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Hello! Since the announcement of SOULCALIBUR V, we do expect an influx of new members. If you are indeed one of these new members, allow me to first say... Welcome! 8WAYRUN.com was founded with it's original intention of being more friendly to new players; while this intention may have been lost on a few members here, please know that we do appreciate all of our new members and don't let the antics of hooligans and ruffians scare you away!

There are a few things you should be aware of during your time here at 8WR. First of all, we do have a large team of moderators, as well as a built in reporting/alert system. If you are having issues, feel free to send a PM to a moderator or file a report. Our Staff Directory is located here.​

Also be warned that "trolling" is not tolerated here at 8WR in any shape or form. In the past, we have permitted some level of trolling because we saw it as "friendly banter", but we've since seen that it alienates new players and we end up looking like our predecessors, which was not our intention. So now we are strictly cracking down and deleting all instances of trolling. What is and what isn't considered trolling is up to the judgment of our moderation team.​

Multiple accounts are not permitted here on 8WR. If a user is discovered to have multiple accounts, the multiple accounts will either be: deleted, merged into the original account or banned (which may result in a ban of the original account as well). Offenders of this rule may be contacted in advance by a moderator for clarification and/or warned, but more often then not, enforcement of punishment will be swift and WITHOUT NOTICE.​
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Welcome to the 8WayRun Site Rules Post.

Below you will find all information related to the rules. Mods, I suggest you bookmark this page for easy reference in case you need to quote them.

Before anything, remember the #1 key rule:

Think before you post.
Any post.

The second key rule is responsibility:

You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages and actions. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. Posting on the site is a tacit acceptance of this responsibility.

Below you will find the rules of the site, separated by category. Click on the spoiler tag to view each subsection.

[notice= Free Speech, Common Sense and Your Site Rights]8WayRun strongly believes in the idea of free speech. Whenever possible, we attempt not to moderate or censor individuals without reasonable cause to do so, despite the fact that it does happen.

The above being said, this is a private site.
You are not entitled to anything.
You do not have guaranteed rights
You have privileges for being a member here.

These privileges can be removed at any time. Much like your favorite local bar, if you get too loud, obnoxious, or abusive, you can and will be bounced.

Attention: Just because something isn't specifically spelled out as being against the rules in this post, doesn't mean you won't get into trouble because of certain actions. The site initially started with less than a handful of rules, but due to several less-than-quality individuals, we've had to expand them.

We do not like hearing "It wasn't in the rules" or "I didn't know" as a defense of obviously foolish or questionable actions. Ignorance and stupidity are not valid excuses here. If you are unsure if something will get you in trouble, we recommend contacting us about it first. We reserve the right to update these rules at any time. We also reserve the right to do whatever we feel like at any given time by moderator, administrator or owner perogative if we feel it is in the best interests of the site for us to do so.[/notice]

[notice= General Guidelines]1) User Accounts

You are permitted to have ONE 8WayRun.com account ONLY. If you need more than one, please contact us to let us know why. We have various methods of investigating this, so we recommend following this rule. If you do not, both accounts are subject to removal at any time. If you made a typo in your original name, then contact an Admin and we can fix it for you.

You are permitted a username of up to 15 characters. However, a variety of usernames are not permitted such as racist names or names similar to staff members and other well-established members. Usernames of characters in the game are considered tacky and somewhat annoying, and generally will receive derision from some members, but are not banned.

2) Learn the Notation.

Here at 8wayrun we use notation to describe the moves in the game. This prevents system bias or confusion based on different controllers. Some move names are used, but they are few and generally only used for very common moves. Posting in non-notation will generally lead to your posts being ignored, or constantly being told to learn the notation. Notation can be found HERE:http://8wayrun.com/threads/basic-notations-and-terminology.58/

or in a helpful video here:

3) Keep Posts in their Proper Forums.

At the top of each forum there will be a sticky indicating the purpose of each forum and it's specific forum rules, if any.

4) Stay on Topic

We're tired of seeing threads that start off on one topic, quickly generating into 12+ pages of truly worthless idle fodder (see what I did there) in under thirty minutes... Try to stay on topic when replying to a thread. If you're going to go off on a genuine tangent, be considerate and start a new thread for the discussion. If you're going to use the threads for nothing but monosyllabic partial sentences to hold idle banter, at least do it in the proper forum.

5) Annoying Posting Habits

Any general disruption of the flow of threads or other messages/postings, such as:
  • Annoying animated signatures
  • Excessively large sig images
  • Excessive quoting without snipping
  • Scrolling (causing the viewer to scroll around unnecessarily to the right)
  • Overwhelming use of colors
  • +1 Post style posts (substance free posting)
  • Meme's
As well as other similar obnoxious behavior is frowned upon.Such actions subject the content to editing or deletion by the staff, including suspension of posting priveledges if continued after warnings are given.

6) Necro-posting

This is when you post within a long dead (old) thread. Especially without contributing anything of substance to it. If you must contribute to an aging thread, be damn sure your contribution makes it worth the read, and the thread is still viable. Stickies are always considered viable threads.

If it's many years old, you'll likely want to consider starting a new thread (and you can point to the old one if needed). If you're posting something inane, or posting to a thread in which a situation may no longer be viable, then you're necro-posting and will be warned.

7) Double/Triple/Quandruple-posting

This is when you post successive replies without editing your previous post instead, This is especially frowned upon if it's a regular occurrence or within a short time of the previous post. Use the edit function to edit your original post, don't post again. Mods can and will simply delete your extra posts should they stumble upon them. They are under no obligation to edit your posts for you, so understand that by double posting your excess posts may be deleted and the content may be lost.

