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but if possible I'd really like it to be on the 25th, I just remembered I'm booked for work the weekend after, jonesTMC can do the week after but not the week before, I'd imagine Kalas could do the week before because the week after spills into november which Kalas is unable to do


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Hey guys, the 25hth sounds great, and - to answer your question Joel - I cannot go the weekend before (because I work until Friday evening) and I can't go the weekend after because of university stuff.

Silent Joel

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After Mage got owned in the EMS Major thread, he actually sent me these PMs. Thought it would be selfish of me to keep this all to myself:

Forgive me for helping the scene get bigger in the US when there is nothing I can do to help you, you barely stream or do any promotion so what would you have me do that doesn't make it seem like I'm "shitting on you"?

>On an American forum
>Told that helping to promote American tournaments is wrong
Why are you PMing me this? Why didn't you post in in the thread so people know to not bother coming?
Is there not a reply for what I said? Then it proves everything.
Reply to what exactly? You're clearly an idiot, who got owned and what you want me to own you some more?

Don't get why you're PMing me, should share this secret knowledge with everyone else.
"Who got owned"

What are you? A ten year old schoolgirl? No wonder people don't want to turn up to your events when you're just childish and rude.
International Interest! LOL

Why would I come to play a game with people like you? I mean you complain that none of us from further up the country don't come down to play in London and yet the reason is clear -- once again you have brought up "how bad I am" as a reason for me not coming. You are terrible at social skills; calling people noobs won't make them want to come out and play with you.

Why come onto an American forum and bitch about people promoting American tournaments? No logic at all, and now you turn to insults just to keep this argument going. lol!