, BT B+K does not reach on its own so the opponent would have to do something offensive for you to score a hit. This counter hit is the option to go for to keep the rushdown going.

64 damage on counter hit
When you land a counter 4B this is your other option, you input a 6 after 4B to get this animation when you connect with 4B. Go with this option if you want the highest amount of guaranteed damage possible, it also has a clean hit B classification for a chance of 71 damage. What this attack does is completely reset the spacing in contrast to 4B counter hit which allows the rushdown to continue.

Mid/Mid, 48 damage, i18, -16 on block, -27 on JG, stun on hit, NC, tech crouch on frames 1-14, breaks in 7.
This is an excellent punishment tool for the more unsafe low attacks and as a punisher for whiffed throws. However, that is its utilities. This move is a very risky move to throw out when it is not guaranteed given the fact it is unsafe and very easy to just guard the second hit. however, if the opponent is not a Greek and cannot just guard then this tool becomes a very potent guard pressure tool given the large pushback of the second hit. There is risk to this move, so it is recommended to use it when you are certain it will connect. This is also his hardest move to hit confirm, it is possible but you have to be on your toes.

Mid, 28/30/32 damage, i31, -14 on block, -21 on JG, knockdown on hit, tech jump on frames 3-30.
Welcome to the only tech jump move worth a damn in your moveset when it comes to the close range game. JUMP B is the one move you have than can avoid 2As and 2Ks while still supplying a punish. As a result, it is an essential move to have in your arsenal and should be used. However, this move carries a risk given the fact it is unsafe. So there is a tangible risk/reward aspect of this move. Another thing to mention is if you hit and the opponent techs to the left or right, a grab will supply as a tech trap. It can also hit grounded. Despite its flaws this move is a necessity for success when you reach a certain level of play. On hit you have an excellent oki situation. You can avoid standard 2As at -7 and safer, keep this in mind.

High, 14 damage, i13, -9 on block, -16 on JG, +1 on hit.
A typical standing kick...which Ezio gets cheated in for some reason. Typical standing K's are at +2 on hit yet yours is only +1 and slightly more unsafe on guard. Either way it has decent reach and can supply as a block punish in certain instances where AA would whiff. Not much else to say.

High, 16 damage, i17, -8 on block, -15 on JG, +8 on hit.
Assuming that the opponent doesn't like to be in some sort of crouch all day this kick is a great attack for frame trapping. On hit you have a marginal advantage and the opponent is forced to face away from you, making it difficult for them to disrespect your frames. It also discourages step as it catches step to Ezio's right. This is great move to opt for when you are willing to force the opponent in a bad position in exchange for damage.

6K2 *
Low, 36 damage, i24, -32 on block, -42 on JG, -18 on hit, stuns grounded opponents.
A move so manly and powerful that the Earth shakes every time it is used. 6K2 is one the best moves to test match up ignorance, kill roll, and end rounds. There is so much that can be said about how great this move is. The most obvious strength is that it completely ignores the guts system and can swiftly end a round, especially if the opponent is under pressure. Stomp is also one the key moves that makes Ezio's oki so dangerous as it tracks roll and stuns them, allowing for large damage and the oki to continue. Stomp is especially effective after a B grab. 6K2 also has a very deceiving range and when spaced correctly, many characters will fail to punish on hit! When spaced correctly and assuming you hit them these characters cannot do anything about it. Patroklos, ZWEI, Viola, Xiba, Maxi, Aeon, Yoshimitsu, and Dampierre. If the opponent does not have a bar of meter then the list grows to include Leixia, Hilde, Gloomy Tira and Ezio. Needless to say, if the opponent blocks this you are dead. Know when to use this and you will go far.

Mid, 16 damage, i16, -12 on block, -19 on JG, +8 on hit.
A respectable kick. The kick is fairly quick and gives a large advantage on hit although it pushes them back considerably when hit, so the move can be used to continue the offense or retreat. It also has some very peculiar phantom range which makes it a bit viable at mid range. A large majority of the cast also cannot punish this move given the pushback. However, you aren't exactly in a position to press more buttons when this attack is blocked. This is also an option for front ring outs. The hidden strength of this kick is that it is a mid and the starting animation bears a strong resemblance to 6K2, making this an excellent round ender.

2K/FC K ***************************************************
Low, 16 damage, i15/i14, -14 on block, -15 on JG, -2 on hit, STC.
2K is bonafide bullshit. So obviously you should use the hell out of this move. Lets start with the fact this super tech crouches, so many mids will go right over your head allowing you to kick them in the shins as a punish. Another absurd aspect of this move is that every time it is used, let be on hit or block or even whiff, Ezio pushes himself back a slight distance, and in many cases, makes punishment or retaliation impossible so you can just mash more 2Ks. Also considering that his 2K has very respectable range, characters who lack in the crouch poke department will absolutely struggle with this move. Better yet, seeing as its a 2K, if you aren't fighting a Greek, the consequences of actually getting this blocked aren't even high! You seriously couldn't ask for a better 2K, abuse this. Heck, let's run some scenarios.

2K hits- Opponent stands and block-2K some more!
2K hits - Opponent 2As-Jump B!
2K hits - Opponent does any non-CE move-CE!
2K hits - Opponent retreats - WR A
2K hits - You retreat-Opponent whiffs - Whiff punish with 3B

There are many more but you get the idea. Use this.

Mid, 20 damage, i23, -6 on block, -15 on JG, launch on hit, forced crouch on block.
Ezio's only launcher, and its very safe! The excellence of this move lies in how it seems punishable and limits your opponents options given their crouch state. As a result, it a strong move to gauge reactions with. It also causes a hitbox shift as Ezio lifts his front foot upwards and will avoid 2Ks and 2As in a few instances. The flaws lie in its speed and linearity. The damage potential and ringout potential make up for the flaws and it is also a good just guard punisher for the more unsafe attacks. Another good kick to add to Ezio's arsenal. Don't sleep on this move.

Mid, 22 damage, i18, -8 on block, -13 on JG, +4 on normal hit, +12 on counter hit, breaks in 14.
A formidable poke for the neutral game and invaluable in wall combos. 4K has great reach and what makes it a truly good poke is the fact it hurts the guard gauge. When the opponent just blocks all day and you need a quick attack to peck away at their guard this is your attack. Strong range, strong advantage, strong kick.

Mid, 16 damage, i15 at close range i16 otherwise, -10 on block, -17 on JG, +8 on normal hit, stun on counter hit.
Your quickest while rising attack but also the shortest ranged. This attacks strengths lie in counter hits. The speed of the attack also gives it utility a a counter hit fisher in some cases. On normal hit you still have a considerable frame advantage and can even front ring out. This is your safest while rising attack and a necessary tool in many cases. WR K can also be your only meterless punish option in certain cases. A very solid move.

High, 18/20/22 damage, i23, -11 on block, -18 on JG, knockdown on hit, TJ.
This move is stupid. Ezio gives the laziest jump kick ever and whats worse, despite it looking like a mid it is indeed a crappy high. It may be your quickest tech jumping attack but damn this stinks. However, the move has extremely interesting oki which 2K will catch side tech and sleepers but CE will tech trap back techers.

Mid, 36 damage, i25, -16 on block, -28 on JG, stun on hit, tech crouch on frames on 5-19, tech jump on frames 20-??, breaks in 15.
A shoulder tackle that leads to all sorts of nasty situations. This move is a saving throw of sorts. In terms of tech crouch this is your earliest tech crouching move so in times of large disadvantage this is the best attack to evade highs. The tech jump is brief and should not be used with the intention to avoid quick lows. When it hits, the ideal follow ups are 44B for meterless damage and CE for damage with meter. The ramifications of getting hit by this move are very large and the opponent should be trained to fear this move. A+B is also a JG punisher in a few cases. Now the move by itself if rather unsafe but you can take a chance and do a side roll right after and not get hit by immediate punishes and whiff punish with the low crossbow follow up. As a result, many people opt for a 2A after A+B to cover all options you could possibly do. So this move can be manipulated to the extent of only eating 10-12 damage for getting blocked. Don't forget about this move.

Mid, 32 damage, i24, -6 on block, -19 on JG, stun on hit, breaks in 11, force crouch on block.
Many people forget about this move. This is an all around solid move that damages guard, forces crouch, and catches roll. Now, don't spam this move willy nilly but 2A+B is a great poke that also looks like a low given how Ezio is crouching down to perform the move. Keep things fresh with some 2A+B.

High, 60 damage, i60, unblockable, -24 on JG, knockdown on hit, cancellable, clean hit C.
This move on its own is extremely limited. It is slow, steppable, and a high. So the primary utility of this move is the cancel feature. Many people like to duck when they see Ezio's unblockable animation start, so if you cancel and quickly follow up with a mid you can trick the opponent. Typically, UB cancel into 3B or BB is ideal.

High, 30 damage, i21, -30 on block, -44 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 11, clean hit C.
Ahh, the crossbow. Infinite range and a great whiff punisher. However, there is preferred range with this tool and that is most of the time at full screen. People are going to opt for stepping at full screen and this tool will whiff if all they are doing is sidestepping. Also in a sense, this is the ultimate backstep catcher as there is no way to out step this move. When used at the very correct specific times, this tool becomes a total pain in the ass to deal with.

Low, 20 damage, i31, -30 on block, -44 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 11, tech crouch on frames 16-31, clean hit C.
A low crossbow bolt, which is a solid choice at the full screen range given that it is low and hurts the guard gauge. This move is a great followup after a hit 6B+K if the opponent loves to tech as this will often supply force blocks or even better, another knockdown. However, you cannot roll from the attack so bear the consequences if you whiff as they are atrocious.

High, 30 damage, i31, -3o on block, -44 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 11, tech step (side), clean hit C.
A crossbow shot that does a quick sidestep. This move is very interesting and makes Ezio a pain at full screen. The stipulation of this move hitting people is that if you input this move when you are stepping in the same direction of your opponent you will catch their step with it. This move is also a saving throw of sorts when reading a vertical that you cannot manually step for whatever reason. However, there is a very skewed risk/reward attached to this move when you use it in close range.

Mid, 24 damage, i13, -8 on block, -21 on JG, stun on hit.
One of the better BT B+K's in the game given its speed and rewards on hit. The range is a tad short but regardless it is an option you should always consider when you back is turned to the opponent. BT 2K and BT B+K work just fine for a mid/low mix up.

Mid, 20 damage, i22, -8 on block, -19 on JG, +2 on normal hit, +8 on counter hit, tech crouch on frames 6-20
One of the best moves in the game, no exception. 66A is a very safe formidable step catcher that functions as many things including anti stance, a poke, and a great attack to gauge responses. The tech crouch window is very large and can reliably avoid highs and throws. The key strengths come from the counter hit confirms you can get off this move. On normal hit you will only get 20 damage and +2 which is not terrible but does not leave a great deal of wiggle room for other options. 66A should always be on your list of possible moves to use.

Mid/High, 50 damage, i22, -30 on block, -44 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 11, NCC.
This hit confirmable CH string is what makes stepping versus Ezio such a large risk. As with other crossbow followups, there is a real reverse mix up here but it is not something you should be throwing out willy nilly. In a subjective sense, the reverse mix up here is a little stronger because the first hit is from a dagger and not the crossbow itself, making things a little harder to expect. Learning to hit confirm this string is a top priority if you wish to play Ezio.

Mid, 24 damage, i25, -16 on block, -26 on JG, stun on hit, breaks in 15.
A move whose classification raises an eyebrow. On smaller characters, 22A should be considered a high due to the high hitbox and even then this move is not terrible difficult to step. Given these problems, 22A is still a useful zoning tool in many match ups and presents a reverse mixup. If 22A is getting punished, that means the opponent is committing 100% to the punish. Do not use this often but it is a formidable move in the spacing game as the range is excellent.

Mid/Mid, 46 damage, i25, -23 on block, -32 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 12.5, NC.
This string is similar to Nightmare's 22AA, only that Ezio realized he is not built for swinging big swords around wildly so he takes a few years to recover after this move. As said before, there is a reverse mix up here but the risk/reward is wildly skewed in your opponents favor. One saving grace of this move lies in the spacing though. If spaced perfectly, many character's cannot block punish this string and in turn, leave themselves open. 22AA is also a decent whiff punish when you have just stepped a move, but even then, why not opt for 66BB or 44K? 22AA is by no means a great move but there are spots where you can squeeze mileage out of it.

