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  • Hey just wanted to pop in. Your voldo really inspired me as I grew more powerful with him. I'd love for some sparring sometime in the next few months leading up to SC5.
    Glad I met all you guys too. Was nice to see some fresh new directions on the how to improve. I'm doing work again so that may mean i can start visiting the North Cal scene and any neighboring states soon.
    Yeah the same here! Your Voldo was unique from the rest always on the floor etc. I imagine we will run into each other at another tournament as well eventually so I look forward to it. Also i'm gonna send u a message soon in regards to Voldo. Its just that my inbox is kinda flooded with important messages at the moment so look out for it!
    Thank you for the matches with your Voldo that is awesome !! :)
    I'm learning Voldo right now because I'm sooo sad to have lost against this character so many times. And since I didn't understand anything when I played against him even with the training with you, I thought I should play him then I will be able to understand so much better ! And like that I will be able to show frenchies what Voldo can do haha
    But it's just a character I would play in casual, my main is still Xianghua of course :).
    If there is evo with SC4 next year, i'll do everything to be there again and finish in the top8 ! I hope to see you a next time !!! ;)
    It was for a money match awhile back, perhaps I should change it now... hmm... XD
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