Trying to Warn You: A Comprehensive Ezio Guide


[14] Master
VS Tira

JS 6AB -18: She is in tech crouch so use WR BB or CE.
GS 3A -14: AA, CE.
GS 3AA - What you should be doing is ducking after you block the second hit for a WR BB or 6B punish.
JS 2A -18: WR BB, 6B, CE.
JS 2AB -21: 66BB, 6B, 3B, CE.
1A -14: 2B, CE. 2B gets blocked at tip range.
JS 4A -14: AA, CE. AA whiffs at mid-long range.
7A -16: CE
8A -15: 6B, CE.
9A: -14: AA, CE
JS 3B -12: AA. AA whiffs at mid and long range.
GS 3B -14: A, 2A, K, CE. A, 2A, and K only work at close range. CE can always punish.
GS 4B -12: AA can work at close range.
GS 4B:B -14: 2B, CE.
GS 4B:B:B -17: 6B, 3B, CE
JS 4B 18: 3B, CE. 3B or CE are the only moves that can reach, no whiffing issues for either.
WR BK - What you should be doing is as soon as you block B, use 1BBB to score a counter hit into 3B.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
JS 1K -21: 66BB, WR BB, CE. WR BB likes to whiff at tip range so go for the 66BB.
GS 1K -16: WR K, 6B, CE
236K -20: 66BB, WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at tip range so be wary.
4B+K -16: If she does cut this string short use CE or 6B
JS BT B+K -16: 6B, CE.
JS BT B+KB -18: Forces crouch. WR BB does not work. Use 6B at close ranges. Use CE for long ranges. CE whiffs at tip range. Be absolutely sure that she won't initiate the aGI right after. As a result of this garbage, this is a string where it is very advantageous to learn how to just guard. You get a A+B punish if you JG the second hit.
JS 66A -20: 66BB, 6B, BB, CE
JS 66AA -20: 66BB, 6B, BB, CE
JS 44A -16: 6B, CE.
JS 44AA -15: 6B, CE. 6B can get blocked at tip range. 4B can avoid this mix up completely if you are not a kissing range when she initiates it.
JS 44A2A -15: 2B, 6B, CE. 6B and 2B whiff at mid-long range. Also see the above note about 4B.
GS 33B -14: A, CE. 2A and K like to whiff on this one. A only works at close range.
JS 11B -14: 2B, CE.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
GS 3A Brave Edge - Again, duck after the second hit. You just have to wait until the animation finishes.
JS 66B Brave Edge on JG -25: Learn to just guard this string and get an A+B punish.
CE -20: 66BB, 6B, CE.

A -14: AA or CE
K at close range -18: 6B, BB, CE
K at tip range -18: WR BB, 6B, CE

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high

Unless at point blank range, either version of Tira cannot block punish your crossbow. On whiff, Jolly Tira can 6B (BE) you for a fair amount of damage. On whiff, Gloomy Tira has issues whiff punishing from longer ranges and the best she can get most reliably would probably be just to run up and 3B if she had the time. A counter to Gloomy's punishment is if you use a 6B+K and roll right after to avoid her vertical punishers. So crossbow harassment from long ranges is a pretty good tactic against Tira but abstain from using it when she begins to close the distance.


