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Get your eSports on!
Welcome and thank you, without new players this website and/or community wouldn't exist. That being said just as you have to learn things in game you must learn a few things about the Patroklos Forum. Not so much a hard list of rules but a list of guidelines outside of the general rules of the forum:

1 - Do not make pointless or redundant threads. There are tools in place to help you find questions asked by others. Things like The Patroklos Forum Directory, The Patroklos Q&A Thread and the search function are there to help you find what you want. If you want to make threads that could easily be questions in the Q&A, I will find you!

2 - Do not be afraid to say something silly! No question is too stupid, provided you put it in the right place. Everyone started out as a noob, don't be scared of looking like one. Just throw it out there and learn from what happens :)

3 - Typically I'm far from all business, so don't take me too seriously. When I use this color of chat, I'm all business. Take me seriously.

4 - A forum is a place to debate and not a place to measure your e-peen. Please refrain from flaming over the course of debate.

5 - Tier talking is banned. The character's tier while vaguely related to matchups is mostly pointless. If you want to talk about the matchup talk about the variables found within, if you start saying character X is higher tier then Y so _______, you will not like what happens
Not open for further replies.