Mid, 26 damage, i31, -20 on block, -29 on JG, stun on hit, breaks in 15, tech jump.
What makes this move special is the fact it leads to typical Ezio BnB combos on normal hit, a trait he lacks with his other combo starters. Other than that, it is quite unsafe, short ranged, and sluggish. Another move to use sparingly, see if you can get mileage from the tech jump because I never do.

"Mid", 18 damage, i20, -14 on block, -20 on JG, +2 on normal hit, stun on counter hit.
I love duckable mids, and you should too. This is a move that does not really see much of the light of day because you typically always have a safer longer ranged option for killing step. One thing that saves the move from the trashcan is that when you want to end a wall combo with CE this move is much more consistent than A+B as it does not succumb to axis issues. So if you want to sacrifice damage for consistency in wall combo enders, use this.

Mid, 24 damage, i20, -16 on block, -29 on JG, stun on hit, tech crouch on frames 7-20.
Your go-to whiff punisher for the mid range

Mid/Mid, 52 damage, i20, -16 on block, -25 on JG, knockdown on hit, TC on frames 7-20, breaks in 8, NC.

Mid, 22 damage on normal hit, 66 damage on counter hit, i21, -12 on block, -23 on JG, +8 on normal hit, knockdown on counter hit, breaks in 11.

Mid, 52 damage, i39, +8 on block, -26 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 6.

44B *
Mid, 48 damage, i29, -10 on block. -23 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 7, forced crouch on block.

High, 26 damage, i20, -6 on block, -15 on JG, knockdown on hit.

Mid, 32 damage, i22, -6 on block, -17 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 11.

Low, 20 damage, i27, -16 on block, -23 on JG, +4 on hit.

Mid, 24 damage, i24, -12 on block, -23 on JG, knockdown on normal hit, stun on counter hit, breaks in 11.

High, 38 damage, i31, +10 on block, -25 on JG, stun on hit, breaks in 9.

Low, 25 damage, i21, -22 on block, -25 on JG, knockdown on hit, TJ.

BB Brave Edge
Mid/Mid/Mid, 68 damage, i16, -6 on block, -17 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 8.

6B Brave Edge
High(Low/Low), 70 damage, i15, +10 on block, -15 on JG, knockdown on hit, breaks in 14.

66/33/99BB Brave Edge
Mid/Mid/(Mid), 75 damage, i20, +10 on block, -22 on JG, knockdown on hit, TC on frames 7-20.

Critical Edge
Mid, 90 damage, i13, -18 on block, -26 on JG, knockdown on hit, invisibility on frames 11-13, breaks in 11.

Throw, 55 damage, i17, knockdown on hit.

Throw, 50 damage, i17, knockdown on hit.

Left Throw
Throw, 65 damage, i17, knockdown on hit.

Right Throw
Throw, 60 damage, i17, knockdown on hit.

Back Throw
Throw, 70 damage, i17, assassination on hit.

and if you don't feel like reading heres a video that Jim made.

4.0 - Your Yomi and the Situations You Can Face
There is obviously a margin of risk in every decision you make, let it be a poke, movement, or standing in block. Ezio is a great character to minimize risks with given his excellent poke game. However, incidentally, his risk involving him attacking goes up as range increases. It is vital for you to know your opponent, your options, your spacing, and even more so, your opponent's spacing and tools. I will go into certain scenarios on how to maximize your effectiveness and how to keep risk to a minimum.
You have multiple safe pokes at your disposal for the close range game. You have AA, BB, 3B, 1BBB, 6B, 6AB, 3A, 66A, along with 2A, 2B, and to an extent 2K. You need to know your opponents playstyle and options to make excellent use of these.


Juece - For actually taking care of the board and compiling all the necessary Patroklos data
Heaton - Compiled the Siegfried Stance Guide.
Hussler - For giving me a format to steal.
Slade - For giving me a move analysis format to steal.
You - Actually reading this stuff. Thank You.

When the guide grows, we will add JG and match up notes. Lets work together here. I'm currently compiling match up notes. I will also be working on general things to beef up this guide along the that mysterious 3.0-3.3 section...Tell me what do you want to see here next? There is plenty more to include here.

10/22/12 - Added Tira and Voldo guard punishes.
10/23/12 - Added Xiba and Yoshimitsu guard punishes.
10/24/12 - Added Maxi, Viola, and Z.W.E.I. guard punishes. Guard punish section is up and running.​
10/30/12 - Added Siegfried stance guide.
11/08/12 - Added Viola orb notes and tips.
11/09/12 - Added Maxi stance guide.
11/22/12 - Added crossbow viability analysis for match ups.
12/10/12 - Finished crossbow viability analysis.
10/13/13 - Threw in punishment videos for Pat, Zwei and Lei.
10/19/13 - More punishment videos added, Cervantez, Natsu, Raph and Viola
12/14/13 - Punishment video added for Apat
10/29/14 - Video guide for move analysis added
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[14] Master
VS Alpha Patroklos

agB -23: 66BB, CE, 3B, 6B. (6B can suffer from whiffing at absolute tip range, stick to 66BB)
6AA -16: 6B, BB, CE
1A -24: 66BB, WR BB, 6B, CE, BB. You don't see lone 1A's often.
1AA -22: 66BB, 3B, CE, everything else whiffs.
Sakura twister -22: 66BB, 6B, CE, BB, 1BBB
bA -21: 66BB is your best choice due to the pushback and TC frames.
1B -18: You always take a risk here, is he faking out? Or is he just messing up the inputs? 6B and BB get the job done but is it worth the risk? Your decision.
FC 3B -20: Again, this is very risky to punish this way, it leaves him open to 66BB but is it worth it?
6K -15???: A, K 2A, CE and AA whiffs. A, K, and 2A whiff at tip range.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
1K -14: This forces crouch on guard so use 2B or CE. On JG you can get a 1K punish.
2A+B -16: 2B, WR K, CE
FC 3A+B -16: 6B, 2B, CE. 6B will work at close range, 2B will work at mid range. CE will always punish.
B+K -14: CE will work, pushback is too great for anything else.
BT B+K -16: 6B, CE.
BT B+KB - Just guard the 2nd hit into 6B, or step into A+B.
22/88A -14: CE. CE is the only attack that can reach and will get interrupted by the second its your call.
22/88AA - Crouch the 2nd hit into WR BB or into whatever you want, or use A+B to TC under.
11/77A -16: 2B, WR K, CE.
22B -16: 6B, CE. Once again, the second hit will interrupt these punishes.
22/88BA - Again, crouch the 2nd hit into a punish or A+B to TC the move.
11K -16: WR K or 2B, CE works.
44B+K -14: CE. CE is your only choice.
RUN K -22: WR BB or 66BB
2A Brave Edge -18: 6B, CE, BB whiffs at tip range and 1BBB just doesn't work.
FC bB Brave Edge - A pretty integral counter to learn for the match up. Just guarding this yields a 66BB punish as it is -21 on just guard.
CE -20: CE, 6B, 66BB, 1BBB, BB

Crossbow Viability: Medium.

Spacing is pretty integral to succeeding in this match up and crossbow is your friend...some of the time. Alpha Patroklos has the tools to space and zone quickly so it can frequently turn into a battle of patience and attrition. The crossbow is good and bad as a whiff punisher in this match up seeing as so many of his attacks start and end in some sort of tech crouch, low crossbow is a more viable punisher in the match up in my opinion. As far as your crossbow getting block punished, Alpha Patroklos lacks in quick really long reach attacks. If you space to the point where you can actually get hurt you may eat a bA or 2363B into a twister. Not terrible damage but definitely a situation where you want to weight your risks and options.
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[14] Master
VS Aeon

3A -14: A, K, 2A, CE
1A -15: 6B, CE.
WR AB -16: 6B or BB, You can step or JG the second hit for a 1K punish.
BBB string - Step or JG these shits.
3B -14: CE is your only choice
6BB - Duck 2nd hit and WR BB or 6B
WR B -13: CE can only reach due to pushback
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -18 WR BB, 6B, CE
WR K -13: 2A, CE. AA will whiff. 2A will whiff anywhere but close.
B+K - Please duck this and do something like WR BB
8B+K -26: There is wonky variable in the form of sand winger. Many options you have will be gimped due to range issues. As a result, always opt for a 66BB after blocking this attack as it will suffice as a block punish, hit him out of Sand Winger K, or at certain ranges just go under him.
4b+kG -32: He ends this attack in grounded and for 32 frames he cannot block. So use a 44B or 6K2.
66A -12: HAVE FUN, if you are close enough (like back to an edge or wall), AA can punish, but this is rare.
22A -22: 66B, 6B, CE
22AB -16: 6B, CE, BB whiffs
If only 44A -16: 6B, but be wary of sand winger transitions. It gets safer the closer you are. So are farther ranges 3B can actually punish as well. 6B will lose to Sand Winger K. CE can block punish and interrupt Sand Winger K so there is your get out of jail free card.
44[A] -14: Much like last time, CE can shut down this situation completely. In fact, its the only block punish you can get this time.
66B -21: 66BB, 3B, CE. All high punishes will whiff here. Be careful of Sand Winger K as everything but CE will lose if he continues the string.
66B SW K - CE will gimp all options and block punish if you block 66B, so take that into consideration.
33B -14: CE, A, 2A, K, everything but CE whiffs at tip range.
22B -12: Forces crouch, if hes really close 2A can punish but this is very rare.
11B -14: 2B, CE. 2B whiffs at tip range.
44B -21: 66BB. Only 66BB, why? Because 66BB will suffice as a block punish and still TC under any possible follow up.
66K -16: 6B, CE, 1BBB, BB has odd whiffing issues.
11K -23: 66BB, WR BB, CE
44K -16: They have brain problems if they just throw it out when you're not grounded but 6B does the trick.
66A+B -13: CE, even then it can whiff if the Aeon spaces correctly.
RUN K -22: WR BB or 66BB
6B(BE) - Please JG or step the last hit and punish hard, 1K that shit.
CE -25: 1K, A+B, 66BB, BB, 6B, CE

Sand Winger
K -26: 66BB CAN punish at close ranges but the timing is odd due to how long you're in a forced crouch.
*Get this, wanna avoid everything? Just step, even if he decides to do his gimmicky cancel, keep stepping, hell shoot him if he attempts the cancel.

Crossbow Viability: Low-medium

If 66A and 66A+B did not exist then we'd be sitting pretty with our crossbow game, but alas, it is difficult to space correctly without threat of that signature 66A. 66A+B will hit long ranges also but reset the spacing, giving you another chance to find an opening. If you space incorrectly you will start to eat 66B also. Spacing Aeon is extremely difficult given your tools. Playing up close is something you'll have to do and deal with accordingly.


[14] Master
VS Algol

6A -18: Why would they even do this, 6B, BB, 1BBB.
6AA -12: AA works up close and mid range but at tip range it will whiff or Algol can block it. So duck the second hit into a meaty whiff punush.
6AAB -16: 6B but whiffs at tip range, BB, CE. You can step or JG it for an A+B punish
3A -14: AA, CE. AA will whiff beyond mid range.
3AA -14: If you can't JG the 2nd hit, a CE or AA will do.
1A -16: 2B, 6B, WRK, CE
4A -12: AA. AA will whiff beyond mid range.
4AB -14: Only CE can reach for the punish, as a result, this is a good just guard to learn as it then becomes -31. Which means you can get damn near anything you want.
6BBB - Duck the 2nd hit and WR BB his ass.
3B -16: 6B, BB, 1BBB, CE
3BB -14: AA or CE. I advise JGing this attack as then its -26 and you can do a A+B or 1K punish.
1B -13: CE
4B -18: 6B, BB, CE
4BA -18: 6B, BB, CE
623B -22: 66BB, 6B, BB, CE
FC 8B -15: 6B, CE
WR B -14: CE
6K -13: 2A, CE. 2A will whiff beyond kissing range so CE is the optimal punish. However, the second kick will interrupt your punish.
6KK - Duck 2nd hit for punish, WR BB works.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -18: WR BB, 6B, CE
4K -13: CE. AA, 2A
WR K -14: CE, AA, 2A
WR KK -16: 6B, BB, CE
2B+KB -13: CE if ball is at very close range when blocked. If you can JG the bubble followup you can look like a badass and get a 66BB punish
66A -12: AA
33AB -16: 6B, BB, CE
44AA -17: This is tough due to pushback, try CE, 3B, and 6B works most of the time.
11B -21: WR BB, 66BB, 6B, CE
11K -16 WR K, 2B, CE
66B+K -14: K, CE. K will whiff beyond kissing range. CE will always work.
QI K -20: WR BB, CE
QI A+B - He is in tech crouch so only low crossbow can punish in time.
QI A+BB - Step the 2nd bubble and punish with 66BB
8B+K -15: 6B, CE
CE -18: Largely dependent on where he used it, use your best discretion.