[14] Master
VS Viola

*Orb=Orb is in her possession. SET=Orb is somewhere on the stage.
AAB ORB -18: She is setting the orb here, beat her up for that with a 3B. You get the CH for it if you get her.
AAB SET - Crouch the orb return and use a low poke to gain the momentum. 2K or 2B work great here.
6AA -16: WR K, 6B, CE.
6AB: You should still be crouching!
1A -20: WR BB, CE. 66BB is tight.
ORB 4A -13: AA, CE.
BBB ORB -13: K or CE for the CH.
BBB SET - It is important to find some way to avoid the orb. Your TC moves are not fast enough to avoid the orb and hurt her at the same time however. As a result, crouch or JG the orb and retreat or apply guard pressure/mix up.
3B -14: With her orb, pushback is too much of an issue so only CE can punish and even then it whiffs at tip range. Without her orb AA can punish close range, A will punish mid(and 2A) and CE will punish also.
1B -20: 6B, 3B, CE. For some reason 66BB gets blocked. 6B whiffs at tip range.
8B SET -18: Forces crouch. She has little reason to do this but WR BB and CE can punish.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -16: WR K, 6B, CE. Assuming she does this with no orb crap then yes you can punish it. If she's applying that trademark pressure don't bother.
ORB A+B -12: A single A can punish at close and close-mid range.
ORB A+BA -18: 6B, CE. 6B can be blocked at tip range.
SET A+BAB: Use 6AB after blocking the second hit for the whiff punish or crouch the last hit and quickly using 2A or 2K.
1A+B -21: WR BB, 66BB, CE. 66BB timing is tight.
8A+B ORB -23: 66BB, crossbow, CE.
8A+B SET -13: Forces crouch. CE. CE whiffs at long range. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Just guard this for a 6B punish, this is really an attack you should learn to JG.
66AAB string: You should be ducking as soon as you can.
22AB ORB -14/15: This is a two hit string and a means to set her orb. If you block this you have different answers depending on range. 2A and AA will hit her before she can recover for the counter hit, but 6B works at kissing range where as any other range 6B will be blocked.
22AB SET - 2K the instant she recalls her orb to poke her before she recovers.
ORB 33A -14: CE. ON JG -21: use 6b
SET 33A -18: 6B, CE. WR BB gets blocked. 6B whiffs at long range.
ORB 44A ~18: 6B, 3B, CE. These will punish her and the risk of guessing wrong in this scenario are low.
ORB 44AB -14: CE. Only punish that can reach.
*You have balls if you try to challenge a SET 44A delay. Be smart here, that mistake can cost you the entire round.
SET 44A -19: 6B, 3B, CE.
SET 44AB -18: 6B, 3B, CE.
44B -14: K, CE. A will only work at long range. JG for 1K
33K -13: AA, CE. AA whiffs at long range.
22KB strings: 66BB is a universal answer to both. On ORB its -25 so you have plenty of time. On SET there is a considerable delay before the orb can reach you, so 66BB will have you tech crouched by then and still punish her. A+B works for both situations too!
44/11/77K -15: 2B, CE.
ORB 66A+BB -16: 6B, CE. 6B only works at close range.
SET 66A+BB- -22: 66BB, CE. Too much pushback for a 6B punish.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
66K(BE) - Step to either side for a mid punish.
22B (BE) - GI the first orb hit.
CE - If you block the first hit you can JG the 2nd and 3rd and GI the 4th. But why do this shit.

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high

This is a tool that really helps Ezio in this match up. Unless at point blank range Viola will not be able to block punish crossbow. If you whiff and do not roll the best she can do is something along the lines of running up and using 3B. However, this tool becomes essential when Viola tries to use her orb range attacks to harass you at full screen. You really have the advantage here with 4B+K so abuse the hell out of it.

Dealing with Viola
Thanks to RumblerosesBOSS for compiling this info.
*You don't HAVE to do these things, but some tech in here can be used to mix things up and throw her off.
6B+K, 6B
-Block 6B and GI the orb is one option.
-After blocking the 6B your 4K avoids the orb preventing a post orb mixup. 4K also crushes fastest options after Viola 6B(-6 on G).
-Viola can step the 4K and punish so use carefully. This presents a mind game in its own, you need great yomi here.

6B+K, 1K
-Block 1K and GI is one option.
-After blocking 1K Ezio's WR A avoids orb preventing post orb mixup. WRA also crushes fastest options after Viola 1K(-16 on G)....Ezio WRK cannot puinsh Viola 1K because the orb beats it out.

6B+K, 3K, 2A ect.
-Block 3K,2A and GI.
-Ezio 4K avoids the orb and crushes her fastest options. Viola can step the 4K in attempt to punish him but Ezio can bait that and catch her step with 66A while avoiding the orb. You would not do this normally because Viola's 2A beats it out.

44A BE
-Block 44A and GI the first orb. (She can't cancel the first orb however she can cancel the second so make sure you GI the first orb).
-After blocking 44A you can backstep and lest the first orb hit you avoiding the other two. Viola CANNOT punish the backstep.
-After blocking the first orb you can step the other two but this is difficult and Viola can do 1A+B to punish your step.
-You can JG the second horizontal in 44A(-24 on JG) and punish.

22B BE
-GI second part of string.
-After the second hit of the string on block you can step but grab catches step and leads into the orb unblockable.
-If you duck to avoid the unblockable, Viola's 3B punishes crouch. You can twitch duck but this is difficult.

66K BE
-Step orb and punish.
Post orb mixup
-After blocking the mixup and the orb Viola will do multiple things. She will do 3B to avoid her opponent from attacking at disadvantage. An opponent would attack out of disadvantage to avoid another 6B+K mixup. Viola 3B is also used to launch ducking opponents who are attempting to avoid a possible grab mixup.
-Trying to react to 6B+K summon is impractical and can backfire hard due to how fast the recovery is which is where........

