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3B > AAB > SET 6A+B slight charge > 2B+K BE > SET 6B+K > B > B+K BE > SET 6B+K > B > B+K BE > SET B+K > B > combo ender (might have to cut the ender short)
I have trouble with SET 6B+K > B > B+K BE, every time I do it, my opponent air controls away, I thought it was because I need 66A to do it, but if you say B could do it, I guess the timing must be very strict...
I can't really articulate how strict the timing is. I never really found it all that different to 66A. I think you just need to train the input more. The way I learnt is to focus on Viola's animation. As soon as she reaches idol is when you hit B+K BE. Otherwise they'll air control or you'll just do B+K.

Can't help there. Sorry.
how strict is the timing for 6B+K B B+K BE? it seems quite hard to react and press the B+K BE right when 6B+K hits.

also, can I use 9K then relaunch with 2B+K BE if I want to maximize the carry range? will I be able to run up to the target and then AAB in time? or is 44A BE the best way to do this?
9K? Lol I'm pretty sure that's not going to work because you go full screen from them when you hit the counter hit.. 44A is your best bet if you're ok with the meter.

*Maybe not FULL screen, but you catch my drift '^'
I mean I havent tested it, but my common sense tells me it doesnt make sense. Besides, pretty much all of Viola's combos carry far. Honestly if you REALLY want to make your combos carry further, you should just learn to 66A. The reason your combos don't carry far is because B doesnt really make any force.
it takes too much time to double press a direction on arcade stick, on a pad I could probably have much better success, but I only know how to play this game with a stick.
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ok, I just figured out the timing to do B+K BE after 6B+K B, I just need to wait a bit for the 6B+K to stop moving then do the BE, but I have trouble sending out the orb again.

4B 2B+K BE 6B+K B B+K BE, then at this point I need do send out the orb again with 6B+K BE, but I always become orb state before I could send the orb
I wouldn't recommend B+K BE loops off any stun. The damage scale isn't really worth it. So 44A BE, 4B, CH WR B I would use short combos.

Anyway, you have to delay the BE off B+K BE to get the orb to cancel into 6B+K before it returns to you. So it's like B+K > A+B+K > 6B+K if that makes sense.
I use 4B just to practice the loop because it puts me right at the point where I could start it.

4B 2B+K BE 6B+K B (B+K BE) <-- I do this when I see the orb has moved its half circle, then after I pressed this, it put me into orb state.

so what do you mean when you delay it? is there enough time to slowly press B+K, A+B+K, then 6B+K?
Ohhhhh, you're saying the orb immediately returns to you with no impact at all? It means you're too close to your opponent. Sometimes it helps to wait till the orb does the full 6B+K motion so that it will be farther from you when you B+K BE. But sometimes there's nothing you can do if you're too close. Another reason 4B isn't a good B+K BE loop setup
no no, you got it right the 1st time.
my 6B+K did hit, then my B+K BE also hit, but after BE hit, I returned to orb state and I couldn't set 6B+K

you said something about delaying it, but I couldn't do it
Like. B+K then A+B+K at the latest moment possible to still get the brave edge. It allows Viola to recover from her orb callback animation right at the moment the B+K BE impacts so that she can SET 6B+K before the orb returns to her.
well this is weird... I threw B+K BE slower, and I got B+K BE follow by A... I checked my inputs and I saw B+K, then A+(B)+K, then 6 B+K. no idea where the A came from.

did managed to do it twice, but I still don't see the way to trigger it to work. watching combos videos of the with inputs shown don't help much with the timing.

trying 6B+K 3A B+K BE 6B+K, still can't get the last 6B+K to be set instead of orb
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trying 6B+K 3A B+K BE 6B+K, still can't get the last 6B+K to be set instead of orb
This combo starter is character/range dependent. For example, a small character close up will get hit with the first SET 6B+K when the orb is much closer to Viola than a large character at tip range. If the orb is too close to Viola it will return too quickly for you to cancel it into SET 6B+K. This is also a situation where you are not allowed to delay the brave edge much at all. This is because you are only given a certain amount of frames for B+K BE to connect before the opponent's hitstun recovers.

Try SET 6B+K > 3K > B+K BE > SET 6B+K. 3K knocks them far enough away.