Yomi and Tools​
The great thing about this matchup is that many tools Algol uses to space and control the field are trumped by your own.​
Crossbow Viability: Medium-high. (Turns into low-medium when he has a bar of meter.)​
Now lets talk long range/full screen. Algol typically uses his bubbles to harass the opponent to ensure they have a hard time getting in while scraping their health away. Your crossbow is faster than his bubbles and is easy to punish when he shoots the bubble given the large amount of end lag Algol suffers. As a result, playing the range game is typically advisable against Algol given the little risk involved with crossbow, even at long range he has trouble punishing the crossbow on block and you should not get hurt with anything worse than a 66A.​
However an issue in of itself is actually finding the windows to do retreating steps given his 4B+K, if he has half a bar and catches you then congratulations, you just lost half your health. If the Algol has good yomi and anticipates a 4B+K from you then his 4B+K will interrupt you. Another issue is when Algol has a bar of meter. When he has a bar of meter he can whiff and even block punish your crossbow on reaction and that will reset the spacing and cause you to lose a respectable amount of health. With all this said, crossbow is still a great thing to use on Algol.​


[14] Master
VS Astaroth

*Range is a large issue for punishing, know the range of your attacks.
AA - You can duck the second hit with a TC move like 66BB
AB - You can step this to either side for a 66A+B punish. Or you can just guard it to be at +21 for a 66BB punish.
6AA - Duck the second hit into WR BB
2A -14: 2B (If you can reach). CE.
1A -18: WR BB, CE. Tip range will result in whiffs.
1AA -24: 66BB is probably the only thing that will reach in time
1AB - Step this to either side for a 66A+B whiff punish.
214AAAAA -16: Probably impossible to punish if he spaces correctly, if you are on your toes you can crossbow him out of it before he reaches you, CE can barely reach in some circumstances but usually its not worth it.
8A -14: AA, 2A, CE. AA and 2A whiff at tip-midish range.
BB - Step this to either side for a 66A+B punish.
BB6 - Step this to his left for a 33BB whiff punish. Try not to making just guarding a habit as it only leaves you at +13 and he has BB to throw off your just guard timing.
3B -16: 6B or CE, although how often do you see this?
2B -14: 2B, CE
1B -20: 66BB, 6B, 3B, CE
1BB -18: 6B, 3B, CE
9B -12: 2A
6K -14: AA or CE, This hit box is actually really funny. AA wont whiff together but will whiff at tip range.
3KA - Duck the second hit or use a TC move to go under. 3K[A] will snuff your TC moves however.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -18: WR BB is the best choice because its fast enough for a punish and fast enough to hit Astaroth before the followup can potentially hit you.
1KA 0: You should be ducking the followup.
4K -12: Forces crouch, 2A can punish, BEWARE OF THE INCOMING CROUCH GRAB.
4KK -14: Forces crouch, 2B or CE can punish.
WR K -12: AA
WR KA -14: CE cant reach but you should train yourself to jump attack after the K. You have enough time for 11A, A+B, and even 11B, take your pick!
A+B -19: 3B, CE. Use 3B for close range. CE will whiff beyond mid range.
3A+B -17: Too much pushback for any real punish besides CE.
4A+B -18: 6B, 3B, BB, 1BBB, CE
2/8A+B -19: Same thing as A+B.
6[B+K] -12: AA, this punish can happen but the timing can be tight
2B+K -18: WR B or CE. The second hit of WR BB likes to whiff.
66A -18: Be wary if he will followup. 6B, 3B, CE. 6B will whiff at mid range. CE will whiff at tip. CE will also clash with the B follow up for a clash stun of +18, so you can still get a free hit from this clash.
66AB - Step into a 66BB punish or even A+B if you are quick enough.
22A -12: AA. AA will be blocked beyond kissing range.
22AA -12: AA. AA will be blocked beyond close range. This is a decent just guard to learn as it then becomes -19 for a 6B punish.
66B -14: CE can punish universally. AA can punish mid and close. A can punish tip.
11B -16: CE, 6B can punish close and mid.
RUN K -22: WR BB, 66BB
66K Brave Edge - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JG THE 2ND HIT. It's -23 on JG, so 1K, 66BB, 6B, and CE are all great choices.


Crossbow Viability: Medium-High

Astaroth has a crap punishment game and crossbow can greatly abuse that. You want to fight him in either full screen with crossbow harassment or close up and out poke him. Low crossbow is also a shutdown if he decides to charge his bullrush. If you have it blocked at mid range you may eat a bullrush or 44A. A+B (i29) can also punish you at mid-long range if the Astaroth knows the match up. Again, full screen or close range, don't get frisky with mid range crossbow stuff or you will start to die.


[14] Master
VS Cervantes

*lol have fun
aB -18: A very difficult move to punish if he spaces correctly. If its at
tip range, don't bother, mid range, 3B will just reach, close range, use 6B
3A -15: 6B, range dependent
1A -20: WR BB, 66BB, 6B.
1AB -24: 66BB, 1K
4a:B -16: 6B, range dependent
4a:BB -16: 6B, range dependent
WR A -14: AA or CE works!
WR AB -15: 6B is range dependent, 2B will usually hit though, on JG, A+B or faster
B -14: CE
BB -13: CE. On JG you get 6B, but you can only get AA if he continues.
BBB -16: wrK or 6B. On JG you get A+B, step right for 66A+B
bA -16: 6B (NO MIDS HERE)
6BB -14: CE. On JG get A+B, or step A+B.
3B -13: Damn this move is crap, AA whiffs, so use CE or K. Tip range is safe...
1B -13: You'll see this as a botched iGDR, use 2A or CE.
1BB -13: cant punish. Get A+B on JG.
4B -13: 2A. CE.
4BK: Duck the kick
6K -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at long range.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
1K -22: 66BB or faster
4KK on JG -17: 6B, CE.
3A+B -16: 6B, CE. 6B will whiff if you block only the second hit at absolute tip.
8A+B: Do anything man,
WRA+B -16: 6B
2B+K -15: 6B has tight timing, 2B or CE is more reliable
4B+K -14: CE, 2A if close
9B+K -14: 2B or CE.
WR B+K -58: Why would they ever do this, either way, A+B or 1K. Stick to mid punishes.
33A -12: AA (Close only)
22A -15: 6B, CE.
22AA -14: 2B, CE. Get 6B on JG.
66B -14: Too much pushback, only CE can punish
11B -20: WR BB or faster
44B -16: 6B is range dependent, CE whiffs at tip range
11K -16: WR K or 2B
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB.
6B(BE) -16: 6B, BB, CE
GDR -16: 6B
iGDR -21: 66BB
Dread Charge A - Train yourself to duck this on reaction to get a beefy whiff punish.
Dread Charge K -22: 66BB or faster

Crossbow Viability: Low

Crossbow should only ever be used as a 100% whiff punish or if he decides to start shooting at you, then he will always lose. Otherwise its a death sentence given his aGI's. He will just aGI your bolt and shoot you in the face. Low crossbow cannot be aGI'ed thankfully and should be the one used more often if anything. If he blocks it you better pray you are not in iGDR or 4B(BE) range. This is not something you should be using often, if at all. This match up is bananas.
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[14] Master
VS Dampierre

1A -18: WR BB, 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
3A -15: 6B, CE. But chances are hes gonna continue the random string, a CE can beat out another 3A if he chooses to do so.
3B -18: 6B, CE, BB
3BB -15: CE can only reach due to pushback. Or just step into A+B.
1B -28: WR BB, WR A, 6B, 66BB, CE, make some spaghetti. You have a lot of choices here.
1K - If he transitions into fake pain use a WR BB to hit im quickly.
1[K] - Blocking this will force you into standing, yet a simple BB shuts down all fake pain options.
2K -14: 2B, CE
WR K -15: 6B, CE
B!E! -25: 1K or faster. Although just crouch if he chooses to continue and wait for your chance to punish.
A+B - If he goes into his self inflicted ground spin quickly go into 11B, if that hits you can continue with a 6K2 for 79 damage.
2A+B -18: WR BB or CE.
8B+K -14: Forces crouch, use 2B or CE
22A -16: 6B, CE. BB and 1BBB have tight timing.
44AB -16: Forces crouch. WRK, 6B, CE
66B - Use a 2A+B everytime and get free damage.
33BK -16: Assuming you get the midkick. 6B, BB, CE
11B -22: 66BB and CE are you best choices.
44B -20: Why would he do this. 66BB or faster.
44BK -26: WHY WOULD HE DO THIS, A+B or faster.
44BKBK -12: AA
66K - Use a 2A+B or 6K2.
22K -14...: There is a lot of random to deal with here, CE can shut it all down.
11K -22: Again, lots of random, but WR BB can shut it down.
RUN K -22: 66BB or WR BB

Crossbow Viability: High

He has quick attacks but his range is too abysmal to capitalize quickly enough for a punish. At long range and full screen he cannot do anything about it. At mid range you should be more conservative because he can then 623B you into large damage but even then he can just end up tripping and not punishing you at all. Other than that, spacing him out and harassing him with crossbow is an excellent tactic.


[14] Master
VS Ezio

6A -18: 6B, BB, CE, 1BBB (Although he would have little to no reason to actually throw out only the first hit given the disadvantage.)
6AB - Duck as soon as you block the first 6A and follow up with a 6B or WR BB.
6ABB -16: 6B, 1BBB, BB, CE. You can step this to his right or JG for many more options.
WR A -12: AA works only at close range
1A -16: WR K, 6B, CE
WR B -12: AA works at close range but whiffs at mid and tip.
WR BB -16: Only CE can punish due to pushback. Just guard it to get a A+B punish.
9B -12: AA when he jumps towards you, all others will whiff if he uses 7B or 8B.
6K2 -32: Jesus christ what CAN'T YOU USE
6K2 on HIT -18: 6B, CE. 6B and WR BB will whiff at tip range due to his step back after.
2K -14: 2B, CE
22A -15: 6B, CE
22AA -23: 66BB, 6B, CE. 1K will whiff due to pushback.
44A -14: CE. AA will suffice at close range
66B -16: 6B, BB, 1BBB, CE
66BB -16: 6B, BB, 1BBB, CE. Just guard the string for an A+B punish, or step to his left.
11K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
44K -12: AA but the timing is tight.
A+B -16: BB will supply as a block punish and catch both rolls, so use this!
11A -20: 66BB, 3B, 6B, CE. 2nd hit of BB likes to whiff, 1BBB does not connect.
Crossbow -30: Shoot him back!
BB Brave Edge: Step this for a 66BB whiff punish, or just guard it for a 6B punish.
66BB Brave Edge: Just guard this for a 1K punish as A+B will not work this time, or step to his left.
CE -18: Forces crouch. WR BB at very close range but CE is universal.

Crossbow Viability: Stupid

Crossbow fights just come down to a "who shoots first" game. And not who shoots first as in the first one to shoot wins. In this case it is more like you whiffing and getting shot back for being foolish. Use your discretion here, its a mirror match.