Orb defense comes in
-Orb defense is when Viola does a 6B+K summon and guards. After she sends out the orb Ezio's 2A is his best option because anything bad on recovery gets punished by the orb and Viola 3B combos as a follow up. Ezio 2A is also his best option because its fast and if you get in the habit of doing slower options, Viola's 2A could beat you out and she can combo into RCC3B for a follow up off the orb.

Viola oki game
-When Viola knocks her opponent down, she can bait people into attacking on wakeup by applying a 6B+K mixup. The opponent would attack to avoid options after Viola sends out the orb. If you do get in the habbit of attacking on wakeup Viola can 3B crush your wakeup attack.
-Back tech Viola often.
-Pay attention to how the Viola player is pressuring you and adapt.

Grab situations
-Ezio back to ledge < Viola B+G rings out
-Ezio face to ledge < Viola A+G rings out
-Viola B+G midscreen put her out of 6B+K mixup range and allows spacing for the opponent.
-Near wall Viola B+G wall splats and combos into 3B.
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[14] Master
VS Voldo

Moves that DON'T force Voldo out of BS on block: 3A WR A, 66A, 11/77A.

aB -12: 2A.
aBB -12: 2A
aBBB on Just guard -17: 6B, CE. This is a decent just guard to learn as you cannot punish this move without doing so.
6ABA -14: CE or A, AA whiffs. Although he could just well go into Back turned and block it, as a result, this is another good just guard to learn for you can get a 66BB punish.
3A -16: 6B, CE. 6B works at close range, whiffs otherwise.
1A -16: WR K, 2B, CE. He is in tech crouch so 6B will whiff.
WR A -14: A, 2A, CE.
WR AA -16: 6B, CE
Back Turned 6A -12: AA. Whiffs at longer ranges.
Back Turned 6ABB on Just Guard -23: A great just guard to learn as then you get a great 1K punish.
3BB -14: CE. Learn to JG this string for a 1K punish.
2BB on Just Guard -17: Learn to JG this string or step to Voldo's right for a punish. 6B for the JG punish. You can also opt for a 4B+K to avoid and punish the string.
1B -16: 2B, CE. Opt for a 2B up close. CE will whiff at tip range.
4BA - Duck the 2nd hit and quickly come up for a 6B punish.
4BAA - Duck the 2nd and 3rd hits. If you are on point ducking the second hit into 6B will punish him and still interrupt this hit for a CH.
FC 3B -16: Voldo is in a tech crouch and we have whiffing issues here. Use B, 2B, or CE. BB whiffs, 1BBB doesn't reach.
WR BB -15: 6B, CE. A i15 frame punish will clash if he decides to continue into more WR nonsense, anything quicker will punish and interrupt him for a CH.
Back Turned 6B6B on JG -23: Same as 6ABB, JG the second hit and score your 1K.
Back Turned 2B - See 1B for punishment guidelines.
Back turned 8B -14: 2K, CE. Everything else has whiffing issues.
Back turned 8BK -22: He is grounded after this attack. On block you can use a 66B. You can also step the second hit for a 44B.
6K -14: CE. CE whiffs at tip range.
6[K] - He transitions into Mantis Crawl here, use a 66BB to smack him for being dumb.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
Back turned 8KA - 6K2. You should ducking the guard break into 6K2 ASAP.
6A+B -14: A, 2A, CE. A and 2A work at close range, whiffs otherwise.
6[A+B] -14: CE.
2A+B -18: WR BB, CE. WR BB can be blocked at tip range.
B+K -16: 6B, CE. 6B will get interrupted by the follow up and CE will clash.
[B+K] - This is a mantis crawl entrance. Dodging the second hit with 4B will shut down all options and will track both sides to how Voldo rolls. However, if you are very quick on the 4B, MS A will STC under your attack and hurt you. This will also trigger revenge B+K but you have more than enough time to step him and whiff punish.
FC 3A+B - It is absolutely vital that you train yourself to duck this on reaction. The whiff punish however varies on range. Sometimes you get a WR BB, other times he will fly over your head and you can get a BT B+K.
Back turned A+B -16: 6B, BB, CE.
Back turned 2A+B -22: 66BB, WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at mid and long range. CE whiffs at tip range.
66A -14: AA, 2A, CE. AA works at close range. 2A and A work at mid. CE works always.
Back turned 8WR B -15: 6B, CE. Be wary of the booty bump followup.
Back turned 8WR BK -18: 6B, BB, CE.
11K -16: 2B, CE. 2B works at very close range only. CE will get him.
44K -17: He is grounded after this attack, just 2K him.
Back turned 8WR K -14: CE
66A+B -18: Only CE can reach. CE whiffs at tip range.
44A+B -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at long range.
6B Brave Edge - Step 2 on 1P side, step 8 on 2P side to avoid the second hit without fear of your 66BB whiffing. You can also just guard it to be at +17 but BB brave edge does not combo here.
66BB Brave Edge - A pretty essential move to learn how to counter for the match up. Step this move to either side and get a 66A+B whiff punish. Or just guard it to be at +25 for an A+B punish.

