Voldo - SoulCalibur VI wishlist


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What would you like to see from Voldo in the next SC? Personally I'd like for Voldo to be able to still apply pressure while in BS. A simple A,A and B,B would suffice. Also, I'd like to see the return of some of his older moves such as MC A+K and A+B from SoulCalibur IV (maybe A+B could be a BE?). Any other suggestions or ideas?


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Personally I just wish when he is in BS when you do the command to jump grab, voldo would actually jump towards his opponent just like in sc4....not away from them. Also, I would want his simple AA and BB back from BS, and hmm A+B is iffy on the other hand in sc4 it was a very good tool (too good) but now they took it away so im not sure...I can live without A+B tho. Don't have much to add right now


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A+B is iffy on the other hand in sc4 it was a very good tool (too good) but now they took it away so im not sure...I can live without A+B tho. Don't have much to add right now
It's a good tool, a damn good tool. That's why I'm suggesting it could be a brave edge move, just like Ivy's 1B BE.


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More than anything, I want cancels. I want the type of mixup pressure that came from SC4 CR~G cancel.

I would also like blindstance to stop turning itself around so damned much. The fact that blocking makes him face forward is enough of a limitation.
I'd like to see the return of:

LF K, from SC4
66:B instead of 666B

I'd also like to see different BT 8wr moves instead of just 1 move for each input. Don't get me wrong, its nice of having the option of adding a QS, but I don't need all 8 directions occupied by the same attack.

And, yeah, I'd like for BS CR A+G/B+G to actually jump towards his opponent.

EDIT: I forgot a very, very important thing. I want CR taunt cancel back!


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Oh, I also want Mantis Crawl returned to full functionality. A MC B+K that actually hits without requiring a MCHT 66 to set it up, and most importantly, MC A+K back.

SC5 MC just does *not* cut it.


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EDIT: I forgot a very, very important thing. I want CR taunt cancel back!
I always preferred the G cancel, myself. It didn't have that flashy "Hey look, I'm cancelling!" animation.

the animation was subtle enough where more often than not people wouldn't be entirely sure you'd left CR until you'd already started your mixup pressure.

I still don't know why I was the only Voldo in SC4 who did 2A+B~CR~G cancel into throw. With a couple exceptions (people like woahhzz) that shit hit everybody all day errrrry' day. Hell, even hit woahhzz half the time.

Then again, SC4 Voldo had enough good, viable moves where none of the Voldo mains played him quite the same way.


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I agree with the suggestions thus far and would like to add some of my own:

I like BS 6B5B and 6B6B, but I wish the 1st BS 6B pulled them in (like Ivys 1B) like it did in SC2. It would be an amazing zoning tool.

The return of CR A4AA NCC. Make the 1st hit of CR AA a mid.

Make his A+K auto evades G and attack cancelable during the evading animation.

Being able to control the distance V jumps during CR grabs by holding and releasing G+A/B. Or maybe making it so that the grab won't initiate until you let go of the buttons. Ala negative edge JF.


The return of 44(K).

Old school LF attacks. 3 consecutive LF attacks will activate the wiggle delay animation.

Make his armor attacks guaranteed hits for fucks sake.

Give BS an input to manually enter the stance.

The return of BS 3K.

Make MC 66 ground stun. Perhaps as a JF version.

The return of FC 3A+B cancel.

That is all I can think of right now.


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hmmm i would like 6AB (or ABA if is changed to that) to be delayable in exchange 6A~B (or A~B) at its max delay will not be an NCC.

if the meter system is to exist still i would like BE 66_33_99B to track on both sides if it does not . i forgot if it does. Theoretically speaking if his damage is the "same" (lol same) in SCVI then can the damage be 46 to 48 if the BE was to track on both sides?


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Here's what I'd like to see:

CR~G cancels
SC4 A+B returned
SC4 BS 3B returned
BS 66G+B as an option (could be the same as 66G+A, he just needs alternate breaks)
SC2 22_88K (pretty sure the frame data on 11K is worse in SC5)
SC4 BS CR throws
A safe, decent low in normal and in BS that isn't disadvantage on hit....BS 2K, 3A, and 2K are bad and this makes him really awful at poking games as a result


[09] Warrior
- SC4 A+B
- SC4 BB
- SC4 3B
- Cancels
- Not having BnB combos whiff in the middle of the combo for no apparent reason. I'm looking at you 1K...


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2BB should be allocated to another input
1K and 1K BS should be the same move, by which I mean, 4K BS should be inputted at 1K BS
CR cancels.
FC 3B allocated to another input
Super armor glitches should be gone, lol.
22B damage nerf
A normal, generic 2B
New joke weapon
11K safer on guard
wrB into Mantis Crawl, launch behind him on NH.
B+K = Stance change into BS, just like in SC3
Playable character in story mode, I really want SCVI to be Voldo's game, its his turn to have the main story and be on the cover of the game~

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I would like WR and CR to be different, at least in FT.

MC A+K back
MC B+K to actually work well
CR cancels
CR A+K and rat bounce from crouch into MC
66:B over 666B
A fast way into land fish like 4[K] from SC4
SC4 A+B please. Please.


Really I just want MC to be fun again. Right now it simply isn't. Even if they put in useless bs like his wall runs from SC2 that would be cute.


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How about Voldo when he's lying down (or maybe knocked down) on the ground, face down, feet toward opponent, why not give us a choice when transitioning into Mantis Crawl for his Katars to go towards opponent AND the version we have in SCV for his feet to go away from opponent? Why not give us a choice of two transitions of the Mantis crawl after knockdown if anyone knows what I'm talking about?