[14] Master
VS Hilde

*This matchup becomes extremely tough if you dont know how to JG or avoid her strings, match up knowledge is so essential in the match up, more so than others.
6AK -13: AA or CE
6AKA -16: WR K or 6B
6AKB -15: CE. 6B whiffs
3A -13: 2nd hit of AA whiffs at tip range, CE works too.
1A -18: WR BB or faster
6BB -14: CE is the only attack that can reach and will whiff at tip range.
6BBB: You should crouch the third hit into a punish.
3BA - The A is a high, so you can crouch it into WR BB or 6B. Or you can A+B to TC under the A.
3BB - You can step the second hit to either side into a whiff punish like 66BB or 44K.
1B -17: WR K or 6B
4B -17: 3B can reach up till mid range, CE can punish.
1K -20: WR BB, 6B, 66BB.
1KK -13: CE or K. K whiffs at tip range
2K -14: 2B, CE
4K -15: 6B, CE.
4KK - If you block that first kick still use 6B as it will interrupt her for the counter hit.
8/9K -12: AA, this will whiff at longer ranges.
A+B -16: 6B works at close range, CE can punish
{A+B} on JG -25: This is one of the Hilde strings you should learn to parry. Just guard the second hit for a A+B or 66BB punish. Step the second hit into whatever honestly.
2A+B -16: 6B, CE, BB
2B+K -22: 66BB
22AA - Duck the second hit into 6B or WR BB. You can also use A+B as a TC answer.
11A -16: WR K or 6B
44A -14: She is in a crouch after so use 2A or CE. 2A will whiff at longer ranges.
44/11/77B -21: Range is typically an issue. So opt for a crossbow punish.
RUN K -22: 66BB or WR BB
3B Brave Edge - You can just guard or step to Hilde's right for your 66BB punish. However, do not step in a 99attack fashion as you can hit by the second hit. It is -24 on JG.
66B Brave Edge - Step this to either side for a meaty punish or just guard it for a 6B punish. It is -17 on JG.
CE -19: Range is obviously a massive issue here, close and close-mid range your CE can punish, other than that, don't bother.

C3A - This is a two hit string which you must absolutely learn to JG to punish extremely hard. It is -34 on JG. You can punish with even 66A+B, so take it!
C4A - This move is an i37 unblockable horizontal mid. When you see it train yourself to JG on reaction. It is -25 on JG so take your A+B punish.
C1B -12: AA, this will whiff anywhere else but close range.
C2B -16: This move has substantial pushback so only CE can block punish it. It is -25 on JG. Get your A+B punish for your hard JG work.
C3B - You cannot block punish this. If you just guard this string you can get a crossbow shot.
C3BA - "Please kill me."

Crossbow Viability: Medium, becomes low when she has a bar of meter.

Hilde has a long range which makes spacing difficult to an extent. However, her longer reaching attacks are weak, have a charge affiliated with them, and/or can go into a second hit which you can parry accordingly. It is completely doable however if you keep her at bay at a long range. There is another factor that goes into this though. If the Hilde is smart, all the time you are harassing her with your crossbow she could be charging a C4 move which will quickly turn the tables if she rushes in and just lets loose. Know which C4 attacks are which for you can know how to avoid them. When she gets a bar of meter be extremely conservative with crossbow as a blocked or whiffed bolt can get punished with her CE. Not worth it.


[14] Master
VS Ivy

{A} -15: Only CE can reach for the punish but you should crouch the second hit...
6{A} -18: 6B and 3B work at close range but CE is a bit more trustworthy.
6AK - Duck the second hit into WR BB or 6B. Or use A+B to TC the high.
3{A} -18: 6B and 3B work at close range but CE is a bit more reliable.
1A -16: Shes in TC so 6B won't work, use WR K, 2B, or CE. RANGE DEPENDENT
WR {A} -16: 6B can work in close range but CE is a bit more honest.
{B} -20: Extremely hard to punish on block due to the forced crouch and pushback, you SHOULD be stepping the second hit into something like 66BB
bK -16: WR K, 6B, or CE
6B2 -19: 6B and 3B work well but you should be expecting that followup.
6B2K -12: 2A can punish from block...but will whiff. To minimize risk use something very safe that can avoid the kick, like 8A.
6{B} -15: Good luck punishing this, pushback is huge and your CE only covers so much space, if she uses it right in your face, go for it.
6{B}2/8 -28: Wow look at those frames! Good thing we got a crossbow!
214B -14: Only CE can punish due to the pushback. Its okay, we all hate this move.
FC 1{B} -14: CE can only reach.
FC 1{B}B -18: She's an idiot if she does this after the first hit was blocked. The second hit will whiff and you can go for the 66BB
Jump B's -15: This is dependent if she uses it as an advancing poke or retreating poke. If she advances, 6B can punish. If she retreats, CE can punish.
6KBK -12: But if she uses this the kick will whiff. So whiff punish with 66BB or 1K, dont use A+B or 11A as the kick will catch you mid animation.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
1K -20: The mysterious low no one can block. WR BB is best as 66BB has tight timing. 6B will whiff. CE works too.
A+B -18: You have less time to punish that you think. BB gets the job done. However, theres always that punishment worry, so a low risk jump attack like 8A is a good idea.
3A+BB -14: Only CE can reach and thats only at short to short-mid range.
1A+B -12: 2A can punish at close range but whiffs otherwise.
4A+BB -22: Just block and shoot her.
8A+B -16: 6B, BB, CE but be wary of the potential followup.
8A+BB -20: Same punishes as before but with more 66BB action.
8A+B{B} -28: Pushback may be an issue for some punishes so shoot her!
7/8/9B+K -29: You guessed it, shoot her.
WR B+K -14: Only CE can punish due to the spacing.
BT B+K -18: Same thing, just more frames to react.
66{A} -16: CE can punish but you should learn to JG the 2nd attack for a 1K punish
11A -18: At tip range you cannot punish, if she does it your face, WR BB can punish. At midish range, CE can punish.
44{A} -23: Ivys love to step kill with this move. Just shoot her.
22{B} -derp: You should be stepping to anticipate the followup flurry.
44BB -14: CE can punish
44BBB -RIP: Again, shes dumb if she does this on block, just destroy her for that.
44A+B -13 CE can punish all, A or 2A can work for close range.
22K -20: The kick returns, refer to 1K for punishing.
44K -18: You're in forced crouch and shes in grounded, all you can do is 2K.
44B+K -14: The laying down of the sword hits this time, so spacing is a larger issue. CE for mid-close range.
Run K -22: 66BB WR BB

1B(BE) on JG -21: Punish her with 66BB, 6B, or CE
66B(BE) on JG -16: 6B or CE
22B(BE) on JG -24: 66BB or 1K if you are close enough, spacing can be an issue here.

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high

This is a lifesaver for Ezio in this match up. Crossbow doubles as playing the range game and as a punishment tool in a number of cases. If you are on your toes and exchanging full screen attacks with each other you should whiff punish every single time with a prompt bolt to the face (or feet) in some cases. With that said, know which of her long range attacks have tech crouches and which do not. On the flipside, there are cases where Ivy can punish your whiffs with her own super long range attacks and you'll be eating more damage than she would. So there is a level of conservatism needed here. Also, she can punish you pretty easily at close ranges given he excellent reach. It is still a great tactic because Ezio does not really have to worry about getting in.


[14] Master
VS Leixia

AAB -15: 6B or CE. 6B whiffs at tip range
6[A] -14: This transitions into Hou lee and leaves her at a tech crouch. Use a CE or 2A before she can do anything else from that state.
3A on JG -13: AA, CE.
6B and their respective followups: You should always have a crouch or TC move ready the instant you see a 6B. You will avoid the quick high attacks and WR BB or 6ABB are fast enough to beat out the second hit of 6BaB
3B -13: AA, CE. AA whiffs at tip range.
4BB - Step the second hit and get a 99BB punish. However, be on the look out for the quake mix up. React to the quake if you see her charge for it as that will beat out your 99BB. Alternatively, you can take a 50/50 and step into a throw as thats fast enough for both options. Quick step into 6B swag works. STEP RIGHT FOR THAT THOUGH. LEFT DOES????
WR B -18: 6B, BB, CE, 3B. 6B whiffs at tip range, 3B will always catch her.
6K -16: 6B, CE
6KK -16: She is in a tech crouch so 6B won't punish, and BB has odd whiffing issues on the second hit. CE or 2B. Learn to JG or step this string and get a 66BB for it. Step right. JG gets 1K.
2K - 14: 2B, CE
1KK - If you block the first kick you can tech jump the second kick from crouch with 8B, 8A, or 8K. Luckily she is in standing when you finally come back to earth for the whiff punish so every attack is a viable option. If you jump the gun and jump after a lone 1K then you should opt for a safe TJ like 8A unlike 8B which can be 6KK punished.
Jump K -14: AA, CE.
A+B -14: Only at very close range that you can punish with only 2A. CE works all round. JG this string and get 66BB punishes.
{A+B} - You can step to either side for a whiff punish, however make sure it is a 22/88 step as you will get caught if you opt for a 33/99 step.
2A+B -22: It leaves her in a tech crouch state so 6B whiffs. 66BB, WR BB, CE.
4A+B and 4A+BB - This is an option select JG timing you need to know. The option select is for JGing 4A+B but if she mixes it up you will still be guarding to not get hurt by 4A+BB, or if you are feeling manly you can just step in anticipation for 4A+BB
FC A+B -12: Cannot punish with 2A, you have to 8B it for the punish if you react quickly enough.
WR A+B -18: If you react to this on time you are in for a great punish as the second hit will whiff, giving you WR BB or 6B for punishes. If she follows up, WR BB will beat it out in speed.
WR A+BB - If you get hit by the first two hits but she continues the string, 8B immediately.
Crybaby -24: 6K2, the timing is a little tight though, so if you can't get that in time, stick with a 2K.
6B+K on JG -13: A tricky JG and not vital to know for the match up, but just guarding the second swing will net you a free AA or CE.
3B+K and 3B+KK - Here is some nifty (retarded) tech to do with this string. Following up with 6K after 3B+K is one of the best things you can do as it will interrupt her jump and catch her if she decides to do WR B right after 3B+K. If your air 6K connects you can link into 6B brave edge for 90 damage minimum.
66A -14: AA or CE
66AA -12: Too bad her tech crouch prevents any punishing. JG this string to get a 1K punish, PLEASE LEARN THIS JUST GUARD.
33A -14: Same as 66A
33AA -12: Same as above
11A -16: She is in tech crouch so 6B will whiff. Stick to wrK, 2B or CE.
11AA -12: You cannot punish this on block, you need to anticipate this with a jump B or a JG. WR K DEALS WITH IT ALL. 6B DOES DERP DAMAGE.
44A -13: CE, AA. Although she would have little reason to do this, AA punishes at close range, whiffs at mid-long.
44[A] - Duck the second hit and whiff punish with 6B or WR BB, this is a tight whiff punish so you have to be on point.
66BB on JG -16: 6B, or step right for a 33BB punish.
66B and her GI retreats: She is likely to do this after a non-guard break 66B string, if she goes into the aGI state, just shoot her.
33BB -13: CE is universal, but 2A will connect at extremely close range. If you JG this you get a 6B punish, although she has little reason to throw this out at neutral.
22B -13: CE will punish, 2A will connect at very close range.
44/11B: It is very likely she will go into her aGI state after a block so shoot her, a very slight delay before hand though.
22K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
22kAA -12: AA
22kAAK -14: AA or CE, or AA before for swag air hit into combos.
RUN K -22: 66BB or faster
AA BE Series: Just guarding the 3rd/4th hits net you a free 6B every time. 33BB will punish first version, 3B to read to quake stun.
WR B (BE) on JG -13: AA, CE.
CE -20: 66BB or faster

Bea Her Hua
B -13: CE or 2A when really close
K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
22kAA -12: AA
22kAAK -14: AA or CE

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high

Leixia has decent range but in most situations it is not long enough to reach you if she blocks a bolt. Even if you whiff horribly you can only eat so much damage given her damage output on normal hits. So crossbow is something that can be used somewhat liberally. If she blocks a bolt and can punish you, you may eat a 66B, not bad at all. This is a character where its advisable to space out and capitalize.
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[14] Master
VS Maxi

FC 3AAA -??: Anytime you block a form of this string use a WR K or 6B for the punish.
3B -14: A, K, CE. A and K work only at close range.
WR B -18: 6B, 3B, CE. 6B whiffs at long range.
2K -18: WR BB, 6B, CE
2KB -18: WR BB, 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
1K -14: 2B, CE
236K -15: 6B, CE. As soon as he stops go right into your punish.
WR KK - Stay crouched for the WR BB punish or sidestep for a back grab.
A+B -18: 6B, 3B, CE. 6B whiffs at long range. 3B whiffs at tip.
2A+B -25: WR BB, 66BB, CE.
4A+B -16: 6B, CE. 6B only works at close range. CE whiffs at tip range.
Fury NO final attack -16: 6B, CE
Full fury -24: 1K, 66BB, CE
11A -17+stance transition: WR BB, CE, 6B
44A -17: 6B, 3B, CE. 3B is blocked at tip range.
22B -30: Forces crouch. 66BB, CE.
22B on HIT -22: You have enough time to shoot him before he can recover even on hit, cool stuff no?
33B -12: AA shuts down 4 scenarios. He does nothing after, he uses KK, he uses BB, or he uses neutral guard. A from the stance avoids the AA and you get hit. CE also shuts down all his stance options but he can block you if he does not use a stance attack. This is up to you, you have many options.
11B -15: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at long range.
22KA -14: 2B, CE. 2B works at close range only. CE will get him.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR B
Left inner A(BE) -26: A+B or 66BB are great options.
CE -24: 66BB, Crossbow, CE.