Mantis Crawl with his feet facing you
B -26: Forces crouch. WR A, 66BB, CE.
A+B2 -16: This is a retreat but who would do the follow up? If you want to you can chase with a 66B.

Mantis Crawl with his head facing you
A -14: CE. CE whiffs at tip range.
B -26+: If he does this he will whiff and you can punish with A+B
A+B -16: 6B, BB, CE.
66 -14: He will still be in mantis crawl so you can punish with something like 66BB

Calistro Rush
AA -16: 6B, CE.
BB -15: 6B, CE.
A+B -26: WR BB, 66BB, CE.

Crawly Crawly
A -19: WR BB
B+K -26: Use a 2K?

Crossbow Viability - Medium

On block, Voldo cannot punish your crossbow unless shot at point blank range, then he can 66B for the punish. On whiff, Voldo will probably do something along the lines of a 66B(BE) punish. This is a good tool to use when Voldo is retreating getting ready to do some sort of Calistro rush attack to get back in.
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[14] Master
VS Xiba

AA - Duck the 2nd hit into WR BB.
AAK -16: 6B, CE. If you HAVE to block it. 6B whiffs at tip range.
6A -12: AA. AA will also catch him if he decides to continue the string.
3AB - Duck into WR BB to beat all possible options if he does anything after 3A.
1A -17: Very difficult to punish due to pushback. At very close ranges 6B and 2B just narrowly punish. CE whiffs after mid range.
4A -13: A and 2A work at close range. CE works at all ranges except tip.
BB - Use 33/99BB to beat all options. It will avoid the second B and beat out any Remembrance options.
6BK - After blocking 6B, using an AA will interrupt and have his back to you for a mid/side throw mix up. AA cannot get aGI'd in any way if he uses 6B into CE. Alternatively, if you just guard the kick you get a BT B+K punish.
3B -12: AA. This will whiff at longer ranges.
3BKK -12: If for some reason you got caught blocking this use AA. He can block AA at tip range.
3B Remembrance mix ups - Unfortunately you do not have a move that completely shuts down this set up. However, you have one move that beats every single thing but one thing. A+B. A+B will avoid every follow up except for 3B REM B instantly. Any delayed option will be beat out by A+B. If he starts throwing out the one counter possible, just step it. Also, if you A+B under 3BK, if you are at close range A+B combos into BT B+K for half life combos.
1B -14: Only CE can punish and that whiffs at long and tip range.
4B -13: CE. CE will only work if you blocked the move at kissing range. Otherwise, don't bother.
3K -15: 6B, CE. 6B will whiff at the very very very tip, it doesn't look like it will hit but it does.
3kB -18: 6B, 3B. CE has whiffing issues due to the axis of Xiba in comparison to Ezio's, so don't use it. 3B whiffs at tip range. 6B whiffs at long.
2K -14: 2B, CE
4KB on JG -16: Learn to just guard this string to get a 6B punish. You cannot tech jump the second hit after blocking 4K.
WR K -13: 2A, K, CE. AA whiffs completely due to tech crouch frames yet K can punish at close and mid range. 2A can also punish up to mid range.
7/8K -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
9K -13: 6B can't punish this one, but AA and CE can. Second hit of AA whiffs at mid range, whiffs completely at long.
A+B -14: AA or CE. AA whiffs at long range.
A+BB -21: BB tracks just enough to shut down and channeling kick attempts here so use that right after you block the third hit.
1/3A+B -16: 2B, 6B, CE. 2B is actually really reliable as Xiba's hand is a hitbox and this hits his hand. It only whiffs at tip range. 6B starts whiffing at long.
2A+B -15: 2B, CE. 2B whiffs at long range. CE whiffs at tip range. 6B WONT WORK.
The stupid leg sweep from grounded -30: 66BB, CE. Both whiff at long range. Hopefully you'll see this coming to parry it rather than block it.
BT B+K -16: 6B, CE.
33A -20: 66BB, CE. Stick to these two. WR BB works at close range.
33AA -24: 66BB, WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at long range.
22AB -16: 6B, CE.
22A{B} - This transition to remembrance is easy to spot when trained. React to the green glow with a 6B punish.
44AA - After blocking the first hit you can tech jump the second hit. However, he can bait this out and whiff punish.
66B -15: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at mid range. CE whiffs at long.
66BBB -17: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at midish range. CE whiffs at tip.
22B -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
11B -14: CE. CE is the only attack that can reach.
66KB -16: 6B, CE. Same as BT B+K.
33KB - Step to your right and you will force the B to whiff, netting you a free back throw.
22K -16: WR K, 2B, CE. He is in tech crouch so 6B will whiff. 2B and WR K whiff at long range.
RUN K -22: WR BB, 66BB
33AA Brave Edge -17: 6B, WR K, 2B, CE. 6B, 2B and WR K whiff at mid range. CE whiffs at long.
44K Brave Edge on JG -19: You cannot step this so if you want damage, learn to JG this string for a 6B punish.
CE -20: 66BB, 6B, CE.

