Voldo Combos -- The Mantis Crawl madness continues!


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I’ve found that the same one won’t work on Voldo...... well... at least you know who is susceptible to them and they are available for your tool box.

I was really just bringing to light that the possibility exists.
everything is cool haha, I was just trying to get the one "best" combo for each launcher I could find day1, I know there are a lot of different options. so no offence and no offence taken ^^


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Just tested this a bit and you can make WR B, BS CR B, CR BBB work on both voldo and soph (and likely rest of the cast + all tech directions). Just wait a little before connecting BS CR B and you're gucci.

The bounce when they hit the ground from that wack ass spinny launch stun off of WR B is the problem. Looks like BS CR B produce different stuns depending on if it hits a grounded opponent or not and it's the grounded one you want. The stuns look very similar and it had me confused for a bit.


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A couple corner combos I found:

44B 4K W! BS WR B 2(A+B) (stands them back up in corner)

44B 4K W! 66B MC FA A MC FT BB

A+B/3B 6B(B) MC FT A MC FA B 66B 2A+B/1A+B

66A WR B BS CR B CR BBB (Doesnt work if they ukemi left)
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Look up walldo in youtube...wall combos from dimesc. They are sick and pretty practical in fights

For those who dont want to/cant watch dimesc's video (great find btw):

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 6(A+B)

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 4K BS 66B MC Mixup

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 3B(B) 2(A+B) restand.

Also works off of A+B, BS WR B, CR BB, 66A, to name a few.


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BS 9A/AA ou ABA for RO.
MC 4K/ 2K
BS (A+B) MC 66

BS 8B/ 4K for tech trap
BS MC 4K/4K for tech trap
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