Behind Lower
A -18: This will whiff if you stand still, whiff punish with crossbow or 66BB
K -23: You should be using 66BB as it will avoid the potential followup and still punish.
KK -13: 66BB! Please don't block this damn it.
***If he uses K(BE) watch for the BE effect and wait it out before punishing.

Left Inner
A -35: A+B, crossbow, 66BB, have sex, watch a tv show, etc.

Left Outer
K -12: 2A

Right Cross
AB -16: 6B, CE. 6B only works at close range.
K -19: WR BB, CE. (Why would he ever do this is beyond me though) If he does the followup you should be stepping.

Right Outer
KA -14: 2B, CE

Crossbow Viability: Low-medium

At a mid range block Maxi can zone in quickly and 66B for a heavy punish. 66A will suffice for him also if he is short on time. If you whiff on Maxi you can kiss a third of your life goodbye also. At long ranges you can play the crossbow game but there is a large risk associated with it. Be conservative. There is little reason why Maxi of all characters would be far away from you.

Maxi Stance Guide
Behind Lower

Options from stance: A is a high i15 move and -18 on block, Maxi back steps when he initiates this move, as a result its a retreating poke which can be hard to punish. B is a mid at i18 and -8. BB is a two hit mid at -9 on block. K is a low at i18 and -23 on block. KK is a low-high string at -13 on block but you should be ducking the kick, he can brave edge the second kick for more damage and safety on block, but again, you being crouched will avoid it.

He uses A: If you are at kissing range you can 3B him right after 4A for the CH but its unreliable. 66BB and 66A have enough TC frames to avoid the A and supply the punish. A+B is too slow and has irregular timing which takes too many risks. You can also wait for a whiff and shoot him or 66BB. Range is an issue for whiff punishing this move so 66BB or crossbow is your best bet.
He uses B: This move is a fake out that transitions into left outer, so -8 means "I am at -8 and have to attack or neutral guard" If he doesn't continue the string he will slightly backstep to give away the fact he is only using the one attack. There are universal shutdowns depending on range. If he uses B at kissing range 33/99BB will get interrupted but 22/88B will hit, the key is quickstepping at close range. If you freeze up and you do not step then it becomes a guessing game. Crossbow shuts down all of his options except left outer B which will step the bolt. 66BB can shut down all of his attack options but can get neutral guarded.
He uses BB: Quickstep after the first B and punish. MAKE SURE you 22/88 step and not 33/99 step at close range. At mid range, use 33/99BB for the punish.
He uses K: You have to know this is coming, if you get hit you are going down if he follows up. You cannot start stepping after 4A and avoid the kick. If for whatever reason he doesn't follow up and you get hit, you can actually CE him right after for a punish. Otherwise its -23 and you have very ample time for a punish.
He uses KK: If you block the first kick you should stay crouched to avoid any potential followup right after. 66BB, WR BB, and 6B all work for the whiff punish.

4A is -6 on block. So if he uses no stance attacks he is completely safe, be wary. Crossbow punishes EVERYTHING after 4A if he decides to follow up if you are quick. If he blocks crossbow at close range he can punish with 66B At close-midish range it will clash with A. 66BB shuts down everything right after except neutral guard. 4B can avoid BB, KK, and whiff when he uses A, the window is too large for him to neutral guard your 4B.

WR B+K is -2 on block. So as a result, your crossbow will now get interrupted on all stance options besides neutral guard, its more advisable to be on the defense here. AA can punish everything except A, which will avoid you and punish you.

11A is -17 on guard and -9 hit. Crossbow shuts down everything on hit and guard unless he guards. He cannot punish your crossbow on block due to pushback.

33B is-12 on guard. AA shuts down 4 scenarios. He does nothing after, he uses KK, he uses BB, or he uses neutral guard. A from the stance avoids the AA and you get hit. CE also shuts down all his stance options but he can block you if he does not use a stance attack. This is up to you, you have many options.

Left Inner

Options from stance: A is a mid at i15 and -35 on block. B is a mid at i25 and -5 on block. {B} is i55 is a and +16 on block. K is a high at i20 and +4 on block.

He uses A: You have THIRTY FIVE FRAMES to do something here if you block.
He uses B: He loops back into left inner at -5 frames. You can use 4K to beat out all of his stance options as kicks are not neutral guarded. If you want to take a neutral guard risk for more damage, use 3B.
He uses {B}: You have to avoid this or interrupt him or you're gonna eat a Left Inner A. You can step him in any direction and whiff punish with 66BB, or you can try to interrupt him with something like 3B for a CH.
He uses K : If you block this then you should really keep blocking. Seriously.

3A is -6 on block. 66BB shuts down all of his stance options except neutral guard. It is faster than A and K and tracks B due to Maxi stepping to Ezio's left. If he blocks it then RIP Ezio.

6B4 - If you block this then congrats, he is still there spinning his weapon like an idiot and you get a free punish, use 3B or 66BB.

6B4G is +8 on block and loops into the stance only. So please don't risk an interrupt here unless you are completely certain on what followup he will do.

22A is +6 on block and loops into the stance only. So attacking poses a large risk. AA beats out everything except A. Again, its best to be defensive here.

66B is -8 on block. 66K shuts down almost everything Maxi can do from the stance and is safe on block. The one exception here is if he uses B and holds down the input for a brief second so he is in TC frames longer, if he delays it ever so slightly, you will get punished. If he he holds it for the full i55 attack you will whiff but still have time to JG, GI, or quickstep. Alternatively, you can use WR A as you are in forced crouch and will interrupt all options except neutral guard. Or you can just 2K...

6A+B(BE) is +12 on block. You have to be nuts to attempt an interrupt of any sort.

Left Outer

Options: A is an i32 low at -9 on block. AK is an i32 low-mid string at -10 on block. B is a mid at i15 and -4 on guard. BK is a mid-high string at i15 and -2 on guard. K is a low at i26 and -12 on block.

He uses A: He is safe on block. The more viable counter is to know he will go for A and jump B him.
He uses AK: Just guard the kick for a 6B punish. (It is -15 on JG.)
He uses BK: You need to duck the kick followup. Prove to him you are going somewhere with a WR BB whiff punish.
He uses K: It is -12 on block so you can 2A punish it(Check the punishment section)

BB is +3 on block. 2A can interrupt everything but can get neutral guarded. 2K cannot get neutral guarded but is too slow to interrupt Left Outer B. CE can interupt everything but has odd clashing mechanics with Left Outer B if you use it late, so be quick on the punishment.

4B is +8 on block. Interrupting after a 4B is a bad idea.

Behind Lower B/BB is -8/-9 on block respectively. Crossbow can interrupt all of his options except Left outer B due to his tech step.

Right Cross

Options: A is a mid at i19 and -8. AB is a mid-mid string at -16 on block. B is a mid at i30 which is 0 on block and loops into Left Outer. K is a low at i30 at -19 on block. KK is a low-mid string at i30 and -8 on block.

He uses A: For whatever reason, you cannot step this. On JG you can instantly CE for a punish or interrupt if he continues the string.
He uses AB: Its -16...punish with 6B. On JG you can get an A+B punish. You can also step the B followup to Maxi's right for an A+B punish.
He uses B: You can step this for a 66BB whiff punish. On block there is a lot of pushback so interrupting with something other than CE poses a range issue.
He uses K: If you are certain he is only going to use K you can punish with WR BB.
He uses KK: If you blocked the first kick you should step to avoid the second kick. 33/99BB works great.

AA is -2 on block. 4K is the universal answer for everything he can do from this stance entry. 66BB in this case is too slow to be neutral guarded and can shut everything down except for A which beats it out in speed for some peculiar reason.

a+bG is -6 on block. Again, 4K is the universal answer to this stance for complete safety. 66BB can be neutral guarded this time so look out.

22B is -30 on block. -22 on hit. Crossbow shuts down this completely either way. Good game.

22{B} is +11 on block. You should be very defensive here.

Right Outer

Options: A is a high at i14 and +3 on block. AK is a high-mid string at i14 and is -10 on block. A[K] is a high-mid string and is +10 on block. B is a mid at i18 and and is -8 on block and loops into right cross. K is a mid at i30 and is -14 on block. KA is a mid-low string at i30 and is -14 on block. KK is a mid-mid string at i30 and is -9 on block.

He uses A: If he uses A only its time for some mind games, be on your toes, its POSITIVE on block. Be defensive.
He uses AK: You cannot punish unless you JG the kick, on JG the kick is -15 so you can 6B punish.
He uses A[K]: You can JG this for a 6B punish, interrupt him with 3B for a CH, or step to his right for a 66BB punish. Its best to keep stepping until you can confirm that the move whiffed.
He uses B: You can step this to either side for a whiff punish.
He uses KA: If you block the low you get a 2B or CE punish. You can also GI after the K to avoid having to deal with the mix up. You can also step the K if you know its coming and get a delicious 66BB You can also jump B to avoid the A.
He uses KK: You can step the second kick to either side for a whiff punish. Or GI if you fear the mix up.

6A is -3 on block. 6ABB shuts down Neutral guard, B, and K. Against A you will clash with Maxi and if he does nothing after he can block it.

FC 3AAA is -7 on guard and +3 on hit. If you guard it, WR K will shut down all of his stance options for a CH. If he does nothing after he will still get hit for a NH. If you get hit, 6ABB shuts down everything except B and if he chooses to not continue after the hit.

1B is +4 on guard. 2K will interrupt everything he has but whiffs against his K attacks...and it makes his own K whiff in turn and gives you a chance to react to his incoming mix-up.


[14] Master

1A -16: WR K, 6B, CE
bA -22: 66BB, 6B, CE
4A6 - 66BB is by far the best meterless option to snuff this mist entry. However, it will clash with MST K and MST B+K. Although these clashes lead to more damage on your end. If you clash with MST K you can then use WR A to combo from his stun into dumb damage. If you clash with MST B+K then you can combo with CE or 3K.
BB6 - Again, use 66BB to snuff all options.
6B2 -12: 2A can punish at close range but will whiff at mid and tip.
3B -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range. (BEWARE THE BRAVE EDGE)
FC 1BB - No reason not to step this into massive damage.
kB -16: Forces crouch so punish with WR K, 6B, or CE.
2KB -26: 66BB, 1K, etc
2KB on HIT -16: 6B, CE
2KB6 -22: 66BB
2KB6 on HIT -10: A good i16 move to use in case of this scenario is 3K as it has good reach. If you read the stance transition go in on his ass with a 66BB.
4KB on JG -17: A good just guard to learn for the match up so he can't abuse its guard crush properties. Get a 6B punish for this JG.
1K -14: 2B, CE
B+K -17: 3B is the best meterless punish at any range as it WILL get him, 6B whiffs at tip range. CE works too.
11A -16: This time he finishes in a tech crouch so 6B won't work. Use WR K, 2B, or CE.
44A -14: CE. 2A and A will punish at close range, whiff at mid and tip.
66B -13: CE, AA, 2A. AA turns into just A punish at long range. There is a very real threat of a delayed second hit, all three of these can interrupt it but none can interrupt a normal speed 66BB string.
66BB -23: 66BB is the best punish. CE is good too.
11BA - You should crouch the second hit for a WR BB punish
11BAB -12: You would much rather sidestep the 3rd strike and get a free back grab.
11BA6 - If you do not duck the second hit and he goes into mist use a 66BB.
44K -12: AA. For some reason this does not work on 4K.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
3B Brave Edge on JG -16: A great just guard/parry to learn for this match up. If you suspect this to come out after a 3B just guard it for a 6B punish or step it for a 66BB punish.
236B(BE) -16: 6B will punish all except tip range. CE works too.
2KB(BE) -22: 66BB or crossbow are the best punishes as now you have pushback to worry about.
CE -20: 66BB or faster but 66BB is probably your only choice save CE that can reach given the large pushback. Your punishes can whiff at tip range.
Silent step B -16: 6B will punish all except tip range. CE works too.


