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This town needs an enema

As combos are discovered, feel free to add/discuss them here. They will be added to the Combo Listing thread shortly after they are posted.​


[09] Warrior
BS 8WR B, K --- 52 damage should be updated to BS 8WR B,K, BS 8WR B --- 62 damage
1[K], 1[/B] is guaranteed for 38, for however many frames of advantage 1[/B] gives in this game ( screw bbcode's bold tag)
[B+K], MCHT K --- 52, if there is any delay on MCHT K they can tech left
[B+K], MCHT 66 --- 47, leaves you in MCHT for wakes
22_88B, BS 66K, BS 66B --- 61
6[K], MCFT 66 --- 34
66K, BS WR B --- 55. This one is actually a tech trap too. If the opponent attempts to tech in any direction, then BS WR B will combo into BS 4K, BS 8WR K, BS 8WR B for between 117-121 depending on which way they tech.

EDIT: My bad, didn't realize that you were talking counterhit wall combos. Disregard anything I said in this section about CH BS 4B, 1K, 1K, 66B BE, 66B BE.

CH BS 4B, 1K, 66B BE --- 82

However, that's a waste of 1/2 meter when we have the following:

CH BS 4B, A+B[3]~CR BB --- 85 or
CH BS 4B, 1[K], 2B+K, MCHT K --- 83

CH 7_8_9A, LF A --- 47, leaves in LF for wakes with the opponent grounded
CH 7_8_9A, LF B, LF B+K (close hit) --- 54, if the CH 7_8_9A is close to max range then the LF B+K will whiff if the opponent techs left or right
CH 7_8_9A, LF B+K --- 55, opponent is standing after this so you will be on the receiving end of wakes :(

CH BS WR A or CH BS CR A, BS 4K, BS 8WR K, BS 8WR B --- 78

Another tech trap:

BS B+K, 2A+B is guaranteed against everything except tech back
BS B+K, CR A+B is guaranteed against everything except tech left

And that's all I have for now, I'll update with more as I come across them.


This town needs an enema
I've been working on a combo video, and I keep getting ideas which is prolonging the whole ordeal. I hope to have it finished sometime this week. Voldo has alot more tech traps now.


[08] Mercenary
I was playing around in practice mode last night trying to figure out what options Voldo has to combo into his full CE (not just the 30 damage MCHT transition version that you get on a grounded opponent).

From what I've found, the only options are:
CH BS 4B CE - 125 damage
CH BS WS A CE - 109 damage
CH BCR A CE - 109 damage

I was also playing a little bit with MCHT 66 to MCHT B+K. Anyone know the secret to getting this to combo. I could get it semi-regularly in practice mode, but every time I tried it in an online match I'd just run right through them, and then get a very late MCFT B+K (usually after the opponent had already stood up).

Anyway, I was able to get:

MCHT 66 MCHT B+K MCHT B+K MCHT B - 94 damage (escapable after 2nd hit)

However, I'm betting the last hit is avoidable with air control (didn't think to check at the time.)

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[08] Mercenary
After you launch with the B+K they can air control out of the first one. The secret to getting it to hit is that you do it ON hit. Easiest way i have got it to come out.


[08] Mercenary
Yeah, I feel dumb for not realizing that sooner. I forgot that MCHT 66 technically knocks them off their feet so the first B+K counts as an air hit and enables air control. Pretty sure nothing is guaranteed after that.


[08] Mercenary
This is probably not the place to ask, which I apologize for, but what exactly does BS and BCR mean? I'm assuming BS is when he's backwards or crab walking, but BCR escapes me entirely.

Also, Voldo doesn't seem to have many things that he can chain from his 3B, unlike a lot of other fighters. Am I missing something? It doesn't give enough height for any other attacks to hit, and as far as I can tell there's no way to turn around before they hit the ground so you can't do the bullshit roll or anything else to hit them.

Also, (I'm a new player so I have no idea how Voldo works except my ~1hour messing around in training mode), should I be aiming to be in certain modes or stances at certain times? For example, I know with Tira gloomy stance is my goal because I do way more damage that way. With Voldo, should I try and get into crab walk or whatever it's called as much as I can, or is that like a combo finisher/gap closer type stance? Same question for facing backwards.

Also, what the fuck am I supposed to do with him lying face down on the ground? Seems like that leaves me facing the wrong direction most of the time (at which point all I can do is K to switch direction or be annoying and spam B into my opponent).