AK -15: 6B, CE
K -18: WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at tip range.

Crossbow Viability: Medium

Unless at close range, Xiba cannot guard punish your crossbow. If you whiff he can run up and 3BKK you depending on the distance traveled. Crossbow is a good idea when the battle gets into the long range zone which is very possible given Xiba's range. You can capitalize on his long range whiffs easily with your crossbow and maintain the spacing for more long range poking. Don't get too liberal with crossbow or you will start to eat damage from the mid range.


[14] Master
VS Yoshimitsu

6[A] - There is a very real risk of being thrown by this, so if you KNOW they will attempt the grab follow up just duck. Even on normal hit you can duck the throw.
3A -14: 2A, CE.
3AB -16: 6B, CE.
1AAAAA -14: 2A or CE if he doesn't spin out. BB(BE) works great if he does.
214A -17: WR K, 6B, CE
3B -14: AA, 2A, or CE. Second hit of AA whiffs at anything except very close range. 2A and A whiff at long.
1B -16: 6B, CE. Due to pushback, 6B whiffs at midish range.
6K -20: 3B is universal but 66BB will punish if he does only this
6KK -16: 3B is best after 6K for the CH, but if you have to block, 6B can punish at very close ranges. CE starts to whiff at long.
2K -14: 2B, CE.
4K -12: AA. The second A will whiff at tip range.
FC 3K -22: 66BB, WR BB
1KKKKK -22: 66BB WR BB
9K -12: AA
9B+KK -14: AA or CE. If possible dont block this as it breaks in 6. You can GI the second hit into 6K2 for 55 damage. Or if hes really close you can forward dash right after the first hit for a back throw.
A+B - Please duck this.
2[A+B] - BB beats out all options except the sword jump. If you know he will hop just move and wait until you can smack him.
6B+K -18: 6B, 3B, CE. 6B will whiff at tip range. Although this is a silly move to throw out at neutral.
6B+KB -16: 6B, CE. Or just duck the second hit. 66BB works perfectly here.
6B+KBB -14: K, CE. Or...just duck it. 66BB will still punish and avoid this follow up too.
6B+KBBB - If you completely forgot about all the other stuff mentioned can step the last hit to Yoshi's left.
66A -12: AA works at close range, fails at the rest.
22A -14: 2B, CE. 2B whiffs at long range.
22B -14: A lot of pushback. Only CE can punish and it whiffs at tip range.
11B -16: Who uses this? He is in tech crouch so 6B will whiff...and so will the second hit of BB and the second and third hit of 1BBB. So use 2B or CE.
44K -12: AA. Second A whiffs at tip range.
66a+bB -20: WE GOT TOE POKES. 66BB, WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at tip range.
66B+K (and attacks that lead into it.) -17: 6B, CE.
66B+KA+B -26: You can duck the A+B you know?
66B+KA+BK -18: BB, CE. 6B has whiffing issues so use BB or CE.
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
3AB Brave Edge -14: CE. CE whiffs at tip range.
66A Brave Edge - This move is hilariously dumb at neutral. You can either step it or just guard the second hit. I highly recommend stepping it due to you netting a very meaty punish in contrast to the AA punish for just guarding it. It is only about -13/-14 on just guard. It is also extremely easy to step.
CE -20: WR BB, 66BB. 66BB has tight timing so be wary.