*If at anytime you anticipate a revenge A+B your 66BB will beat it out always. The first hit will trigger the revenge but the second hit is quick enough to hit him before he hits you.

BB+K -14: 66BB, or CE. It is -14 on block but he will still be in mist. If he decides to use A+B right after to use revenge 66BB will counter that move completely.
K -18: WR BB, CE. He will be out of mist after this. So WR BB will do the job. He is also tech crouched so 6B will whiff.
KB -15: 6B, although you should be ducking the second hit. Avoid the second hit, get up instantly and you can get a 1K punish.
B+K -14: He will still be in mist after this is blocked so use 66BB or CE

Crossbow Viability: Low-medium

There is a "kill-range" when it comes to blocked bolts. If Mitsurugi is close enough when blocking the bolt he can punish with a 66A+B into more stuff for heavy damage. It is therefore advisable to go into the 2/8 roll followup to lose some negative frames. This is advisable because Mitsurugi doesn't have fast, long range horizontal mids to catch your roll. Very similarly if you whiff, he can close in with the same attack or 66B into other strings for more heavy damage. Crossbow its a good way to close the spacing gap if you are playing a defensive Mitsurugi, but if he's very aggressive, leave the crossbow at home.


[14] Master
VS Natsu

AAB -14: CE is the only punish which can reach
AA6 -15: 6B, CE. Punish the instant you see her smoke cloud.
A6 -14: CE or AA. The attack pulls you in at tip range so use that to your advantage with AA.
6AB -13: AA or CE. ON JG get a 6B punish, or step left for a 66A+B punish.
6AK - Duck the kick for a 6B or WR BB punish. It is very possible to duck when blocking the 6A and react to the B.
3A -13: AA and 2A whiff at tip range. CE works.
1A -26: 66BB, WR BB, CE. You have a lot of time here. Use it well.
4A - 12: She goes right in possession so you have 2A and WR K as 100% safe options in this scenario. WR K beats hover and is safe enough so Natsu's brave edge teleport won't hurt you.
4A on hit is -2: If we want to beat out Possession we have some decisions to make. There is no magic move that beats out every situation unfortunately so you either have to make a hard guess or block. See the stance guide.
WR AAA -18: 6B, 3B, BB, CE.
BB tip: You should always be ducking after a BB string. If you see no bomb or kick, get ready to stand. This is definitely a player specific thing.
BK - A+B under the kick
3B -18: 6B, CE, 3B. 6B will whiff at tip range.
2B -14: 2A or CE. She is in crouch, and she is probably gonna use her A followup anyway.
4B -14: AA and 2A work on close range. 2A works on mid range. CE works overall.
WR B -12: AA. This will also interrupt WR B4A+B. However you will get hit if she opts for WR B4a+bA. Risk reward is in your favor though.
BT BA - This looks glitchy as hell but simply press 2 the second you block the B and you will force the A to whiff through your head. It is only about -13 on whiff though so take an AA punish.
KKK - You should be low guarding after the second kick, if she uses this string, just get back up with WR BB or 6B
KK2K -14: If you block this, punish with 2B or CE.
3KKK -14: Why would they ever do this at neutral is beyond me but you can get an AA or CE punish.
2K -16: WR K, 6B, or CE.
2KK - Right after the first kick, CE can JUST interrupt the string for the counter hit.
1K -14: 2B, CE.
4KK -14: 2B, CE. Or you can jump B after the first kick and avoid the second kick for more damage.
FC 3K -16: WR K or CE, she is in tech crouch so 6B whiffs.
FC 3KK: If you block the first kick you have no choice but to GI or JG if you want some offense. On JG it is -17 so use your 6B punish.
8KA -18: 3B, CE. Too much pushback for any other punish.
A+B4 -21: 66BB, CE.
6A+B -15: 6B, CE
4A+B (BOMBZ) -15: CE
8A+B -30: You actually can't do anything as she back rolls right after and you are in forced crouch.
66AB -16: CE. This is a string you need to learn to JG in order to have more footing in the match up. On JG she is at -23 so use a 1K punish.
44A -14: CE is the only thing that can reach, this has some dumb blockstun. However, if you learn the odd timing for JGing the second hit, you can get up to a 66A+B punish.
11A - Ignore the stupid frame data, this is a low/high string. So block the low and get a 6B, WR BB, or 66BB whiff punish.
66B -16: Way too much pushback for any other punish save CE.
22B -12: AA. You have to be RIGHT on them for this to work, otherwise she can block it.
66K -16: BB, 6B, CE.
33/99K: Duck second kick.
22KA -18: 6B, 3B, CE.
44K -17: 6B, 3B, CE She has no real reason to do this though...
RUN K -22: 66BB or WR BB
66B(BE) - Duck the second hit into a 6B, WR BB, or 66BB whiff punish.

A6 -14: A punishes at close range, 2A at mid, CE for all.
K -21: 66BB or Crossbow
B+K -26: 6K2

Wind Roll
A -14: CE or AA
B -25: A+B

Distorted Breeze
KA -18: 6B, CE.

Possession Guide
4A on hit - Natsu is at -2 in this scenario but you have to do some guessing to come out of top.
You use 4B - Wins against all options except hover, teleport brave edge, and PO A (Natsu recovers fast enough that she can block this).
You use A+B - Wins against all options except PO B, PO K at kissing range. Whiffs mutually with hover options and teleport brave edge.
Just run up and guard - This will require some reaction skills but this will shut down hover for a whiff punish.

WR AAA6 on block - Natsu is at -27 and frankly in a bad position.
You use A+B - Wins against all options except whiffing mutually with teleport brave edge.

WR AAA6 on hit - Natsu is at -19, your shut downs largely depend on your reaction time.
You use A+B - If you are buffering this move right as the you're getting smacked by the second hit, just refer to the situation above.

BK6 - It is vital that you duck the kick. If you duck the kick and come right back up with a 6B, she cannot do anything in stance.

B[K]6 - Same deal, just wait for the kick to whiff.

4A+B6 - Natsu is at -3 and you are in crouch, this will also take some guessing to come out on top.
You use WR K - Loses to teleport brave edge, PO A, PO K, and PO A:6, beats hover and slower options however.

Crossbow Viability: Low-medium

Wind rolls make your crossbow near useless in this match up. With her 6B+K roll she can close a lot of distance and avoid any high bolts, but she is susceptible to low bolts. With 2/8B+K rolls you cannot shoot her anyway. You are forced to play closer with this match up. If she blocks a bolt she probably cannot reach you in time to punish, but if you whiff she can zone in quickly with her 66B for hefty damage.
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[14] Master
VS Nightmare

AA - You really need to duck the second A on reaction. Duck it for WR BB or 6B. Or use A+B to TC the second A.
AAB -16: He's a moron if he uses this. On block it forces crouch and you can't punish with anything but CE. CE will whiff at tip range due to the pushback. So step this!!
A2A -16: WR K or 6B works at close range, whiffs otherwise. CE will hit even at tip range.
A2AA -16: Only 6B can hit at extremely close range. CE will hit except at tip range. JGing or jumping this attack is a good idea.
6A -15: 6B works at close and mid range. CE will punish any range.
3A -20: 66BB or close range. However, a 3B punish isn't a bad idea as it gets damage and will interrupt 3A2A for a CH.
3AA - 20: Can be hard to punish due to proper spacing, 66BB can punish but will probably whiff, learn to JG this attack.
3A2A -18: WR BB is universal except at absolute tip range. 6B works too but whiffs at long range. CE always gets him.
2A -14: 2B or CE.
1A -18: Naked, WR BB does the trick but he may go into GS. You want to CE or 2A after an attack that can transition into grim stride for the 100% shut down.
1A into GS - Use WR A, 66A, or CE to shut this stance down from this attack.
1[A] - You need some sort of anti for this move. Interrupt him or jump over the attack, however be cautious of the the K cancel if you opt for jumping over it.
4A - This is slow enough to duck on reaction so do so!
BB - Step this to either direction and whiff punish. It is better to step to Nightmare's right however.
6{B} - Use 6ABB to beat all options.
3B -20: The neat thing is that 66BB can punish this...and is quick enough to shut down any other option he has from night side stance. However, at absolute tip range he can have enough time to A and avoid the attack. Use your discretion. Buffer this quickly!
1B -16: Don't bother unless he's an idiot and does it your face, if so, WR K or 6B. CE will work at mid range but whiff at long and tip.
4BB -14: You can step this to Nightmare's left for a 1K punish but if you are stuck blocking it only CE can punish. Even then the pushback makes it difficult to punish, just step or JG the second hit of this move.
4B{B} - 66BB shuts down all options.
FC 3B -18: 6B is best for close range, 3B can just reach him for mid. CE can punish long. But CE will whiff at tip.
WR B -22: Very similar to blocked 3{B}, so opt for a 66BB hurt him.
2K -16: WR K, 6B, CE.
2[K] - Don't stand there like an idiot. Use a tech jump or interrupt him.
1K -14: 2B, CE.
4K -14: CE. All other punishes whiff.
4KK - Duck the second punch into WR BB or 6B. Again, you can also use A+B to TC under.
WR K -16: 6B, CE
A+B -20: 66BB is your best bet because the wave will push you back a bit.
2A+B -16: Included for comedy's sake. Lets say he messes up an input and does this, so 6B, WR K, or CE him. CE will always reach but WR K and 6B will whiff at longer ranges.
66A6 - This Grim Stride transition can be shut down with 6ABB concerning any immediate attacks from it. Empty GS can avoid this. So if you want a 100% shut down use 2A or CE.
22AA -16: 6B works but spacing is an issue, learn to just guard this string for an A+B punish.
22AA6 - React to the absence of a second hit and 2A.
33B -22: As a block punish it may be lackluster but opt for a 66A here as it will block punish and counter any grim stride attacks. However, it will lose to an empty GS into flapjack or 1K. So use 2A or CE if you suspect anything. 66BB can block punish this if they do it alone.
22B -16: CE. CE is the only punish that can reach and will whiff beyond mid range.
44{B} - Your two primary options are 2A and WR K. WR K will beat out every option except b:A for a CH. 2A will always win.
66K -16: 6B, CE.
66K2 - 66A will counter all options here except one. If Nightmare does 66K into empty GS he can block 66A. So if want to sacrifice damage for 100% assurance, use 2A.
44K - Duck this into 6K2.
66A+B -16: Forces crouch. So your options are WR K, 2B, or CE.
RUN K -22: 66BB or faster
2A+B/2B+G -16: He is in a crouch, so use WR K, 2B, or CE.

Brave edge shutdowns.
4K(BE) - You want to crouch the second hit and do one of two things. The first thing you can do is as soon as you crouch, come back up with a WR K for a counter hit. Secondly, you can step for a back grab.
33B(BE) -16: 6B works at close range. CE works at mid. You should be JGing the second hit or stepping to Nightmare's right for an A+B punish.
Grim Stride K(BE) - Duck the second hit for a WR BB punish.