8) Flaming and Trash Talking

You are free to debate people's positions, ideas, etc. in other appropriate places. We are very flexible about flaming the member base here, it does have its limits in regards to lame repetitive threads on the same person (especially BY the same author). So please refrain from creating redundant threads with the same damn flame content over and over or you are subject to further action. In case it wasn't obvious: Flaming members will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Keep in mind, that threats (on any postings site-wide) of physical violence, stalking, or racism are not tolerated here under any circumstances. No need to be an internet tough guy on a site about a video game.

"What happens if someone insults me in a forum/thread they shouldn't be doing it in? I can't respond?"


We recommend you take it to private messages if you feel the need to respond to them. The forum restrictions on content don't apply to private messages, with the exceptions of extreme racism or other hate speech.

If you wish to report the person's posting outside private messages. That's what the REPORT icon is there for in each post. Frequent reporting of posts, especially if the "offenses" in these posts are non existant or very light/inconsequential will result in your reports likely being ignored by the mods and you will likely develop a reputation for crying wolf. Use judgement when reporting, please.

9) Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an entirely different matter. This is a site about a fighting game, and there is a tournament community surrounding it. The essential end goal of it to defeat another opponent, oftentimes human. Trash talking another players gameplay or skill at the game, or other competitive type "shittalk" will typically be ignored by mods, especially in the following forums:

Tournament Announcements/Results, any of the Matchfinder forums or Matchfinder threads. Trash talk in other places will be judged on a case by case basis before (and if) moderation occurs.

On the other hand, trash talk of this nature is not considered acceptable under ANY circumstances in the Casual forum, or any of it's subforums, or anything relating to CaS or Art distribution including fanfiction. Online forum matchfinder threads are an exception to this, however. Besides, we couldn't keep XBL kiddies from trash talking above their level, even if we tried (and we have).[/B]

10) Images

When posting images, please consider adding them as attachments or using a free hosting service such as imgur, Flickr, ImageShack, or Photobucket, with the relevant credit given in each case if necessary.

Linking directly to images hosted on other sites can be considered as bandwidth theft and is not good practice, as any linked images can be changed or removed from the host site at any time, resulting in broken links.

If you post an excessive amount of images, or a large image, use spoiler tags to hide them to not clog/clutter up a thread or your post may be subject to deletion.

11)Common Sense forum etiquette applies.

Remember: Some forums contain their own special rules. They are spelled out in the "sticky threads" which are kept at he top partition of the forum.[/notice]

[notice= Obvious Rules we Shouldn't have to Spell Out for You]Racism and Extreme Hate Speech

This is not permitted on 8WayRun.com. Any posts that we consider to breach this are subject to removal by our staff should we deem it appropriate to do so. You will be warned; and failure to comply with this warning this will result in a ban, and/or whatever else we feel like.

Warez, Illegal Distribution of Copyrighted Materials

No "warez" talk or anything relating to illegal distribution of copyrighted materials such as movies, games, emulator roms, software, music, television programs, web site designs, pictures, artwork, etc. This also applies specifically to hacks, illegal downloading or alteration of ANY Soul Calibur game/ In case you didn't know, Namco pays attention to the site.

Debating these issues is permitted, however directly incriminating yourself and your activities via your posts (whether using a link, or directly attaching or including it within the post) subject the post or thread to be removed or edited at any time for your own protection, and ours.

Strong Language and Adult Content

This site contains strong language and adult content. It is intended for those who are 13 and over. Those 12 and under are not permitted to join and be a member here. If you are found to be an underage member and faked it during the registration process, you are subject to immediate removal and spanking, also sent to your room without dessert.

Personal Information

Members post personal information about themselves do so at their own risks. This includes websites, e-mails, instant message account names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Any member who takes it upon themselves to post information on another member because of personal vendettas are subject to removal- their posts and the member.[/notice]

[notice= Site Concerns and Staff Disputes]If you have a problem with the site, site decisions and policies, or with a particular staff member you are to bring this to the attention of the administrators immediately and privately. Bring it up publicly and you can forego your right to expect unbiased treatment.

While we welcome public opinion and suggestions on how to make our site a better place we expect you to directly contact us, through private means, about serious problems before running your mouth off. If this is not done, your posts are subject to removal or editing by our staff to protect this website and so the administration can take appropriate action if necessary.

Please leave a reasonable amount of time for a response, as we get a significant amount of private messages per day. It's not unusual to wait 24-48 hours or more for a proper investigation and resolution.

This is only for extreme cases, we don't mind taunting the staff in the appropriate areas or poking fun at the site in general. However, there are limits to our patience and good times as far as accusations towards our site/staff are concerned. Posts or threads are subject to removal or closure at any time. [/notice]


[notice] New Rule [/notice]

Starting or participating in a flame war, argument or tier debates in the "NEW PLAYER ARENA" threads will leave you subject to a temporary ban.

This applies to staff members as well. If a mod is caught doing this, their status as a staff member will be revoked.

*Updated by SCPartisan 18/12/2012*


Holy Moly
[notice]New Rule Regarding Status Updates *Subject to change*[/notice]

16/12/2012 Due to the recent increase of status board activity, the status update board is never to be used for:
  • Slandering any of the Soul Calibur games.
  • Slandering other games, communities (8Wayrun included)/scenes, and/or players.
  • Posting Violent, Inappropriate or Offensive (Strong Language, Hate speech etc...) content.
Breaking these rules may result in a 3 point infraction, deletion of the content or both. What constitutes as slander/violence/offensiveness is at the discretion of the moderation staff.

If you have any questions/suggestions about this or any of the rules, feel free to ask any of the Super Moderators or myself in a PM.

Thank you.
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