A -16: WR K, 2B, CE. WR K and 2B whiff at long range.
[K] -22: 66B, 2K. He is grounded.
66 -27: 66BB, WR BB, 6B, CE
66 on hit -15: 6B, CE

Indian stance
A -19: WR BB, CE. He is in tech crouch.
6A+BK -35: 44B, 6K2
6A+BK on HIT -26: 6K2

K -24: 66BB, WR BB
A+B -16: 6B (Although he would never use this normally like that)

Crossbow Viability: Medium

Similar to URYA, Yoshi's 66A+B can punish the crossbow on block at pretty respectable ranges so rolling is a good idea. On the bright side, that is all he will ever able to do given his lackluster range on the rest of his attacks. On whiff you can expect the same punisher given Yoshi's limited options. Also, if you know he is gonna attempt Indian Stance BS then low crossbow will shut him down before he can teleport near you and have the range game continue. Many Yoshis don't respect this. As long as you're aware, crossbow will prevent him from closing the distance via stances.


[14] Master
VS Big Neck

A[A] - Duck EIN into 6B or WR BB.
6A -14: CE. Only CE can reach him.
3AA - Use 6AB to TC the second hit and still supply a block punish on 3A (-17). If you want more risk for more damage, opt for A+B. Beware the brave edge.
3AB - Step to ZWEI's left or just guard the second hit into a 6B punish.
1A -20: WR BB, 66BB. WR BB and 66BB do not work at tip range.
4A -16: 6B, CE. 6B only works at cloooose range. CE punishes this and invalidates the follow up.
4[A] - Please sidestep (Preferable to step left.)
B{B} - At mid ranges you can use 4B to avoid EIN and punish ZWEI, otherwise, you can't really avoid EIN. So if you want, opt for a JG and force a mix up/guard damage
3B -16: 6B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
1{B} - Please use a TC move
4B -14: A, 2A, CE. A and 2A only work at close range but he would only use this move if he had meter, beware the BE follow up.
BT 2B -13: 2A, CE. You don't see this often but these will both punish.
2K -14: 2B, CE
1K -16: 6B, BB, CE. Again, beware the BE followup, he has little reason to do this attack meterless.
4KB -16: 6B, CE. BB. JG this for an A+B punish.
A+B -16: 6B, CE, 6B whiffs at tip range. Second hit of BB likes to whiff.
4A+B -24: 1K, 66BB, 6B, CE.
BT A+B -18: 3B, CE. 6B whiffs due to pushback. 3B whiffs at long range. CE whiffs at tip range.
6B+K series: If you block Zwei's A or B follow up, hit him with an AA to interrupt EIN.
22A -17: 6B, 3B, CE. 6B whiffs at tip range.
44/11A -18: WR BB, 6B, CE.
66BA: Duck the A.
33B -14: AA, 2A, CE. AA works at close range, the second hit of AA whiffs at mid range. Beware the BE followup, it hurts. BUT...if you are on your toes and he uses the brave edge on block anyway, a 6B or 66BB can hurt him before EIN can reach you, in some cases even 1K can beat out EIN.
22BB -15: 6B, CE. Or you can JG or step the second hit to ZWEI's right for an A+B punish. JG can only get you a 1K punish. Also if he delays it, AA beats him out. 6B whiffs at tip range.
11K -17???: WR BB, CE. WR BB whiffs at tip range. There is a small back step when he uses it
66B+K -24: 1K, 66BB. Holy fuck what is wrong with this character
RUN K -22: 66BB, WR BB
3A(BE) -16: Forces crouch. 6B, WR K, CE.
CE -31: If range is an issue just shoot him. If he does it up close move in with a 66BB.

Knife Fiend
A -14: A, 2A, CE A and 2A whiff at midish long range.

Crossbow Viability: Medium-high

Poor Two can't punish the crossbow on block. Dos also has problems punishing the crossbow on whiff especially if you roll, if not, he can catch you with a 66A+B. Forcing the battle into long range is advisable because Deux cannot play the range game safely due to the linear nature of Uno. As a result, you can wait for One to whiff and punish accordingly.
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I'm wondering whether I should get rid of my punishment reference thread now that Jim did all this work.


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We got two subsections up now, a Siegfried stance guide and a general Viola guide when it comes down to her orb game.