Grim Stride
A -16: 6B or CE
K -18: WHY WOULD HE DO THIS, 3B or faster

Night Side Stance
A -12: Too much pushback for a punish
[A] -4: AA beats out K (i9)
B -18: WR BB works for close range. CE works for mid. Be wary of spacing!
bA -16: 6B. 6B whiffs at tip range. CE will get him.
K -16: 6B, CE.
A+B -14: A and 2A punish at close range. 2A works at midish-close. CE will always punish.

Crossbow Viability: Medium

Many Nightmares love to play the spacing game and this tool is what helps you contend against the character's superb movement and spacing. On block, Nightmare can punish at close ranges with 66A, but if you space correctly, he cannot block punish you. On whiff however, you are very likely to eat a 33B into respectable damage so be smart with your crossbow. Do not overuse it.


[14] Master
VS Patroklos
*Gracefully stolen from Juece.

3A -12: AA. The AA has a very inconsistent punish due to spacing issues. If he does at kissing range you can AA punish, other wise, force a mix up here.
1A -17 JG -26: wrK. If you JG you have more options: wrA, BB, 66BB
6BBB -16 JG -21: Second hit can be sidestepped either direction after
blocking the first hit of the string. Can also 6ABB or 66BB. The move can be delayed after each hit making 6AB some what risky, if they delay the second hit you will trade and both Ezio and Pat will be CH, Ezio will fall and Pat will be in a spin stun state. (Note: It's a bit harder to side step towards Pats right side)
3B -16 JG -21: Can be punished with 1BBB, 6B, and 6B BE. Note: Cannot use 1BBB consistently if Pat uses 3B at tip range. 6B is the most reliable way to punish at any range.
3KK: Duck after the first kick to avoid the second kick. If he does whiff the second kick opt for a WR BB or 6B for a whiff punish.
1K -18: Punish with wrBB, wrK, 6B, 6AB, CE
wrK -18: 6B, 1BBB, 6AB, CE
wrKA -16: JG -20: AA, 6B, CE
A+B - Duck the second you see the green flash and whiff punish with something like 6B or WR BB. Or...if you're feeling manly you can A+B the second you see the flash and punish him that way.
2A+B -22 JG -27: wrBB, 66BB, 6B (sometimes whiffs) wrA, CE
8A+B -13 JG -24: CE will whiff as a 8A+B will knock you off axis. JG: 66BB, 6B, CE
wrA+B -15 JG -20: AA(range dependent) 6B(tight timing) JG: I had trouble getting the timing down, post when I can JG this move consistently.
B+K -14 JG -35: Only punishable with a CE at close range, if used at tip range CE will whiff, JG allows for a 66BB punish
8B+K -12 JG -24: JG punishes only: B, 66BB, CE
33B -12 JG -21: JG:6AB, 66BB, BB, 6B
11B -14: K for meterless, CE otherwise. 2A will whiff.
44B -3 JG -17: Leaves you in a force crouch state. JG: BB, 6B, CE
66K -16: 6B or CE
11K -16: wrK, fcB, fcK, fcA
44K -16: 44KK is high-high and the delay can be extended unnaturally long. Because of the large amount of delay it can have interrupting the second hit can be difficult. When in doubt 2k it out
66A BE +8 JG -35-?: Second hit can be stepped for a 11A punish. JG: A+B,
66A+B (JG'ing gives you amazing options with 66A+B, as it leaves you close
enough to combo 66A+B~1BBB~3B for 89dmg or better yet with meter 66A+B CE for 117 - 131 dmg)
236B BE -5 JG -16: Second hit can be stepped. JG: 6B, 1BBB
1B BE: Mid High Mid, block the first hit duck the second then quick step towards Pat's shield for a free back throw
CE -20: 66BB, CE

JS(Justice Step/236)
A -16 JG : 6B, CE.
AB -16 JG -25 - ?: CE. JG: 1k, A+B, 66BB. Can also be sidestepped after the first hit
B -20: 6B, 3B, 66BB, CE whiffs because you are knocked off axis.
K -18: 1BBB, 3B, 6B

Crossbow Viability: Medium

On block, Patroklos will struggle to punish with 66B depending on range. If you shoot him right in front in your face then yes, you will get 66B punished. However if you side roll after a blocked bolt, he cannot punish you. All other ranges however he can do nothing but guard. On whiff however, he will get his 66B and the consequences that come from that move whatever they may be in that situation. It is an excellent tool to abuse in long range situations but getting too zealous with it will lead to 66B pain.

Excellent moves to use for the match up: 2K, 66A, 4A, 22K, 6B.

Moves to be very conservative with for the match up: 66BB on block.

Projected MU score: 5-5 (Sources: Drakealdan, Partisan)

Patroklos wants to get to run his cheese game and you have tools to keep him at bay and push him out considerably. 22K and long range crossbow will help you control the field and hopefully peck away at his life giving him more incentive to close in and make some reckless mistakes. In terms of mid range pokes you have the edge given your safe step catchers that close in. Use of 33/99A is a great tactic against Pat, especially if the one you are facing is in love with 66B. On the flip side, this slight edge is in fact slight because if you get too close his risk reward favors him due to 44A. When he inevitably gets in however, you are not completely helpless. An ideal spacing against close quarters Patroklos is a range where you can run considerable offense with 3B, 66A, and 22K where his 1K and 44A whiff, so he has to do work in order to get in his ideal rushdown range. You have strong answers in his hard read 50/50's in the form of 6B given how reliably it punishes 1K and 3B. However, things start to become difficult when he lands a hit on you in close range, you have get out of jail free cards in the form of 4B+K and 4B, but if he just waits and block, you will absolutely pay for it, so patience is key when you get hit by say...COMENAA.

You have cheese of your own in this match up in the form of 2K. Patroklos' 2A is a garbage answer for post 2K Ezio and so that in of itself limits his options to a safe linear attack or a more risky mid step catcher. As a result, you should be very liberal with 2K in this match up. Especially at a longer range because if he blocks it, his ideal punish of 236B will whiff.

Patroklos' A+B deserves its own section given the malicious power of it. This is a good move for him to use given that it is effective on many of your staple pokes. This throws a wrench into your poke game that can be remedied. Your stab pokes are essential in this match up so you do not get GI'd. So as a result, 6B, 1BBB, and 2B become very useful in the match up.
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[14] Master
VS Pyrrha

AK -14: CE or AA. AA has little to no whiffing issues.
3A -14: CE is the only punish that can reach.
1A -22: 66BB is your best choice and she is in tech crouch so 6B wont work. WR BB or CE can also work.
1AA -22: 66BB, 6B, CE, 3B. You can also CE right after 1A and you will out prioritize her next strike
4AA -22: Refer to 1A for punishing.
4AAA -22: Refer to 1AA for punishing.
4AB -14: Forces crouch. 2B can punish at mid and short range but whiff at long. CE can always punish.
6BK -14: CE or 2B
3B -16: 6B but whiffs at mid to long range. CE will always punish.
2BB -20: 66BB, 6B, CE.
3KK -16: Way too much pushback for anything but CE. You can also step to Pyrrha's left for a 1K punish.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
1K -15: 2B, CE
WR {A+B} - Don't let her get away with this garbage, smack with her a 3B for a CH.
B+K -12: AA. AA fails at tip range as she can block it from that range however.
B+KB -20: 66BB, 6B, CE.
2B+KBBBB -16: WR K, 6B. The hits can whiff however and you can get a wrBB on whiff.
11AA -14: A, 2A, or CE.
33B -14: A or K works at close range. CE will always punish.
22B -18: 6B, 3B, CE
22BA -40: A+B or quicker
22BAK -60: good game RIP. (She would have little reason to do this when blocked though)
11/44B -14: AA works at close range, A and 2A work at midish range. CE will always punish.
33/66K -13: Stick to 2A for close and mid. CE will punish all ranges.
44KA -16: WR K, 6B, CE. But seriously, look how telegraphed that move is...jump attack it maybe?
44KAB -16: CE. Pushback is too great for anything else.
66B+KAB -16: 6B, BB, 1BBB, CE
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB, CE.
66B Brave Edge: This is a fairly easy just guard, so just guard it and 6B punish. If you cannot just guard use 4B+K to step the second hit and whiff punish her.
CE -20: 66BB, 6B, 3B, CE.

Angel Step
A -18: 3B or faster
AA -16: WR K, 6B, CE.
AA Brave Edge: Just guard the third hit for a 6B punish.
B -18: 6B, CE.
K -27: Use 66BB or shoot her.

Crossbow Viability: Medium

On block she cannot do a damn thing about crossbow (unless you foolishly do it at point blank range, then she can stab you) On whiff you are very likely to eat a 66B(BE) punisher into significant damage so be careful here. Playing the range game with her is a good idea until she starts to rushdown and adapt. It would be medium-high if the price for whiffing was not so high.


[14] Master
VS Pyrrha Omega

1A -22: 66BB, WR BB, CE. She is in tech crouch so 6B won't work.
1AA -24: 66BB, 6B, CE. At mid range you can score a 1K on her.
4AA - For both variants this is a high-high string. So duck the second hit. A+B is a great TC option for the hold variant but gets hit midair by the non hold counterpart. 66BB does the job in both cases.
4AB -18: It doesn't look like it but 6B will hit most of the time, if you are afraid of it whiffing use CE or 3B. BB likes to whiff.
6BB on Just Guard -13: A just guard that it does not hurt to learn. Get your free AA or CE.
3B -18: 6B, 3B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
2BB -20: 66BB, 6B, CE
FC 1BB -20: 66BB, 6B, CE
WR B -12: AA will only punish if your back is up against an edge or wall. Otherwise, there is too much pushback.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
4K -14: AA works at close range. CE will always punish.
B+K -12: AA works except at tip range.
B+KB -20: 66BB, 6B, CE
2B+KBBB -16: WR K, 6B, CE. She doesn't have whiffing issues like Pyrrha.
11AA -16: 6B, CE
33B -14: A works at close range. CE will always punish.
11/44B -13: AA works at close range. A works at mid range. CE will always punish.
66K -15: 6B, CE.
33K -13: Why does there have to be two? This one is safer and AA can punish close. CE can always punish.
44K -16: 6B, BB, CE
66B+KAB -16: 6B, CE
RUN K -22: 66BB, wrB
6B Brave Edge on Just Guard -20: A more vital just guard to learn for the match up. Just guard this and get a 66BB or 6B punish.
Allistor strikes (2B[BE], FC 1B[BE]) -14: Only CE can punish due to the pushback.
CE -21: 66B or faster, be wary of pushback

Nemesis Step
A -16: 6B, CE
B -18: 6B, 3B, CE
K -14: AA and 2A work at close range. CE will always punish.

Double Nemesis Step
A -16: 6B, CE
B -14: CE, pushback is too great for anything else.

Crossbow Viability: Low-medium

Crossbow is typically a bad idea due to DNS. On block you are safe at midish-long range as DNS B or 66B cannot reach in time. On block your side rolls will save you from being punished at mid range, but at close range, her stab will track both ways. It is usually death when you whiff given the fact that Omega can zone in extremely fast and capitalize on your crossbow whiffs very quickly. You can play the range game at full screen without much fear but this is a tool you should be conservative with in this match up.


[14] Master
VS Raphael

AB -14: 2B, CE. 2B whiffs at tip range.
6AB series: Duck the B and iWR BB
1A -16: WR K, 6B, CE. 2B and WR K whiff at tip range. CE will reach until tip.
4A -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
BBB -16: 6B, CE. If you guard only the 3rd hit at tip range, 6B can whiff. JG 2nd hit for CE interrupt. JG 3rd hit for66BB. Step right for 66A+B
6BB -14: Use a CE to punish normal and prep entries, 6BBB will get you though.
6BBB -16: 6B, CE. 6B likes to whiff at tip range. Step right for 66A+B. JG for 1K
4B -14: Only CE can reach and that will kill prep too.
FC 3B -14: CE. CE will whiff at long/tip.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -16: BB, 6B, CE. 6B cannot punish at tip range for some reason, but this is very situational.
A+B -17: 6B, 3B.
A+BA -12: 2A. 2A whiffs at midish and tip range. You are better off anticipating the 3rd strike and doing a Jump B.
33A -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
22A -12: AA works at close range. A works at mid range. AA whiffs at long range.
44A -18: 6B, 3B.
44AB -17: 6B, 3B.
33B -16: WR K, 6B, CE. Be wary of spacing here. Only CE can punish at most ranges, whiffs at tip.
11B -16: 6B, WR K, CE. You cannot punish 11BB from block however.
44B -16: 6B, CE. 6B works for close range, CE will punish all ranges.
33KB -16: 6B, CE. 6B works for very close range, CE will always connect.
11K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
66B+K -12: Forces crouch. 2A can punish at close ranges, other than that its safe.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
33KB (BE) on JG -25: A+B, 6B, CE.
6B(BE) on JG -27: A+B, 1K. Or step right for a 66A+B punish.
CE -20: 66BB, 6B, CE

K -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
BBB -16: 6B, CE.
A+B -23 66BB, WR BB, CE. 66BB is the best punish to close the spacing.