I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I can't post in Q&A for some reason. the restriction is probably where there aren't many posts in here.


Big Gimpin
Hi, and welcome! Odd that the Q&A thread was closed, as it was open yesterday. I re-opened it for further posts.

To answer your questions, here is a list of common Voldo specific notations

BS- This stands for blind stance, and is interchangeable with back turned (BT). Voldo has a far, far larger repertoire of back turned moves and moves that transition into backturned, so its own notation seems appropriate.

CR- Caliostro Rush. This is the move performed by inputting 236 or from cancelling A+B into it by pressing 3. Recognizable by the way he scuttles forward as he does so

BCR/BS CR- Blind Caliostro Rush. This is, as the name would indicate, a stance very similar to CR, but initiated from blindstance or from inputting B+K during normal CR

MCHT: Mantis Crawl Head Towards opponent. Mantis Crawl is the crabwalk stance that you mentioned

MCFT: Mantis Crawl Feet Towards opponent. We note the difference because, while the moves and inputs are the same, certain setups/combos will only work from one or the other, almost always from Head Towards.

LF /DR: Land Fish. This stance is called Death Roll in game, but Land Fish is what you will most often see players refer to it as. This stance is initiated from a few attacks, but is more commonly transitioned into from Mantis Crawl by pressing 2 or 8.

Oh, and 3B doesn't really link into any other move, however it does natural combo if you input a second B


[09] Warrior
There's no one stance you should always try to be in with Voldo, it's going to vary on the situation. Blind stance in general is where he has the most options though. He has BS B+K for the auto-GI, BS 8WR B combos to punish long range whiffs, BS 2A+B for a high damage low, BS 66G+A for a high damage throw, BS A+B or G+B for a sidestepping throw, BS 6BB for pressure, etc.

However there's good things to be said for 66A+B or A+B[3] from normal stance, land fish mixups can net you a lot of damage if done properly, CR BB and CR [K] are strong in this game, and CH BCR A and BCR B will net you huge combo damage.

Pretty much the only stance that feels useless to me is mantis crawl. Not having MC A+B~G really hurts, and the damage he gets from MC in this game just feels low.


[09] Warrior
I can confirm that MC A+B~G still exist, I incorporate it in my game and you have to let him roll once completely. The timing takes practice but it's still there.

Combos I experimented with:

BS WR B or CR B, 4K, 66K, BS CR A - 93 (I added this because it's a tech trap, for those that tech alot and you wanna get a little more DMG than the traditional BS 66B enders)
BS 66B, 66B BE, 66B BE - 86
Wall - BS WR B or BS CR B, 4K W!, 4K W!, CE - 112-114
Wall - BS WR B or BS CR B, 4K W!, 4K W!, 6B,B - 85 ( I listed this one because this leaves the opponent standing and back against the wall so you can go into more mixups like throws since your in BS still.
Wall - BS WR B or BS CR B, 4K W!, 4K W!, 6A,BB, CE, MCHT K - 126 (CE can be teched right)
Wall - BS WR B or BS CR B, 4K W!, 4K W!, 6A, BB, 66B BE - 115 (last hit hits no matter where they tech and hits grounded)

Well I hope these are useful and I hope they can be easily read.


[08] Mercenary
By Holding G after it lands on CH, I saw this video yesterday, cool stuff but i cant do 1:20 combo WR B hits but dont put opponent up.


[09] Warrior
By Holding G after it lands on CH, I saw this video yesterday, cool stuff but i cant do 1:20 combo WR B hits but dont put opponent up.
yeah i also tried that one, it is possible but just to hard to do it in the match, the timing after the BS WR A has to be perfect to land the BS WR B
Question again on that 19second combo, is this even 66+A+B? cause they are not spinning around like that on hit and also not on CH, what i am missing?
Edit: ok i got it, i have to hold down A+B


Big Gimpin
Great video, Malec! It even actually taught me a couple of things that I didn't know already.

For instance, even though the guide said it did, I have never been able to get 1{B} to ringout, no matter what angle I tried it from. I was positive that had been removed from the version that the guide was written from, and then there it is in your video.

I learned that, and also about CR AA 666B tech trap, and any tech trap involving Death Rose, because I never use Death Rose and it didn't even occur to me to try and use it in my tech trap testing.

Very good work


Big Gimpin
Oh my bad, it wasn't posted with the vid so I was unaware. I wish I had recording equipment so I could make a supplementary video, but alas, I do not :(

Good work Enkindu