Voldo Combos -- The Mantis Crawl madness continues!

I’ve found that the same one won’t work on Voldo...... well... at least you know who is susceptible to them and they are available for your tool box.

I was really just bringing to light that the possibility exists.
everything is cool haha, I was just trying to get the one "best" combo for each launcher I could find day1, I know there are a lot of different options. so no offence and no offence taken ^^
Just tested this a bit and you can make WR B, BS CR B, CR BBB work on both voldo and soph (and likely rest of the cast + all tech directions). Just wait a little before connecting BS CR B and you're gucci.

The bounce when they hit the ground from that wack ass spinny launch stun off of WR B is the problem. Looks like BS CR B produce different stuns depending on if it hits a grounded opponent or not and it's the grounded one you want. The stuns look very similar and it had me confused for a bit.
A couple corner combos I found:

44B 4K W! BS WR B 2(A+B) (stands them back up in corner)

44B 4K W! 66B MC FA A MC FT BB

A+B/3B 6B(B) MC FT A MC FA B 66B 2A+B/1A+B

66A WR B BS CR B CR BBB (Doesnt work if they ukemi left)
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Look up walldo in youtube...wall combos from dimesc. They are sick and pretty practical in fights

For those who dont want to/cant watch dimesc's video (great find btw):

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 6(A+B)

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 4K BS 66B MC Mixup

3B 6B(B) MC FT B+K MC FT 4K 3B(B) 2(A+B) restand.

Also works off of A+B, BS WR B, CR BB, 66A, to name a few.
BS 9A/AA ou ABA for RO.
MC 4K/ 2K
BS (A+B) MC 66

BS 8B/ 4K for tech trap
BS MC 4K/4K for tech trap
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