Shadow Evade
K -13: 2A. 2A only works up close. CE gets blocked from far.

Crossbow Viability: Low

Raphael has plenty of tools to discourage any use of crossbow. If he is feeling cheeky he can B+K your bolt for guaranteed damage and the spacing being closed. On block he can still punish at mid range with 236B. On whiff you will either eat a 236B or 66B, both things you don't need to eat. This is a tool you should rarely ever use in the match up.
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[14] Master
VS Siegfried

6A -13: CE or faster
3A -14: A and 2A work at close range. CE will always get him regardless.
3aA -14: Too much pushback for anything but CE. CE will whiff at tip range.
2A -14: 2B, CE. 2B can whiff at longer ranges.
1A -17: wrK, 6B, CE. wrK and 6B whiff at mid range. CE will punish long range but not absolute tip range.
1AA -17: wrK, 6B, CE. 6B and wrK have a larger range window to punish as Siegfried moves towards you. CE whiffing isnt an issue at tip range.
WR A -21: 66BB or CE are your best bet due to spacing. 66BB will get blocked at tip range.
WR AA -24: 66BB, WR BB
BB -15: 6B, CE. 6B will work at close and mid range. CE can reach even on tip.
BBA -16: wrK, 6B, CE. 6B and wrK will whiff at tip range. CE will catch him.
1B -16: 6B, CE. 6B will only work on close range. CE will whiff at tip range.
4B -12: AA. If you are kissing him AA will work, otherwise don't bother.
BT BB -18: 6B, CE, BB. Spacing isnt an issue here because there is no pushback on the second move!
3KK -19: WR BB, CE. He is in tech crouch so 6B will whiff.
3KKB -16: 6B, CE.
1K -14: 2B, CE.
4KK -14: CE can only punish on block... or you can just duck the second hit for the WR BB
WR K -14: AA, CE. AA works great. The second hit of AA whiffs at tip range.
9K -12: AA
A+BA -14: 2B, CE. 2B whiffs at long-tip range. You should be jump attacking this anyway...
44K - Duck this into 6K2
66A+B -16: WR K, 2B, CE.
RUN K -22: 66BB, wrBB
SBH K(BE) -14: CE or AA
CE -23: Range will probably be an issue so just shoot him!
2A+G/B+G -16: WR K, 2B, CE.

Base Hold
A -19: WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at long to tip range.
K -14: AA or CE

Chief Hold
KK -14: A, CE, 2A.

Side Hold
A -17: WR K, 2B, CE. wrK and 2B whiff at mid range. CE will catch him.
AA -17: 6B, WR K, CE. 6B and WR K will whiff at long range.
BBB or BB or B -18: You shouldn't be just blocking these things, learn to step them damn it.
K -14: CE is the only punish that will reach.

Reverse Side Hold
A - Duck this into WR BB
B -21: 66BB, CE
K -19 or -10 if [K]: WR BB is the best choice

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high (Turns into Low-medium with a bar of meter)

At point blank range Siegfried can punish your crossbow with 6B unless you side roll, then Siegfried cannot do anything given his sluggishness and lack of fast horizontal mids. On whiff he still has trouble capitalizing and can maybe get a 3B off for the punish, if that. Crossbow is a good tool to harass him with in the long range when you two are playing the spacing game. If you use crossbow without any rolls involved then Siegfried can CE punish you so be wary about that.

Siegfried Stance Guide
Special Thanks to Heaton for compiling this information.​

In most of these, 66A or 66B will beat all but one option each - B+K and 2*8B+K respectively.

B+K enters into Base Hold (SBH), which will Guard Impact 66A and enables him to launch you with a guaranteed SBH B for high damage - at minimum 91 damage, with one Brave Edge 112 damage. This does not count Clean Hits, of which there can be multiple in a combo involving SBH B. There is also ring out potential forward and to his left, as well as an easy wall splat to his left for even more damage.

2*8B+K spins to either side into Chief Hold (SCH), which can evade 66B depending on the stance entrance used. The base damage off of SCH B is 75 damage meterless, and 102 damage via CE. The stance also has left side ringout potential off of SCH k(BE). Positioning plays a part in defending against SCH. For example, if you force him into a corner or near a wall, and you block an stance entrance that normally allows him a chance to evade your verticals with 2*8B+K, he may find himself out of room Something else keep in mind is that he can also whiff his punishment if you complete 66BB, leaving you out of range if he attempts to punish as early as possible. Siegfried can take actions to prevent whiffed punishment, but he needs to consciously think ahead and anticipate your forward movement.

Having good yomi is vital to playing Siegfried effectively, and in turn it is also vital if you wish to counter his stances effectively. Instead of fighting him head on, it is better to engage him out of stance as often as possible, and to not play his reverse mix-up game. Crossbows, for example, are effective tools, at it allows Ezio to control spacing at distances that exceed Siegfried's maximum range, and even at a closer distance they are hard for him to punish effectively. You can also choose to play close up and personal, which will allow you to stuff most of his slow transitions with ease.

However, it is not always possible to keep him out of stances 100% of the time. Sooner or later he is going to get into a stance, and if you want to come out on top, it is vital that you react immediately and make and informed decision as to how best to counter his stances.
Base Hold​
Auto Guard Impact stance. Impacts weapon horizontals and tech crouches highs. Has uses as a combo ender. Generally has poor entrances on block. Fastest exit is SBH K at i14 but unsafe; safe exit (SBH B) is extremely slow and telegraphed.



CE beats everything at anything closer than point blank. At point blank, CE loses to SBH 2*8B+K.

Don't bother blocking the stance entrance, since not only is it very easy to see, but AA can be ducked and punished (WR BB) on reaction.


(B)/2(B) ~ SBH

66B beats everything except SBH K.
At a distance, 11A beats everything except SBH B, 2*8B+K ~ SCH K, and sitting in SBH.
CE beats everything except 2*8B+K.


2(A+B) ~ SBH

2A beats everything except neutral SBH and SBH 4B+K.
CE beats everything if 2A+B is blocked from tip or mid range. At close range, it loses to SBH 2*8B+K.


44(B) ~ SBH

SBH K beats all neutral offensive options, and can be beaten in turn by 99A, 11A, 99B, 11B, 99K, 88K, and 77K. In this situation, you cannot Quick Step to evade, as SBH K will beat out your step - you MUST commit to an 8-way run attack. SBH B, in turn, however, beats all of these 8WR attacks, but loses to most neutral offensive options.



This is not a mix-up on block. Punish it with WR BB, 66BB, or CE.


Chief Hold​
A versatile stance used for reverse mix-ups, combos, spacing, and whiff punishment. Most Siegfried players will try to spend a lot of time in this stance because of its relative strength and versatility, though they will usually limit entrances to WR (B), 66k(BE), and 22k(A).


BBA4 / BB(A)4 ~ SCH

11A beats everything except for SCH B+K and SCH K.
CE beats everything.

With 11A, SCH K will hit at an odd angle and leave Siegfried in BT SCH. If he does SCH KK or SCH k(BE), the second hit will whiff and you can still punish him. However, if he uses SCH K, he can still fight from BT SCH A and BT SCH B.


3(B) / WR (B) ~ SCH

2*8 ~ A+B will beat any immediate attacks from SCH, beat most attacks after SCH 8*2B+K (trades with SCH K in that scenario), and lose to most delayed actions.
99A will beat any immediate attacks from SCH, beat SCH 2*8B+K, 6B+K, and 4B+K, lose to SCH B+K, and lose to most delayed options.
CE beats everything except SCH 2B+K.


11(B) ~ SCH

66B beats everything when blocked at mid to tip range. At close range, it loses to SCH 8B+K.


44B(B) ~ SCH

66B beats everything when blocked at everything but tip range. When the entrance blocked at tip range, you are out of SCH's range.


22k(A) ~ SCH

99A will beat any immediate attacks from SCH, beat SCH 2*8B+K, 6B+K, and 4B+K, lose to SCH B+K, and lose to most delayed options.
CE beats everything except SCH 2B+K.


66k(BE) ~ SCH

2*8 ~ A+B will beat any immediate attacks from SCH, beat most attacks after SCH 8*2B+K (trades with SCH K in that scenario), and lose to most delayed actions.
99A will beat any immediate attacks from SCH, beat SCH 2*8B+K, 6B+K, and 4B+K, lose to SCH B+K, and lose to most delayed options.
CE beats everything except SCH 2B+K.



Sidestep the first hit of this on block. There is absolutely no reason you should ever block this entrance.

Side Hold​
Typically used because of its powerful whiff punisher in SSH BBB, Side Hold is greatly weakened when entered on block, because half of the entrances move you forward into the stance, and the stance itself does not give great rewards to Siegfried for guessing correctly on a reverse mix-up. However, it can potentially be used to blindside an opponent to end the round because of its lack of use.​
(A) / 22kA(A) ~ SSH

66A beats everything except for (A) ~ SCH B+K.
66B beats everything except for (A) ~ SCH 8B+K.
CE beats everything unless the entrance is blocked at max range.


6(A) ~ SSH

66A kills everything except for 6(A) ~ SSH B+K.
66B kills everything except for 6(A) ~ SSH 2B+K.
CE beats everything unless the entrance is blocked at max range.

WR (A) ~ SSH

66A beats everything except for 6(A) ~ SSH B+K.
66B beats everything except for 6(A) ~ SSH 8B+K.
CE beats everything when blocked at range, but loses to 6(A) ~ SSH 2B+K at close range.



66A beats everything except for A+B ~ SSH B+K.
66B beats everything except for A+B ~ SSH 2*8B+K.
CE beats everything except for SSH K and SSH 2*8B+K.

Similar to most other options at a glance, A+B is different in that SSH K beats your fast, non-crouching options.



66A beats everything except for SCH (A) ~ SSH B+K.
66B beats everything except for SCH (A) ~ B+K.
CE beats everything.


Reverse Side Hold​
Siegfried's reverse mix-up stance. Against a character with good meter punishment like Ezio, the stance becomes less effective as the match drags on and Ezio accumulates meter with which to punish. Because of this, you're likely to see this stance most often at the beginning or at the end of a round. The entrances into this stance on block are very poor, and all but one have an option that beats every action Siegfried can take.


ag(A) ~ SRSH

66B beats everything.
If blocked at point blank range, 66A+B will interrupt SRSH A and misalign the hitbox of SRSH B. SRSH K will whiff mutually in this situation.


4(A) ~ SRSH

2A beats everything.
66A beats everything except for SRSH B+K.
66B beats everything except for SRSH 2*8B+K.
CE beats everything.

A weak entrance into SRSH. 2A is the simple and light punish, CE is the slightly harder and heavier punish. 66A and 66B work as usual.


44(A) ~ SRSH

66A beats everything except for 44(A) ~ SRSH B+K.
66B beats everything except for 44(A) ~ SRSH 8B+K.
CE beats everything.

You really, really need to duck this move on reaction because it is extremely slow (i33). Ducking enables a WR BB punish.



66A+B beats everything except SRSH B+K, and whiffs mutually with SRSH K.
WR BB beats everything except for SSH A and SSH AA.
CE beats everything except for SSH AA.

Look out for the non-stance transition version of this move, which is can either bait out an unsafe-on-block punisher (SSH A) or interrupt a slow punisher (SSH AA).