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Raphilde looks rather badass.

I agree: Raphilde is the standout here, although I find the Amy/Nightmare mash-up quite creative too. Most all of them demonstrate some clever technical/work-around thinking in replicating gender-locked assets, and plenty of them are creative in their intentional silliness, but the Raph-Hilde and Nightmare-Amy nexuses actually have a tonal/stylistic shared space that allows for these two designs to pop on a more serious level, I feel.

In any event, a very creative concept to explore--I like mash-ups in general: we don't see a lot of them in CaS, traditionally, but they can be fun to tinker with and are fun to see.
Thank you, guys. 😊 Raphilde was one of the more fun ones for me to create because I could put together a somewhat simple outfit and then polish it with a whole bunch of little details, colouring and the effect of shading.

I love ALL those cosplays!!! Siegsuka cracked me up!!! Also Sweet Dream was so perfect. Cute and tiny Amy-Nightmare :D
Taxi was also ingenious... literally I liked all of those!!!👍 Gold star for creativity!!! 🌟
Thank you, @Spanky 😁 I appreciate that. I'm not nearly as creative as some of the other talented people on this site (I'm looking at you, @VILARCANE ) but this was the result of my weird little brain trying to think outside the box. Haha.

I had to make an account just to see if you'd be willing to post the Raphilde formula. It looks amazing and I've spent the last 2 hours trying to recreate it.
Thank you so much, @BootsyRawlins hugs And welcome to 8wayrun! Unfortunately my Ps4 and I are in different states and won't be reunited for a little while. If you'd like though, I can go into detail in a pm with any questions regarding the creation? ☺
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Very good designs. Only thing is Jia Qian is wearing a hat that looks ethnic-Manchu looking. The SC6 series is set during the Ming dynasty and it isn't until the next dynasty that the Manchus take control of China. :) But don't worry. Namco also made a mistake by only providing a Manchu style male clothing in the custom character screen instead of a Ming one.
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I love all of your creations! your not afraid to go crazy with the stickers and patterns -- and the way you do faces is very intricate. krayne/ genesis / yuriko / lt. col. kilgore were my favorites. also, these are the best recreations i've ever seen.👍💗